TickTokers burn snowballs to "prove" that the snow is not real

The latest conspiracy theory we’ve heard about is that someone is creating fake snow falling all over the world. Snow is not a real phenomenon. Of course, some claim that Bill Gates is behind it all. Because who else? One of the reasons is to "protect the world's elites." How? Will the elites make giant snow forts? Or catapult giant lumps to the population if it rebels?

Some conspiracy theorists even believe that China is behind everything and that they are sending this "fake" snow to America to convince the proud American nation that climate change is real. Here, we don't get it.

"No water, no drops, nothing"

This is how they explain this phenomenon. Because if the snow is real, it should melt and become a puddle, right?

Well, not really.

All these TickTokers burn snowballs with some kind of flame. Sublimation is a process in which an open flame converts a solid state of snow into a gaseous one. The snow evaporates instead of becoming a puddle. And everyone is expecting a puddle. Here - the phenomenon has a name. Sublimation.

Here is a video from 2014 that explains the phenomenon of "fake snow". In 2014, there was no TikTok.

Why did this theory get wings again? The US state of Texas was hit by a snowstorm which is not a common occurrence in Texas. Some people have seen snow for the first time ever. They are expected to have questions, but it scares us that they think they have answers as well. 




Why do we look at other women, even when we are happy in a relationship?

Have you ever looked at another girl while you were in the company of your girlfriend?

Maybe you were immediately slapped by the sharp gaze of your chosen one, and maybe you managed to slip through unnoticed, this time. The fact is that practically every man in the world will turn to another woman, even when he tries not to do it. Even in those moments when you enjoy a perfect relationship, you are fulfilled in every sense, your gaze wanders naughtily through the city streets and searches for its place. Why is it like that?

Well, as science says, the thing is in testosterone. According to the allegations, men look instinctively, and only later think about what they are actually doing. Testosterone affects their brains and perceives potential prey, which simply forces the eyes to look at what it is all about. After that, the mind is activated, the man returns to a conscious state, but the damage has already been done.

Another fact in this story is aesthetics - women will stop in front of the window of their favorite boutique, while a man will have to look at a beautiful woman, because he simply enjoys the scene. This certainly does not mean that he is not satisfied with his girlfriend. And let's not lie, girls watch other men too!

The last item in our story, but certainly not the least important, is jealousy - a man will intentionally look at another woman when he is in the company of his girlfriend, in order to provoke her reaction and get attention. Jealousy impresses and feeds the ego to many, and this is definitely one of the ways to get a portion on demand.


How to Get Over Nerves and Create a Personal Connection


Having difficulties talking to a girl you like? Don't fret, you aren't alone. Plenty of people suffer the same fate. Rather than thinking of it as being shy, consider yourself one step ahead when approaching a girl, you have an interest in. Doing so can be nerve-wracking even for a lot of confident guys.


Many guys struggle with the ability to come up with conversations on-the-spot. Because your first conversation can set the tone for your potential relationship, it can put a lot of pressure on the situation. It can be much easier to speak to a girl if you aren't necessarily interested in her.


Here are some of the best things that you can do if you want to get a girl to like you from the first conversation:


1. Give Compliments


Every girl loves getting compliments from everyone - especially guys. If you are fully aware of this fact, you can score a lot of points with a potential match very easily. However, don't just compliment her out of nowhere. Try to time your compliments to avoid any awkwardness. For instance, if it looks like she's put a lot of effort into her outfit, you can compliment it. You can always compliment her hair, eyes, or anything else - you just want to be natural about it. If she asked you to take a picture of herself, you can always compliment how photogenic she is.


2. Work On Your Self Confidence


Before getting close to her, you should ensure that you have full confidence in yourself. You want to build up the right amount of confidence before attempting to speak with a girl you like. Don't be too aggressive with your confidence because they won't like that. If you are naturally shy, you will need to put in some work to get to the level where you need to be. You can always ask your friends to give you some pointers to help you build up your confidence, or if you’d rather not be embarrassed by asking your friends you could always practice on an adult phone chat website like this one: phonesexlines.uk. Having the right amount of self-confidence is one of the key things that you need to have when you are looking to speak with a girl you like.


