Science doesn't lie: Morning sex is better for you than morning coffee!!

If you're one of those people that before the morning dose of caffeine can not think, talk, let alone to smile, then we have a small solution for you! Morning sex!

Many people not only can not function before the morning coffee, but also so edgy, dangerous, cantankerous and crazy that they are better off not talk to. But science is here entwined fingers and showed us a couple of interesting facts that instead of coffee in the morning, waking up to the best,  mood and health morning sex
it's lot better!

Coffee increases the anxiety, sex reduces it

Most people when they examine the first sips of coffee in the morning thinking about the day that follows. Thinking about all the problems that have occurred yesterday, you all have to do today, you have to be postponed and finish. Basically, anxiety is growing. According to the American Psychiatric Association, caffeine-related anxiety is real! 80 percent of Americans are passionate about coffee, while the most common mental illness in America are attacks of anxiety and panic attacks.

While on the other hand, sex has a positive effect on mood, soothes the psyche, anxiety and allows the secretion of that
beautiful hormones to which we are all drawn, oxytocin. It reduces stress and introduces you to a state of bliss and rested. Ah, the wonderful orgasm.

Coffee has a short-acting, sex completed climactic

We hate to break it to you, but coffee does not give you extra energy. Actually, its
only effect is that your body feels less tired, and it achieves a false sense of energy. Yes, artificially. When your body needs rest, then released adenosine, which tells your brain that your body is tired and you need sleep. Molecules in caffeine blocks adenosine receptors, thus reducing the feeling of fatigue. When it wears out, weariness returns.

Sex on the other hand, does not have such a short action. After orgasm, all the better. Physical activity awaken your body and blood circulate in all possible corners of your body several times, and the sense of calm after climaxes monitors all day. And when later in the day remember that you have already had sex, you always
feel better.

Coffee distract you, sex concentrate you

When you feel the impact of coffee, you take on the job and about 100 things you are thinking at the same time. The wild sense of energy allows you to catch to grips with a lot of problems at the same time, while sex has the opposite effect. Once you calm down and relax, allowing you to without panic and stress-free approach to the problem, one by one. Now, how you want to live your life?

Sex is Zen. With it, you find it easier in life. With it, there is no stress, panic, yelling and curmudgeonry.
It soothes the psyche. When your girl is cranky, nervous and goddamn intense, bang her and it will shut.

Coffee gets cool, sex is just getting better
I hate cold coffee. If something in the world is wrong and should be disposed of immediately, then it is a cold coffee. When out of that beautiful warm cup becomes cold and tasteless liquid, we all get crazy! It is clear that the morning coffee is over, and it's time for work, study, or what ever more terrible in the day is waiting. Depression.

Sex warm you up, down, sweat, stretch and wake up in the most natural way possible. Thank you to all the girls on our morning orgasms!!

Coffee dehydrates you and destroys the skin, and from sex you shine
You know those clusters of girls in the morning with tone powder on her face sitting at a cafe, and with half a pack of cigarettes and swilling gallons of coffee.
Just think of how their skin looks strange covered with all the powder, as their perfumes disguise breath and nervous. And if they are your girlfriend, would be at home with a smile on her face and eyes shining like a mermaid.
You know that distinctive smile on face that men have after sex? Oh, they know it to. So they will find you even more attractive and interesting.

Our recommendation? Sex every morning !!!


Female athletes with the biggest breasts

Large breasts may or may not necessarily be an obstacle in top sport.

Most of these ladies managed to break all the prejudices and achieve solid results. They were not seeking excuses, gave their best and they are now not just talking about a nice, good-looking women, but as the successfully

During their career was not easy, have managed to cope with men who completely ignored everything about that sportswomen, and who are those girls see in our Photo Gallery.

Anna Semenovich - ice dancer.

Gina Carano - mixed martial artist.

Jennifer Tilly - poker player.

Mia St. John - professional boxer.

Natalie Gulbis - professional golfer.

