6 Tried & Tested Workouts to Lose Your Double Chin

When you go to the gym, you see spaces and equipment to help you work your core, your arms and your legs, but nowhere in sight is the apparatus that will help a lot of men deal with a common problem area; their chin.

Somehow, we all fell under the belief that correcting a double chin could only be done via cosmetic surgery. When really, there are six simple exercises which could help you reduce or eliminate the submental fat which causes the double chin.

Whilst a healthy, well balanced diet certainly helps when it comes to losing a double chin, it is worth remembering that double chins aren’t always only due to weight gain.

As men age, the skin naturally gets looser, and genetics can also play a major part in how our chin stands against the test of time.

Whilst losing your double chin with exercises is entirely possible, patience is key to this regime. You won’t see your double chin gone over night, and you’re going to find out how exhausting chin exercises can be!

Each one of the exercises below will need to be practiced 10-5 times daily. Yes, daily.

Exercise 1: Straight Jaw Jut

•    Tilt back your head and look up
•    Push your jaw forward until you feel your chin stretch
•    Hold for 10 seconds then relax.

Exercise 2: The Tennis Ball

•    Place a tennis ball under your chin
•    Press the ball into your neck with your chin
•    Repeat this 25 times daily

Exercise 3: Pucker Up

•    Tilt back your head and look toward the ceiling
•    Purse your lips stretch the area of skin under your chin
•    Relax and bring your head back to a comfortable position

Exercise 4: Tongue Stretch

•    Stick out your tongue as far as you can
•    Try to touch the tip of your nose with your tongue
•    Hold for 10 seconds then release

Exercise 5: Neck Stretch

•    Tilt your head back
•    Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth
•    Hold for 10 seconds and release

Exercise 6: Bottom Jaw Jut

•    Tilt your head back and turn to the right
•    Slowly slide your bottom jaw forward
•    Hold for 10 seconds
•    Repeat process with your head turned to the left

As with any work out routine, you will want to make sure that you are complimenting that regime with the appropriate diet. Whilst diet alone is sometimes unable to get rid of double chins, it certainly can’t help if you’re already dedicated to the work outs.

There is no ‘special chin-diet’ to follow per se, the general rules apply to staying fit and lean:
•    Make fruit and vegetables one of your major food groups
•    Avoid processed sugars and fried food
•    Don’t avoid all fats! Only take in healthy fats from avocado’s nuts and olive oil
•    Only opt for lean proteins such as fish and red meat
•    Only consume low-fat dairy

And we really can’t overestimate again how important patience is on this journey.


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