How To Survive Quarantine With Your Girlfriend

Many men complain that they cannot withstand quarantine because they are constantly arguing with their partners ...

The coronavirus pandemic has made us spend time in our homes. The situation has become quite serious, prompting the authorities to introduce curfews that are quite long.

In this isolation period, people begin to weaken psychologically, because the ban on going outside affects everyone badly. However, there is another problem that quarantine brings us, which is the constant stay with the girls. People who are not in a relationship would say "what's wrong, you have someone to talk to and spend time with" and that is true, but after a while, problems can occur that can further crush us.

Because of the increase in nervousness, both men and women tend to argue, and if you are indoors with one person for more than 3 days, it is clear that a fight can be very easy. This happens to a huge number of men who asked us what to do in these situations and how to improve our relationship during quarantine.

We have some tips for you that will definitely help.

You do separate things

The problem with bickering and nervousness is that you are constantly in the presence of the same person. So separate yourself and do different things throughout the day. You can watch a movie while she reads a book or something. Make sure you have periods during your day when you don't talk or spend time with your girlfriend. If you have a larger apartment or house, you can separate a little in another room. This way you will love each other and make it easier to spend time together.

Physical activity

It is a good idea to be physically active as this will drain your energy and release stress and nervousness. Also recommend this to your nicer better and you will certainly be happier and less arguing.

Common things

Make arrangements for common things that you will do. Do not force her to do the things that only you like, but listen to her and watch a movie or show that you know will cheer her up.


In situations like this, sex can also be a problem, because if you are arguing with someone, then you have no desire to connect to a higher level. So be romantic, make small surprises every day, and more sensual contact will surely come, which will strengthen your relationship and make you laugh and love.


Bugatti unveils the Chiron Pur Sport

Luxury car brand has found a way to make Bugatti even more amazing ...

The French supercar maker recently unveiled the new Pur Sport, a $ 3.6 million super car marvel. Pur Sport brings a new aerodynamic configuration, tighter suspension settings, updated gearbox and high performance tires.

The aero upgrade of the new Chiron Pur Sport starts with an aggressive front, boasting wide air vents in the front bumper. There is also a front manifold that makes the vehicle appear much wider and generate more power than ever.

The rear end of the car is dominated by a huge rear wing with a span of 1.90 meters and creates a strong grip force, while the stunning diffuser also contributes to the car's flawless appearance, agility and aerodynamics.

Bugatti also came up with a new split lacquer design specifically for Pur Sport, with the lower part of the vehicle containing exposed carbon fiber to make this car look even lower than it normally would. On the side, this hyper car looks even nicer, as exposed carbon fibers blend beautifully with the base paint.

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport continues to draw power from a massive 8.0-liter V16 engine delivering 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 Nm of torque. But this hyper car will accelerate from 60 kmh (37 mph) to 120 km / h (80 mph) almost two seconds faster than the standard Chiron and will be able to run at a top speed of 350 km / h (217 mph).  



Experts answered how and why quarantine makes us hornier than usual

There is already a month (somewhere more) that the whole world is quarantined and it was only a matter of time before some new trends would pop up on social networks. And although most of the social networking trends are annoying us, this is not the case this time.

Specifically, forced isolation has attracted all those nudes that until a few months ago were only reserved for DMs, on Instagram feeds on the pretext of various "challenges".

If you get the feeling that people are hornier than usual - you're right. The question why this is so has also been addressed by experts who have commented on this emerging phenomenon for Ask Man.

Boredom and stress factor

"At the moment, most people are experiencing social and physical distance, which leaves them without the usual routine," says Harvey Weissman, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex addiction.

"The uncertainty of the world, combined with the inability to engage in the usual routines and activities that make people feel good, can create increased stress and anxiety." While neither stress nor anxiety are some particularly erotic feelings, paradoxically, they can lead to heightened arousal.

"There is certainly a belief that boredom, fear and stress lead to an increased desire for sex," says another therapist, Jor-El Caraballo.

This behavior is supposedly evolutionary conditioned, and is shown in the way that when a person is faced with increased stress, he turns to actions by which he can release himself from stress, therefore - masturbation.

"If a person regularly practices sex or sexualised acts such as using pornography and masturbation to alleviate anxiety and uncertainty, a time like this could produce a stronger desire for sex," Weissman notes.

"A similar dynamic took place after the 11/9 attacks - people began to resort more than usual to adventures as a way to find solace and connection with other people," Barrett says of the odd times we find ourselves. "When news creates stress and anxiety, we look for sexual connection as a way to find safety and to feel closer to normal again."