Serena Williams - professional tennis player.

Simona Halep - professional tennis player.

Sydney Leroux - professional soccer player.

Victoria Vanucci - tennis player.

Vojislava Lukić - professional tennis player.


7 killer drones that define the future of warfare

If we are to believe some of the greatest minds of our era, it is probably good that artificial intelligence is not yet at that level that we should be worried that would one day these weapons might turn against us. But the future of warfare definitely lies in the weapons that do not require directly the presence of military personnel on the battlefield. In recent years, military forces have invested heavily in the so-called drones, unmanned aircraft that were initially used for the purpose of studying the hostile terrain, and lately more as a craft with the possibility of attacks on military targets. Some of them are still in the testing phase, while others are already in use for years and sow fear battlefields across the globe. Today we bring you the seven deadly drones that clearly indicate the direction of the future of warfare.

Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk

Primarily designed with the aim of monitoring and collecting information in order to replace the famous Lockheed U-2 spy plane, the Global Hawk eventually gets the versions with heavy weapons that can inflict heavy losses to the opponent. The price of each unit is more than $ 100 million, but as it's not managed by pilot, can in the air spend more than 30 hours, during which cover more than 100,000 square kilometers of terrain. Equipped with the most advanced equipment for monitoring, and considering the mission, can carry up to 1,360 kilograms of weapons.

CH-4 (Cai Hong-4)

Chinese spacecraft developed in response to the US MQ-1 Predator unmanned aircraft. The main purpose the reconnaissance, surveillance, information gathering, targeting and attack on military targets on land and water. In the air may spend as much as 38 hours with a maximum range of 3,500 kilometers. The maximum height of flight is 8000 meters and can carry 345 kilograms of weapons, which is quite a burden with regard to the length of the drone only 9 meters. CH-4 has the ability to launch missiles from a height of 5000 meters, with the possibility of errors up to 1.5 meters. One copy is in the composition of the Iraqi army, and is used in the fight against global terrorism. 

MQ-9 Reaper (aka Predator B)

MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle, begin as an ordinary type of Predator unmanned aerial vehicle, with the subsequent improvements probably the most lethal aircraft currently in active military service. Upgraded turbo engine gives it nearly nine times more power than the Predator aircraft type, which allows up to 36 hours of continuous flight of more than 1,300 kilograms of weapons, as many as fifteen times more compared to the Predator aircraft type. It has the ability to launch laser-guided bombs and Hellfire missiles with incredible precision to land, but also military targets in the air. The maximum flight altitude of over 15 kilometers.  

General Atomics Avenger (Predator C)

Developed based on MQ-9 Reaper, Avenger launches a jet engine with exhaust-shaped, in order to reduce heat and radar trace. It has been developed on the basis of "stealth" technology, and storage of weapons found within the craft. With a top speed of flight of 740 km / h, operating height of more than 18 kilometers, and the possibility of staying in the air for more than 20 hours, the Avenger can sneak up on an opponent and inflict enormous damage without even being noticed. Armament Avenger similarly as with the Reaper drones, and internal storage can store about 1,400 kilograms of weapons. Although the first flight took place back in 2009, the Avenger is not yet in active military service. 

BAE Systems “Taranis”

Unmanned future aerial vehicle developed by British company BAE Systems for the British Air Force. Named after the Celtic god of thunder, Taranis, the unmanned aircraft had its first test flight in 2013, until the end of the year they plan to final testing. Although the data on this drone for now quite thin, it is known that it will fly at a speed greater than 1100 km / h and will be used for reconnaissance missions as well as missions of marking targets, and will have the option of attacking ground targets, but also the possibility air combat. As Avenger, using "stealth" technology, and can seamlessly approach to the target and use all of its hidden arsenal.

