Top 10 Most Expensive Tanks in The World

Although from the first tank and the Battle of the Somme passed almost 100 years, in the history of warfare there were no weapons that caused greater admiration and awe of these metal monstrosity. This often indestructible vehicle with its appearance has changed the way of war and so sealed their place in every army. How much cost luxury of modern tanks, check the following list of most expensive tanks in the world. It is important to note that all prices are expressed in net value.

10. T-90 AM (Russia) - $4.25 million

Although the Russian T-90 does not represent a technological marvel as some bloke from this list, the T-90 is currently the best-selling tank in the world. According to its characteristics T-90 is one of the most modern tanks in the world, but there are several important flaws such as the concept of accommodation ammunition under the dome, which is extremely dangerous.

T-90 is armed with a gun of 125 mm and can reach a speed of 60-70 km / h depending on the engine.

9. Merkava IV (Israel) - $6 million

Merkava, the pride of the Israeli army, is adapted to desert conditions, and, of course, is largely composed of US parts. In contrast to the standard design with an engine in the back of the tank, the Merkava has engine from the front, which further improves the safety of the crew. With an engine of 1500 hp, it reaches 64 km / h.

Merkava tank is primarily defensive, and for that reason has a rich arsenal of weapons. It is equipped with 120 mm cannon, two machine guns of 7.62 mm and one of 12.7 mm, Merkava hides another surprise inside their cabins. This is a 60 mm mortar is ready to further breaking down all the imagination about the passage of the lines covered.

8. Arjun MK-II (India) - $6 million

Arjun, an Indian product, but belongs to a higher class of tanks. Armed with the 120 mm gun that can penetrate the thickest armor. Do not rest only on the heavy weaponry there is 7.62 mm machine gun with an explosive charge and an ordinary machine guns of 12.7 mm. Arjun weighs 58.5 tons and despite the slightly greater weight achieved a speed of 70 km / h.  

7. Leopard 2A6 (Germany) - $6.79 million

That Germany is represented in this category took care of Leopard-2. Tank has the latest generation of engines from 1500 HP, which allows him to reach a speed up to 72 km / h, despite the weight of 68 tons. In these 68 tons a large part goes to the armor and therefore the Leopard 2 specializing in close combat. Leopard 2 is armed with a 120 mm gun with two machine guns of 7.62 mm.

6. T-14 Armata (Russia) - $7.9 million

The factory in Nizhny Tagil after production of the first test "armata" said that one cost about 7.9 million dollars, which placed it among the most expensive in the world. But even then the management of the factory explained that when it starts production of large series price of one tank will be much lower.

Russian tank armata superior to all others!
5. M1A2 SEP - Abrams (USA) - $8.5 million

This tank is unlike most on this list, see the real war and was considered until recently the best tank in the world. Unfortunately, this belief lasted until the war in Iraq when the Iraqis best use all the disadvantages of the wonders of technology hitting the back part or simply too big dome.

Abrams firepower in its 120 mm cannon, 7.62 mm and 7.12 mm machine guns. Although it it invested all possible miracles of American technology, because of its shortcomings are often a target of war critics. So it is very often compared with the German Leopard 2, which is equal to, if not better in a lot of categories, and almost $ 2 million cheaper. Shielding is mostly made up of depleted uranium, which gives a higher density of steel, a minimum is radioactive.

Knowing the American desire to have all the best horses for riding, soon expected newer version.

4. Challenger II (United Kingdom) - $8.6 million

Challenger 2 British main battle tank which is currently used by the British Army and Oman. He presents himself as the safest tank in the world as it has never destroyed a single copy. Do not think that this tank has not seen real action, shows his war path that has taken him from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Iraq. Only recently discovered possible lie since it is a copy destroyed, but it happened in a random exchange of fire with other challenger.
Challenger 2 is equipped with a 120 mm gun L30A1, heir cannon L11 applicable on tanks Chieftain and Challenger I. Gun is completely stabilized, and the dome and the gun is powered by electricity. The Dome takes 9 seconds to rotate 360 ​​degrees. The British Army used shells that have a range of up to 8 km and are very effective in shooting buildings and light armored vehicles.
Equipped with modern system that enables shooting from the movement with high probability of first-round hit. The system contains all the most important parts: thermal imaging, laser rangefinder, ballistic computer and electronic equipment with a panoramic thermal imager that allows detection of targets at night and in adverse weather conditions.
The most modern equipment in this miracle of technology is made of so-called sandwich armor which is a closely guarded secret. Enchants information that can withstand up to 14 direct hits of anti-tank missiles.

3. K2 Black Panther (South Korea) - $8.8 million

The planned number of 390 tanks that will produce South Korea should scare even belligerent Kim Jong-un. This carrion use 120 mm top and almost all of these systems earlier tanks like sandwich armor and night navigation. The biggest problem with the price, is the fact that so far produced only 3 pieces because of problems with the engine so that very little is known about the behavior and capabilities of the Black Panther.  

