Dresses that reveal too much - or just right!?

When you think about it, I believe you will agree with us that this fashion combinations reveal just as much as need to tickle the imagination of one man. Dig in to these girls ... oops, the gallery!


Caucasian shepherd - a dog that even a bear is scared

If you love big and strong dogs, then Caucasian Shepherd will leave you speechless ...

Caucasian Shepherd Dog (Caucasian-Ovcharka) is a very large breed of dog that has a similar
nature and characteristics as Mastiff. These shepherds are very big dogs, but there is no limit to how big they can grow, making them quite large. The minimum height for females varies between 67 and 75 centimeters (28 inches) and the weight ranges around 45 kilograms (100 lb). Males height is between 72 and 95 centimeters (32 inches), while the body weight may be from 50 kg to 90 kg (110-200 lb). However, there are examples of this breed that exceed a weight of 100 kilograms (220 lb).

Caucasian Shepherd has long and thick hair, which makes it very resistant to various weather conditions. This dog is primarily bred to be herding dog for large livestock, and is used for keeping cattle, sheep and other animals. He has served and keeps people from the Caucasus and its natural region are areas in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Even do his original function was to keep the cattle, the dog proved to be incredibly good guard dog that scared wolves. Believe it or not, even the bears did not dare to step on the line against the dog of 100 kilograms. 

Because of its physical attributes, power and history, the Caucasian Shepherd was named the bear hound and is definitely one of the largest dog we've ever seen. 


10 myths about women you need to stop believing

There are a lot of assumptions about women and sex in which we believe because our society for years led us to believe. Especially in that women are monogamous, love boring relationships and never watch porn. Fortunately for us, these myths are a bit different when you ask women.

1. Women are monogamous

Everyone expects that women are monogamous, but research from 2006 showed that they saturate before such relationships than men.

2. Women don't have so many orgasms as men

This myth is valid only if the women is not in the right relationship. According to Terri Conley, couples in committed relationship have the same number of orgasms.

3. Women are more bisexual

Although we do not know the exact number of bisexuals, statistics showed that among them is twice as much men.

4. Women need their own version of Viagra

Research has shown that women do not need medicines to get horny since they respond to different stimuli. Obviously, the problem is in us.

5. Women do not have big libido
Does not seam so, but women want sex as much as men. The problem is that then become highlighted in the
society as a slut.

6. Women do not want casual sex

previous myth, if a woman is sure she will not be marked as slut, will accept casual sex.

7. Women do not watch porn

A third of the women in the study admitted that they watched porn. Even the horny level was equal with men.

8. Women love to make it as quickly as possible

If you are boring,
they will want to finish it as quickly as possible, but if you're doing all that it fits, it is very likely that she will freak out when you finish too early. 

9. Women lose interest in sex with age

Very strong myth that does not stand because it turns out that women in their thirties and forties have a greater willingness to sex than
twenty year old.

10. The clitoris is the only way to stimulate women

The clitoris is a safe area, but there are many ways aroused woman, from analog touch to everything you can imagine.


These girls are not into bras today!

Today we bring you a gallery of girls that in the morning simply not into bras. We do not blame them, not at all. Enjoy. 😉


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