The categories that women watched the most on Pornhub in 2020

They may seem fine, but they actually spend almost the same amount of time on adult sites as men ...

Women are usually very silent and shy when it comes to adult websites and rarely will a woman admit to visiting these types of internet sites. However, research shows the truth and indicates the millions of women visit porn websites every day.

The popular website for adults "Porhub", decided to do research and see what women look at on this website and which categories are most attractive to members of the fairer sex. PornHub is known for doing the same research every year, so now it's interesting to see what has changed this year and whether girls and women still watch the same things on this website.

We will introduce you to the most popular sex categories that women have visited, so take a look below to see which categories are in question:

1. Lesbians
2. Threesomes
3. Rough sex
4. Licking
5. Large penis
6. Amateurs
7. Teenagers
8. Orgasm
9. Double penetration


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