3. Open Up


A lot of guys struggle with this. If you have a difficult time opening up with even your friends, you will struggle to do so with a girl you have an interest in. This can be difficult to do, but it is something you must do. Opening up with a girl you like will move your conversation from something superficial to something much more. It will help you build emotional connections that you wouldn't normally be able to build. A lot of guys aren't able to do this properly as they've been trained to avoid looking and feeling vulnerable for the fear of looking weak.


A lot of women find opening up and being vulnerable as a sign of strength for men. They view this as an asset and because a lot of men don't possess this ability, you will naturally look better in their eyes.


4. Be Interesting


There is nothing that is going to turn you away from being a potential match than by being uninteresting. Everyone wants to speak with interesting people. However, you don't want her to feel completely out of place. Try to focus on things that she is interested in. Try to venture into topics she shows signs of being interested in and you should be able to score some points. Best of all, it will help boost your confidence as you are speaking to her.


5. Build An Emotional Connection


If you are looking to get the interest of a girl you like, you want to ensure you are building an emotional connection with them. You want to discuss things that have impacted you in your life both good and bad. Try to give her a sense of why you are who you are and where you came from. This will allow you to express things deeply and it can give her a sense of why you might be a potential match. Also, always give her freedom to speak. You should spend more time listening than speaking. Women love a good listener. Be that for her and you might just be able to spark her interest in you after all.



Could you take the US Navy's intensive fitness test?

Following his latest military fitness failure, bodybuilder and coach Steve Cook set himself the same challenge and presented it in his new video in which he wanted to try the US Navy's fitness test once again ...

The man, who fully recovered after the Kovid-19, this time tries to perform a new version of the test, presented last March, in charge of changing the traditional system by adding impurities intended for more complete activation of the entire torso.

"I really like the fact that Navy coaches looked at their exercises and said, this setting is not such a good indicator of the strength of your abdominal muscles," Cook said. "Also, all that spinal flexibility can't be good for the lower back."

The first part of the test is a two-minute push-up exercise, in which Cook is very good from the beginning, winning the maximum score in his generation group, whose record is 92 push-ups, managing to reach a hundred repetitions with a few seconds more. The coach himself is very proud of this part.

After a three-minute break, the second test is endurance, in which Cook managed to achieve a time of 3:25, winning first place in his age group, while maintaining the position of the elbows at an angle of ninety degrees and completely flat back, not allowing the head to fall. "I've never done endurance for so long," the coach said. "A minute, maybe a minute and a half is my longest endurance, I have to say that three minutes is very hard to perform."

The fitness expert increased his record to 3:25. "I could definitely feel every bone and muscle in my body, even all the veins in my shoulders were burning from the effort at those moments. It is for this reason that we do endurance after push-ups due to the much-needed muscle stabilization, but this schedule definitely requires a break between two exercises. ”

For the final round, Cook opted to run two thousand meters targeting a time of 7:20 to continue his perfect score. The coach even managed to excel here, running this distance in 7:14. "This round went better than the previous one when I ran a shorter route of 1,600 meters, but it completely pulled everything out of me, I'm absolutely exhausted."


How much our partner's mileage is really important to us ?

Humans are very interesting creatures to study, while this is no less true when it comes to sex and strange rituals and cultural customs that surround it ...

A recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research published an extensive study of the number of partners and whether such information has any significance in our sexual relations.

During an online experiment involving 188 patients, the researchers asked subjects to connect with a number of different hypothetical partners, all of whom varied in the number of sexual partners from zero to sixty.

In terms of one-night stands, or no-obligation relationships, the optimal number of exes was between two and six, after which interest slowly declined with each additional partner.

In short relationships, the average fit score for men was slightly higher than the number current for women. On top of that, the male part of the respondents was far more likely to engage in a relationship with a virgin, or a woman with fewer sexual partners in the past. Either way, these gender differences were so small that it is almost impossible to confirm them with certainty.

When it comes to long-term relationships, the differences between the sexes have become even smaller, on both sides very explicitly against engaging in relationships with people of the opposite sex who had a large number of sexual partners before them.

The optimal number of sexual partners for long-term relationships was around two or three. After that, each additional sexual partner gradually degraded the attraction of a certain person.

"The effect of the number of former partners was very large," the study concluded. "Therefore, the ingrained view that male promiscuity can be tolerated by women does not drink water because both sexes expressed equal aversion and did not want to enter into a relationship with someone who possesses a large sexual portfolio."

