50% of cars are black or white, and here's why

You must have noticed that these are the most common car colors ...


The latest research has noticed that the most popular car color is white and that 36% of cars in the world have this color. In second place is black with 16%, gray with 13% and silver with 10%. As you can see for yourself, colors like green, red, blue and the like, take up only a small percentage, and car manufacturers have discovered why this is so.

They said that most cars are in black and white because they are neutral colors that are always in fashion and that go with everything. These colors will never be "out of fashion" and will never become boring and are best of all colors.

They also give a certain dose of elegance to all vehicles and make those vehicles look good even when they are 15 or 20 years old. Other colors are much worse under the influence of weather and sun, so black and white are for a reason the two ultimate colors used by car manufacturers.

So, if you have a car in white or black, it is very likely that you will sell it much better in the future.


Science Explains: Why blondes are more attractive to men?

Scientists have given us the answer ...


Judging by the new results of a study by the University of Augsburg in Minnesota, men really prefer blondes, considering them younger and healthier than other women.

Rarely will a man tell you that he doesn't like blondes. We find women with blue and gold curls attractive and sensual, and it is not surprising that a large number of women
dye in this color. However, what is it that attracts us so much to golden-haired girls. Why do our mouths open and why does our heart beat faster when we notice them on the street?

Scientists have come up with an answer.

Based on photographs of different women, male respondents answered questions related to their preferences in love life. Most of them considered blondes more beautiful, younger and healthier than women with darker hair.

They also believe that blondes are "easier to cooperate" and that they will go out on a date with them sooner.

Although we can see blondes everywhere today, there are actually very few natural blondes. Only 5% of women on the planet are naturally blond, which shows that blondes are very rare. That is the answer.

Our ancestors did not have cosmetics and hair dyes, so at that time the only blondes were natural. Since they were rare, if someone saw a girl with golden hair, he would be immediately delighted, because it was something that was unusual at the time.

The feeling of excitement when you see a blonde woman, remained subconsciously in us, so that our heart always jumps a little when we notice them. So, blondes attract you, because they were real goddesses of beauty to your ancestors, who implanted their beauty deep in our DNA.



Another proof that men look better with a beard

We love BEARD and support everyone who wears it.

We have often discussed whether men should wear a longer beard or not. Opinions are always divided, and we have to agree that it is a matter of taste, but we could not help but notice these photos. We found photos that show how much impact the beard has on men. They are presented in the pictures with and without a beard, so you will be able to see for yourself how much a beard can improve the look.

What is immediately apparent is that men with beards look more masculine and stronger. Even those who have always given the impression of "good" guys, with a beard become "dangerous" guys whose charm becomes even greater.

Of course, it's all a matter of taste and there are those men who prefer to be shaved, but we still think that the beard emphasizes only the best features on a man, and these photos show that.

Poto:Bored Panda



All the shark attacks recorded by the camera this year

Although the corona virus has crippled the tourist season on the entire planet, the attacks of these marine predators have been as numerous ...

Although scientists and researchers say that sharks do not like human flesh and that their attacks are just a substitute for identity, the people who shot these clips tell us that the situation is not always like that and that attacks by these predators are possible.

We found a pretty scary video compilation that will show you all the shark attacks from this year. Luckily. No one was injured in the clips, but everyone was under a lot of stress, because it is not easy to see a huge fish under your feet, which can dismember and kill you in a second.



You are more likely to date a girl if you have an iPhone

According to a new study, users of Apple devices are more attractive on popular dating apps compared to owners of Android devices.

The CompareMyMobile site did this research and wanted to see if choosing a mobile phone plays a role in flirting and if girls care which phone men have. Analyzing more than 50,000 apps for finding partners and "swiping and matching", it was noticed that Apple Watch, AirPod and iPhone users were much more attractive.

Profiles showing the iPhone had a 76% chance of being "swiped" to the right, the Apple Watch gained a 61% chance, while showing AirPods brought the chances to 41%.

By comparison, showing off Samsung devices brings a 19% chance, while all other phones have reduced the chances to 30%. It is interesting to note that Blackberry is considered the least attractive, reducing the chances of "swiping" to the right by 74%.

So, if you haven't had success with flipping apps so far, then maybe it's time to buy an iPhone.


The worst superhero movies of all time

Fans want to erase these movies from their memory ...

In the last 20 years, superhero films have become the most popular and most profitable film genre. Marvel and DC have made countless heroic films in which heroes such as Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Ironman and others are presented, and all of them have become favorites with a large audience.

Although these films are a delight for many of us, there are those who have disappointed us and made us wonder "What the hell is this?". Today we decided to remind ourselves of those movies and to share with you the superhero creations that are in our opinion the WORST.

1. "Catwoman" (2004)

2. "The Lone Ranger" (2013)

3. "Supergirl" (1984)

4. "Fantastic Four" (2015)

5. "Steel" (1997)

6. "Elektra" (2005)

7. "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" (1987)

8. "Batman & Robin" (1997)

9. "Superman III" (1983)

10. "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (2009)

















Does shaving make us hairier?

Scientists have tried to find an answer to this question ...

You've probably heard people say a thousand times that hair will get bigger and thicker if you shave it on a part of your body for the first time. Females believe in this the most, because they are afraid that it will create hairier areas on their body, which they will treat later. And a large number of men believe in the same thing, some refuse to shave under the armpits or on the intimate parts, because they think that this will only make the situation with the hair worse.

The scientists wanted to determine if shaving really leads to hair growth and thickening. The answer is NO. Respondents who agreed to shave certain parts of the body after some time did not have any changes in hair thickness. However, what scientists have noticed is the fact that hair grows faster. So if you shave a part of your body often, the hair on it will grow even faster.


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