Classic clothing items that are a must for every modern man

Fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent once said that fashion trends fade over time, but styles never pass ...

This basically means that the seasons pass and come, and in fact, they only return with a wide range of desirable items, while certain pieces of clothing will never change at the same time due to their style. These pieces include perfect black suits, polo shirts, tracksuits and jeans models. Precisely all the mentioned characteristics make them ideal and always popular with the male part of the population.

We will now explore a few essential items that every man should possess. With all these pieces of clothing in the closet, a man can be well dressed for any occasion. 


Tailor-made suit - black, blue or gray

Every man should have at least one complete suit in his closet that is perfectly tailored for him. Numerous suits today come in a tight fit. If you have a suit that somehow does not fit you, measured and outdated, it means that you are lagging behind your time. It is for this reason that you need to provide yourself with a perfectly tailored one.

When choosing a suit, it is important to opt for black, blue or gray, as they can be worn on any occasion, at work, a wedding, a funeral or a formal meeting. In addition, you can enjoy your suit by sharing its components and wearing them separately. For example, you can wear pants with a nice shirt for a business meeting or a formal dinner. 


Casual white shirts

Next on the list is a white shirt. Every man should have white casual shirts in his collection of clothes for formal wear. Pieces like this can be worn at meetings, at church, at work and wherever you want. When it comes to casual white shirts, the best option are bluish white models, which will fit much easier with almost all other colors.

Then when you want your shirt to fit perfectly, it needs to be sewn by an experienced tailor. In fact, craftsmen use fabric spray glue to ensure that the final product is perfect. The shirt should fit comfortably around the body and around the neck, allowing you to feel the free movement of the shoulders, elbows and arms. After you provide yourself with a white shirt, you can repeat the procedure and get yourself a few copies in different colors, like blue. 


Polo t-shirts

Polo t-shirts will never go out of style and they are there to stay, especially because of their classic look. These models give men a look that is not overly formal, but not casual. These combinations of styles are ideal for increasingly relaxed events that require a more classic look or going to the golf course. Additionally, polo shirts are perfect because they can be worn in any weather conditions. For example, you can wear your polo shirt paired with shorts during the summer, or in combination with jeans and a nice sweater in the winter. 



Although narrow jeans in light tones is in fashion today, the somewhat more casual and relaxing cuts of such models, darker shades, are by no means forgotten. Jeans are very diverse and that is why they will be in trend forever. Jeans can be paired with a sports jacket for going out on the weekends, for example. You can also wear jeans pieces with your favorite t-shirts or polo versions, for an informal meeting or outdoor activities during your free time. Jeans models of classic design undoubtedly represent something that every man must have in his palette of clothing items. 


Khaki pants

These models of pants should also be an integral part of every man's closet. They are very diverse, and it is possible to wear them to work, to church, to a wedding, a lunch meeting with friends or colleagues, but also on a barbecue organized on any occasion. The great thing about khaki pants is that they can be combined with everything - T-shirts, polo shirts, nice shirts and the like. 

White T-shirts

Beautiful white T-shirts can accompany the vast majority of combinations and can be paired with shorts, dark denim and boots during a weekend outing. With white t-shirts, the most important thing is to wash and maintain them properly so that their color remains unchanged over time.


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