And as a good part of people isolate themselves and have no opportunity to engage in sex, there is an increased amount of other "sexualized acts". When we think about all this, it's clear that a baby boom is inevitable. The only question is, do we expect more quarantine or post-quarantine children?   


Here's why you should open your car door with the opposite hand

When exiting your vehicle, open the door with your hand away from the door ...

Did it ever happen to you to park in a narrow street and just as you were about to open the door, another car flew past you? Then you must think, "Uh, I was lucky, if I opened the door, I'd be hit by a car."

Such accidents and troubles can be avoided by simply looking in the rearview mirror before exiting the car, but many people simply forget it and open the door without thinking. So this is a great trick that will give you safety and security.

If you open the door with your hand away from the door, your body will face the rearview mirror and you will automatically look into the rearview mirror each time before opening the door.

This way, you will always get out of your vehicle safely and also reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.


How to avoid after-shave irritation

All men are aware of the burning sensation that occurs after shaving. So today we show you how to avoid it.

Not only is daily shaving dull, but it can also cause serious irritation and thus damage your appearance and lead to uncomfortable itching and redness. That is why it is very important to know how to avoid nasty irritation after shaving. We will give you some tips and help keep your face in perfect condition after every shave.

Before shaving, moisturize your skin and beard well. Hydration will soften the skin and hair and make the razor glide, not scratch. Use lukewarm water and you can also use wet towels. When you apply the gel or shaving foam, allow it to stand for a while to further soften the skin and hair. Avoid blunt razors and use sharp ones, as this is the best way to avoid the irritation that comes from pulling hair. When shaving, do not use strong movements, but use light and gentle movements and let the razor blades do the job. If the hair remains in the light movements, it means that your razor is bad and needs replacement.

When you finish shaving, be sure to wash with cold water. This will close your pores and calm your skin from shaving irritation. Lastly, we come to the most important step, which is hydrating your face. Redness and itching occur due to dry skin that is irritated, which is why you need to use something that will nourish and hydrate your skin.

Avoid strong lotions that have alcohol as they can aggravate the situation, but instead focus on mild moisturizing creams that have a calming effect and will reduce irritation and burning.   



Women are in to Lumbersexuals, and here's who they are

We've heard of metrosexuals, but this is a whole new term ...

If you are a little more active on Instagram, then you may have noticed the name lumbersexuals, which is often mentioned, especially by women who take them to heaven. We decided to tackle this new phenomenon and find out who are the men who fall into this category.

So lumbersexuals are men who fall into the mix of hipsters and lumberjacks. They are usually characterized by a more neglected, masculine and disorderly appearance. Although many would think that men like this would be anything but attractive, women say that they are the most beautiful and radiate a masculine sexy that shows what real men are.

They usually wear plaid shirts, ripped jeans and have frequent tattoos on them. Most of their hairstyles are longer and their beards are also long and not so trim, which makes them look quite masculine and strong.

We will show you the most famous men who, in the opinion of women, fall into this category, and if you want to make it easier for the eyes of the more beautiful half, then steal some fashion advice from these men.



How to set up an online store as a beginner using an ecommerce platform

When you've legitimately enrolled your business and begun contemplating plan, you have to enlist your domain name and any divert URLs that may be applicable. You're going to require the plan data you chose in the last advance now, when you at last form your store.

Which Platform will You Use?

Whatever plan you picked should be good with your online business software, as well.

There are truly several online business shopping basket stages. Picking the privilege web based business programming isn't simple. You have to painstakingly assess things like stacking speed, highlights, similarity with various installment doors, similarity with your business structure, your web designer aptitudes, SEO-accommodating highlights, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. I'm assembling surveys and correlations with assistance you pick the correct one.

When you settle on your internet business arrangement, don't employ a "CRO Expert" or costly advancement organization. Simply utilize a topic. You may need to pay a little expense of $100 or so to get a decent format, contingent upon the shopping basket you pick and what they offer.

You can use one of simple ecommerce website builder like Simpleshop, BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to stress over assuming praise card installments, you can sell items online on a commercial center like Amazon.

Love the possibility of your own advanced land? Ensure your web based business stage can scale with you and coordinate with mainstream web based business commercial centers to build your introduction.

Setting up your online store is significantly more than including your items and substance. You have to get your email showcasing and mechanization set up too.

