According to the ladies from one dating site, beer bellies are back in fashion

Judging by the latest research conducted with members of an online dating site, almost 75% of single ladies answered that they like beer bellies or "dad-bod" ...

The dating site recently presented its results obtained from its newest members, revealing that most single members of the fairer sex consider this type of body structure to be very desirable. Despite this, more than 20% of surveyed users also stated that body type is not so important when looking for partners. According to the site, they try to focus on the person instead of the look.

Only 15% of members shared their affinities towards Barbie or Ken body types, when it comes to dating people they aspire to. Maria Sullivan, vice president of the site, commented on these results.

"Movies and TV strive to promote perfect human body types, giving everyone a massive idea that they have to look similar in order to find their partner. We are very proud to confirm that this is not really the system the real world works by. Regardless of your body type, your soulmates are definitely on our site and we can help you find them. "

Also, all users of the services of this dating site, who believe that they have a dad figure, have started to put this fact in their biographies en masse and are slowly becoming more and more proud of their physiognomies. On the other hand, there is a large number of respondents who stated that they are preparing for the gym and serious training in order to welcome the next summer in perfect shape.


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