2. Type 10 (Japan) - $9.4 million

The Type 10 is a 4th generation main battle tank of JSDF produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force. Compared with other currently-serving main battle tanks in the JGSDF, the Type 10 has been equipped with enhancements in its capability to respond to anti-tank warfare and other contingencies.It is equipped with Japan Steel Works 120 mm smoothbore cannon with automatic loader, M2HB 12.7 mm machine gun and Type 74 7.62 mm machine gun.

1. AMX-56 Leclerc (France) - $12.6 million

AMX-56 Leclerc main tank of the French army, but also army of the United Arab Emirates. Named after General Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque who during World War II led an armored division for the liberation of Paris.
It is equipped with a special 120 mm cannon that enables the preparation of 22 grenades at a firing 12 rounds per minute. Just in case there are two machine guns of 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm.
Defense tank is controlled by galix system that the preparation has a number of smoke bombs, infrared flash and infantry mines. The shield is composed of titanium armor and special ERA tiles.
With only 56 tons, the Leclerc is very easy compared to other tanks on this list, but the tank that has the best power to weight ratio which allows excellent speed of 72 km / h and range of 550 km. Leclerc also uses the system to reduce exhaust gas so it is very hard to discover by thermal cameras. 


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British Intelligence Claim: Russian tank armata superior to all others!

Latest Russian tank T-14, better known as "armata", already startled Western experts. If it's to believe the London "Sunday's telegraph," which refers to an internal document of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom wrote by military intelligence, Russian vehicle is ‘the most revolutionary change in tank design in the last half century’ and leaves the West totally outgunned.

 The authors of the analysis claim that British tanks can hardly oppose the latest Russian. Perhaps British intelligence deliberately scare its citizens because the document raises the question: why the British government does not set itself the goal to create a new tank that could stand up to the "armata"? Generals see problem that tank "Challenger 2" will remain the arms armies of Great Britain until 2035. One such tank costing $ 8.6 million, and since 1993 have so far been produced 440.
"Uralvagon Institute" in Nizhny Tagil in the Sverdlovsk region produces supertenk. It has already signed an agreement on creating 100 "armata" for the Russian army, and by 2025 for the Russian army will be made about 2,500 such tanks. The trial party of twenty "armata" tanks was created 2015. That year, May 9 at Victory Day "armata" the first time "growled" at Red Square and shocked military analysts around the world.

Previous tests "Armata" at the training grounds of the Ministry of Defence has shown great results. Thanks to the stealth technology tank is difficult to see on radar. It has its own radar to detect enemy armored vehicles. Firing guided missiles and has a 125 mm gun. 

- This is the only tank in the world that has in himself an armored capsule that protects the three-member crew even if the tank is hit by a rocket - praise the designers. - Even the most modern helicopter "Apache" can not destroy this tank. Besides that, tank has individual missile defense. "Armata" has a kind of radar had never applied a single tank. Therefore he sees targets in the air, and on the body of the tank is more cameras that allow him 360 degrees view. That tank can share information with other crews during the fight, and in addition has devices to distinguish "his - enemy". It can develop speed up to 90 kilometers, and weighs 48 tons. It can shoot up to eight kilometers in the distance! 
When all tests are complete and State Commission give green light, it can be admitted to the armament of the army of the Russian Federation, "Uralvagon Institute" will begin the mass produced and sold to other countries. The factory in Nizhny Tagil after production of the first test "armata" said that one cost about 7.9 million dollars, which placed it among the most expensive in the world. But even then the management of the factory explained that when it starts production of large series price of a tank will be much lower. 

Russian supertank will go into battle on the part of the market where they sell the best and most expensive tanks - the American "Abrams", German "leopards", as well as those that are considered "first league" among the most dangerous machinery.

Aware that the Russian "armata" is superior, the Germans and the French have decided to jointly plant tank "Leopard-3" for thinking that he could compete with Russian supertank. If adopted their joint concept, mass production would start by 2030.

Fierce competition

It is interesting that in 1976 the United States considered the possibility of buying the German "Leopard 2AV", but were eventually chosen for their own tank. Led the real competitive war between "General Motors" and "Chrysler", but 1976. "Chrysler" won. Afterwards the tank "abrams" was repeatedly modernized. He has one of the best systems in the world to open fire. The main benefits of laser sight and
so-called thermal imaging. It is interesting that the "Abrams" was better than "leopard" in the night shooting, but was weaker in the speed of opening fire at the day time.

When last year represented, the latest version of the German tank "Leopard-2 A7", produced by concern "Krauss-Maffei Wegmann-", he advertised as very well protected against a variety of anti-tank rockets, and that improved shooting on the move.


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In this Matrix, Neo would have to cope with a large number of annoying grandmothers, muddy parks, and even Putin that would probably be the main architect of the virtual world.

Check out the gallery that will surely make you smile.


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