This is critical to set up BEFORE you get traffic. Email promoting is fundamental for driving traffic. Ensure you set up coupons, thank you messages, and upsells so you can transform guests into customers. You additionally need to consider client service.


Do women like men with mustaches?

Bearded men are very popular today, but what about the mustache guys?

In the United States, research was conducted to determine whether women are attracted to men with mustaches. In most cases, bearded men have been shown to be attractive to women and some women are attracted to partners who have facial hair, but what happens when a man has no beard but just a mustache?

The answer may surprise some. Research has shown that women think that men with mustaches are unattractive and consider that mustaches spoil their appearance. Only 10% of women surveyed said they liked men with mustaches, when those men were over 50 years old.

The women said they thought that mustaches were a hallmark of older men and that younger ones should not wear them. Still, the ladies made an exception when asked about their beards and said that their mustache goes well with the beard, so only then can they tolerate it.  

We did a survey where we asked young ladies what they thought about mustache men, here's what they said:

Jasmine (49): “Mustaches are out of fashion for a long time and I don't know why anyone would wear them today. I'm almost entering the sixth decade and mustache to me are not attractive at all. "  

Ana (26): “We are not in the 19th century for men to wear mustaches. I don’t think even my grandfather wore a mustache, so I don’t want my boyfriend to wear a mustache.'' 

Mary (34): "Beard and mustache - yes, mustache - no."

Natasha (38): "I think it's a fashion past, a beard and it can somehow go, but just a mustache, no way."

Natalie (24): "Maybe a mustache would look nice on a serious and sleek man, but not on 25 year old."   

Tara (21): “I think it's a matter of years and mustaches are definitely for older men. The beard is incredibly popular, but mustaches are not and I think they should be worn by men in good age. ” 


Quarantine has caught a new trend that we really like - people are increasingly sending and posting nude photos

In the pre-Corona era, the term "send nudes" was usually used in a joke, and in cases where it was pronounced seriously, the person on the other side would most often respond with "what a cryper." The only worse thing than having a complete stranger ask you to send him your naked photos would be for him to send you his without anyone asking for it.

But in the last few weeks, we have obviously been living in some sort of reverse reality brought to us by the Corona. This new reality also involves a different attitude towards nude photos, more specifically our desire to distribute them.

In an age of self-isolation and restricted movement, it is logical that people are bored. And what do we do when we're bored and alone? Exactly.

The tension and the need for physical contact, or at least validation of physical appearance, has increased at a time when we have been denied it. We are sure that it is for this reason that on Instagram we see of (mostly) women taking nude photos, covered only with a pillow. A desire for validation in the form of "you are hot" comments.

However, it is not only the photos where the strategic parts are covered in anything that care. The internet has also recently noticed an increase in the sending and publishing of completely nude photos.

Reddit's top five subreddits where people can post their naked photos (the time when others posted other people's naked photos on the Internet is totaly 2010) by number of subscribers are r / GoneWild, r / PetiteGoneWild, r / Asiansgonewild, r / GWCouples, r / GoneWild30plus - you cannot find them by searching Reddit, you must search for them on Google. Each of them has noticed an increase in posts since early February. 

The r / GoneWild subreddit alone has over 2 and a half million subscribers and over 3000 posts per day. DAILY! Over 3000 people voluntarily posted on a non-pornographic site. The popularity of that subreddit has not led to quarantine, but there is a noticeable increase in activity - as well as anything involving boobs and other body parts that are otherwise hidden by these silly and unnecessary clothing. Just one example of such postings is from a username / maskedmouththrowaway who posted a full front naked photo in the mirror, including her face, and wrote: "The world is ending so [f]uck it, I’ll show my face." 

We still had to censor the post, but for anyone interested in more detail, feel free to visit one of the subredits above - it's free, it's legal, and most of all - they want you to watch it. 
Jackson, 25, from Newcastle, Australia, told Buzzfeed that he has been receiving and making many more naked photos than he used to before quarantine.

"When you are single and you can't find anyone, phone sex / snapchat sex / nude photo sharing is a good way to spend time and somehow meet your sexual needs.

"What I noticed is that we all have more time now. You've heard about boredom overeating, now prepare for d **** out of boredom. "

Some people also spend time making nude photos, but don't send them to others but store them in their cellphone for "some happier times".

"I pile them up in my cellphone just in case they need me lol, and because it's fun," Lindsey says. "I realized how long it would be until I saw someone again. I thought this was a fun way to keep the spark in the meantime. "

Hey, this quarantine is not so bad.


Does alcohol kill the coronavirus?