There may be too much rumor about all this, just like about many other irrelevant topics in today's world, but one thing is true - as long as the key fits the lock, the love life is real.


The smartest dog breeds according to psychologists

There is no simple way to measure a dog's intelligence ...

As psychologist Stanley Coren wrote in the 1990s, dogs have a number of different intelligences: adaptive - cognition and learning, work - following orders and instinctive responsibilities for individual talents, while spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal and many others we do not have to mention.

An expert in the study of animal behavior, Frans de Waal, confirmed on one occasion that humans try to assess the intelligence of animals according to limited and incorrect parameters, which are often accompanied by a bunch of irrelevant experiments.

While the laboratories of Yale and Duke University, as well as many others around the world, are working hard to study this issue, for now we have only one accurately measured intelligence, and that is working intelligence. In his book, The Intelligence of Dogs, Coren officially presented the results of his research conducted in front of 199 present judges in charge of assessing dog behavior. The final outcome of this study is incredibly consistent, however, Koren noted that a number of judges said that there is exceptions in every breed and that a lot depends on the training itself.

We present you the epilogue of the whole experiment and the brightest working dogs that exist today. These breeds are most suitable when it comes to learning new commands, for which they need less than five seconds and are obedient in 95% of cases. Discover them in our gallery. 

1. Border collie

2. Poodle  

3. German Shepherd 

4. Golden Retriever 

5. Doberman Pinscher 

6. Shetland Sheepdog

7. Labrador retriever  

8. Papillon  

9. Rottweiler  

10. Australian Shepherd




















Five sentences that women like to hear during sex

Dirty talk or dirty conversations during sex never leave anyone indifferent. Either they adore them or they can’t stand them.

The sexes are very different on this issue. Research has long established that vulgar expressions or vocabularies are much more pleasing to men in bed than women, which is somewhat expected given the masculine nature and traditionally defined role in and out of bed.

Traditional upbringing is also the reason why women like these phrases much less, but recent research confirms that there are more and more women who have freed themselves from that barrier in bed. Like many other taboos. So, women are divided into two groups on this issue - the first group simply does NOT like vulgar conversations as a spice of sexual intercourse, while the second has nothing against it, but has been taught that it is not acceptable.

In a study involving 5,300 women, we found out which are vulgar or less vulgar phrases that raise their arousal to the peak during sex. Provided that the man knows how to pronounce them as and when he should:

1. You are so good! - it is not vulgar, but it is very pleasant because it encourages self-confidence and signals mutual enjoyment.

2. I want you now - 19% of respondents said that this simple vocabulary enhances their sexual desire as soon as possible.

3. Cum / explode for me! - It is not vulgar in the full sense of the word, but it gives a hint in that direction.

4. You drive me crazy! - as a rule, it works just like the first phrase, pleasing the ego and relaxing women in bed.

5.Bitch! - and I read through similar epithets to women who are completely free in bed and do not hide their "corrupt imagination".

Since dirty speech is a sexual spice that can ruin a thing or bring it to perfection - carefully examine the terrain with your partner in this regard.


What really gives women pleasure

For many men, the female orgasm is an eternal dilemma - did it really happen, or did their sweetheart play her role perfectly… 


Many wonder which techniques can give their chosen ones the best satisfaction and a breathtaking climax. The answer to that question is certainly not simple - women like different types of stimulation, as stated in a study that included 1000 women between the ages of 18 and 94. Stimulation involves touching the genitals as the most obvious item, certain parts of the body, pressing, stroking, nibbling and the like. Moreover, as many as 41% of women prefer only a certain type of touch!

Their future lovers should try to find out what it is about before they have sex or diligently follow their movements and repeat what gives them the greatest pleasure. When asked how women reach orgasm, as many as 75% of them stated that clitoral stimulation is necessary for it to occur at all, while only 18% stated that vaginal penetration alone is sufficient.

If you are not sure what your performance is in this field, we suggest you open four eyes next time…


Science Says: ​Funny Guys Give The Best Orgasms

The female orgasm has always been a complicated topic, with numerous unknowns around which we still break our heads ...