Boenig Phantom Ray

Boeing project that instills fear into anime Phantom Ray unmanned aerial vehicle that is designed to operate autonomously (without operator assistance), and determines the course of the mission itself. Yes, we are one step closer to machines that think for themselves, and when we consider that these unmanned aircraft can carry more than two tons of weapons, the same to us instantly create a lump in my throat. With the "stealth" technology, the speed of flight of nearly 1000 km / h and a range greater than 2,400 kilometers, just waiting for when a copy can run out of control. The good thing is that this aircraft is still in the testing phase.

Northrop Grumman X-47B

Northrop Grumman response on Boeing Phantom Ray unmanned aircraft, but unlike it, this aircraft is in the active military service of the United States Navy. X-47B's first unmanned aircraft that flew and landed on an aircraft carrier, and it is the first unmanned aerial vehicle which was successfully carried out the maneuver refueling in the air. Unlike the Phantom Ray unmanned airborne vehicles, X47-B is not completely autonomous, but as she used "stealth" technology and can carry more than two tons of weapons. In 2015, the program of development of the aircraft was stopped, and the two produced copies for now remain in active military service. 


The most creative death sentences

The eternal controversy has been about whether life imprisonment is sufficient or individuals still deserve the death penalty ...

The act of execution of the death penalty is quite "modernized" and now you can just press a button. Although very few countries still apply the death penalty as a way of eliminating the most serious offenders, it is present in the United States and in countries of Asia and Africa.

If you thought the shooting, the electric chair, hanging, and poison in the veins, the worst forms of which the human mind is able to think, to get back somehow individuals for their misdeeds, you'd be wrong. Not so long ago, were used methods that were far more
terrifying and offenders exhibiting severe pain. These death sentences are not aimed at immediate execution but torture them for days before they make their soul separated from the body.

We present to you the most terrible forms of death sentences carried out around the world:

Trampled by elephants - in Africa and Asia
In use since ancient times until the 18th century. Teach elephants without much difficulty trample a man, not a big problem. Like Hannibal who has the same advantage as he attacked the Roman Republic and crossed the Alps, special elephant trainer were asked to indicate the elephants to overrun the biggest offenders of the time. If you thought that the death appeared now, you're wrong. Elephants are very docile animals and with proper command, knew that gradually increased their pressure, which caused intolerable pain to the individual.

Stretching - were applied everywhere, from England to China and North Africa

The procedure consisted of the fact that the person be terminated on 4 sides. Namely, his feet and hands were tied with a rope, which are then harnessed to an animals or infamous executioners had to draw on all 4 sides of the world. The implication was that the human body to inflict unbearable pain that marks his body simply abandon it to keep it in one piece. The second principle čerečenja was amputation, which was carried out so slowly that the defendant until the end of execution was long dead.

To put in prison was not enough, shows us clearly the principle of walling. The convict is abolished option to see the light of day, hear the voices of other people and have any kind of contact with the outside world what is walled in a small cramped spread in which he was left to his own thoughts,
pangs of conscience and the final inevitable death. Even if it is after some time spent in this situation waiting for suspension or pole, a large number of them would never have met. Death is performed and due to lack of air, panic and fear. 


The most famous capital punishment, impalement was primarily intended for women who have been unfaithful and killed her husband for a lover. This procedure penalized women in Ancient Rome
if it is found to have broken the vow of chastity. Also, this death penalty was also present in ancient Greece, Hungary, China, Africa, India and Persia.


The 2016 Miss REEF Calendar

The new collection of Reef swimwear for 2016 year is out! This year's calendar was shot in the beautiful jungles Coasta Allegre in Mexico, but also in stunning tropical locations in Brazil, Panama, Puerto Rico and Ecuador. Photographer Kate Bellm caught a beautiful female body in sensual photographs and recordings that will leave you breathless. The perfect female body in new swimwear will make you with us enjoy the summer to come. Miss Reef 2016 video is the great music that this winter will brighten and warm.

Enjoy 😉


Is this the craziest selfies ever ?!

Selfies have become part of our everyday life, and he who does not have... In fact, we think that such a person does not exist. Look at what people do in order to have genuine selfie. Did they go too far?


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