Many have begun to use the coronavirus spread as an excuse to drink alcohol more often ...

Many people are led by the logic that they will be more protected and healthier if they drink a little brandy or some other alcoholic beverage every day because they believe that alcohol in beverages kills the virus and thus they disinfect their mouth and defend themselves against the COVID 19.

While this is partially true, research has found that a corona can only be killed by 70% or stronger alcohol, and there is simply not that much alcohol in alcoholic beverages. However, doctors warn that even if brandy and liquor kill the corona, again it would not help much in your protection if you did not adhere to safety sanitation. Dirty hands are the cause of contagion in 70% of cases, so a disinfected mouth will not help you if you touch your face with infected and dirty hands.

Hand washing is the best way to protect yourself from viruses, as well as frequently disinfecting things you often touch, such as handles, controls and cell phones. Of course, isolating and separating yourself from other people is also the right way to protect yourself, as this reduces contact with the virus.

So, do not intoxicate and overdo it with alcoholic beverages as this will not protect you, keep your hygiene in mind and stay in the house, thus minimizing the chances of getting this problematic virus.   


Science say: Men can smell when a woman is sexually aroused

Men can recognize the smell of a sexually aroused woman, according to scientists at the universities of Kent and Pennsylvania.

Men can distinguish the smell of a sexually aroused woman from the smell of a woman who is not, scientists say.

Dr Arnaud Wisman, a psychologist at the University of Kent and his colleague at the University of Pennsylvania, Ilan Shrira, also say that the smell of an excited woman can excite a man as well.

Their conclusion is based on the results of three experiments. Researchers collected sweat samples from the armpits of women watching documentaries about the construction of the bridge and the erotic film Nine Poems, while cycling in the gym.

Participants then completed a questionnaire to rate their sexual arousal level.

In the first experiment, 11 samples of sexually aroused and non aroused women were given to twenty-four heterosexual men. To them, the smell of excited women was more sexually appealing.

In second experiment, 32 heterosexual men examined the odor patterns of six women. Their job was to smell sweat patterns and then evaluate their personal level of sexual arousal. In the first part, the results of the previous experiment were repeated, and the second part showed that men were sexually aroused when they smelled a sexually aroused woman.

During the third experiment, 35 men underwent an olfactory test (samples were taken from seven women). Afterwards, the researchers showed them photos - on some photos were "scarcely dressed women in provocative poses."

The results show that photos of women in provocative poses attract men more after exposure to smell of excited women.

"This research has shown that men are sensitive to the olfactory signals of women's sexual arousal. The study suggests that signals like this - along with visual and auditory ones - can give a stronger signal that increases the desire for sex” explains Dr. Wisman. 

The study involved women not using contraceptive pills.

This is not the first study to address how odors affect sexual arousal.

Psychologist Jeffrey Miller published a famous article in 2007 stating that go-go dancers receive the most tips from clients when they are in the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.

At the same time, the average earnings of dancers taking contraceptive pills were lower than those who did not use these pills.



Life is short, you need to add booze to your morning coffee - Easy recipes

The only recipe worth mentioning for working from home is - add booze to morning coffee!

After all - why not make a special event from this morning? Even if you take out a shaker ... Pfff ..

We have three perfect options for morning coffee (or coffee anytime of the day).

The first option involves Bailey's in coffee or any Fakley's. This is the simplest option, there is not a lot of brains, the taste of this liqueur blends perfectly with coffee, and it also has the perfect texture, whether you drink coffee with or without milk.

Another option includes a classic irish, none of that baggy-flavored nonsense. There are few ingredients. Whiskey and one teaspoon of sugar (in the original recipes brown, but who cares?) Make it into the coffee and mix until completely melted. You put the whipped cream on top, holding it with a spoon to prevent it from dipping. Even though you're home and you don't have to worry too much about the presentation, you can do whatever you want. 
The third option, perhaps not as well known as the first two, is: cherry liqueur and chocolate syrup. If you believe us - this one wins.  

All you need is a cup of coffee, an "eye-to-eye" measure of cherry liqueur (preferably sweeter liqueur) and a tablespoon of chocolate syrup. Coffee is super consistent with chocolate, chocolate has a stronger taste, and coffee no longer has any bitterness. You have the impression that chocolate is covered with cherries, and isn't that something we all need right now? You can also add whipped cream, but it is not necessary. Or ice cream, but then we are already entering a special territory where coffee, booze and desserts are mixed, which is not fair game to all other beverages in the world. 


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