However, the latest research states that some of the more witty representatives of the male part of the population have the best chances to bring the ladies to this magical point. We all love a good joke and the feeling when we smile well to tears in conversation with others, and experiments recently published in the Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology publication state that humorous, creative and emotionally developed men are far more likely to cross their partners' high orgasmic thresholds.

The research was conducted involving 103 single women, aged 20 to 69, in charge of about 71 minutes of drawing their sexual pasts individually. The ladies in the relationship did not participate in the experiment, because the people in charge of performing it concluded that they may subconsciously feel obliged to rank their current partners at a higher level than is actually true.

The entire research is based on defining all the factors that men can provide to women in order to reach orgasm with the greatest enjoyment. This also suggests that attraction allows women to experience intimacy on a far greater level.

However, this paper also emphasized that attractiveness is not only based on good looks, stating: “The pattern we found in our results suggests that female orgasm is far more often conditioned by male traits that potentially build attention, like emotional warmth and fidelity, rather than the classic characteristics of good genes and macho traits. ”

According to the research, women had the best experience when men have positive psychological traits. "Partners who include high orgasmic rates are ranked as very humorous, creative, warm, loyal and smell better than partners who are involved in lower ranks, including far greater efforts to bring their more beautiful half to orgasm."

The team that worked on this research pointed out certain limitations of their study, which include the inability to accurately define the specific contribution of individual characteristics that contribute to female orgasm. "For example, a higher level of humor and creativity can contribute to the rating of attractiveness, which is later manifested by an increase in the quality of the female orgasm."

It is also possible for partners who often give each other an orgasm to engage in activities that are more likely to lead them to climax. Still, humor as a trait certainly can’t hurt.


How to perform a lotus - the most intimate sex pose

The wonderful thing about sex is that there are so many different poses designed to meet all the needs that two people in love can have ... 


If you need something rougher, which definitely revives your animal instincts, it is possible to try any of the different variations of the pose from behind. However, if you are looking for something that will enhance intimacy, you need to consider the lotus pose.

Lotus is a classic tantric pose, but in tantra it comes under the name Yab Yum. This sex pose is ideal for someone who wants to feel intimate with their partner, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you are someone who really loves missionary because you feel connected to the better half during and after the intercourse , then the lotus is the right thing for you. Without insulting the classic way of making love, we can freely say that the lotus gives the missionary position a new level.

"While enjoying the lotus position, you have access to your partner's entire body," said Megan Fleming, a sex expert at Lovehoney. "You can enjoy her breasts, or buttocks, while caressing her legs at the same time. At the same time, it is possible to wrap your arms around her back and thus hold her in your arms. On the other hand, the biggest advantage of the lotus pose is the level of intimate connection and close contact "Face to face," Fleming added. "From a Trantian perspective, you have the ability to look your partner in the eye, but you can easily kiss her whenever you want, too."

You may be wondering why the lotus pose is not as popular in the bedroom as the missionary or from behind. The main reason is that it is not at all easy to perform, but don't worry, we will now explain everything you need to know about it for your complete enjoyment, and there are certain alternatives in case the original setting is not good enough for you. .

How to perform a lotus pose

In order for the lotus pose to be performed correctly, the insertive partner must sit with legs slightly crossed as for meditation. The receptive partner can then sit on your lap and wrap legs behind partner. In the resulting composition, the partner below can maneuver with ease and find way into his partner's vagina.

The lotus pose comes with several challenges

First of all, this is not the easiest pose to perform. It is very important to have your hips open to maintain its shape. Also, the lotus requires the strength and endurance of a person sitting with his legs crossed, because they maintain the entire weight of their partner on them. Additionally, there is a problem that arises with the difference in the height of the partner. “If you are tall and your partner is short, or if one of the partners is quite heavy, then this pose can become unfeasible,” Fleming said.

This pose is not good for people who like input / output aspects of sexual intercourse. "This pose can really allow you to swing and rub, back and forth, so if a man likes higher amounts of friction, this pose is definitely not for him."

Try this variation on a theme

Fortunately, there are several variations of the lotus pose that you can try during an intimate love session, but you are not able to perform the classic tantric version. You can try the Pitcher’s Mound pose, which is essentially a modified lotus pose. "It's basically the same formation here, except you can now sit in a chair with a partner in your lap."

With this concept, you can bear the weight of your partner much easier, but also, you do not need to be too flexible because you will sit comfortably in a chair.


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