Brothel in Germany Seeks Sex Services Quality Controller

We all know that quality control is an essential part of every production process, but also services. This is confirmed by the German brothel who posted an ad asking a male or female that is ready to control the quality of service, cleanliness and safety while providing sexual services.  

If work in office is not particularly interesting to you, then perhaps this is job of your dreams. But do not get to look forward to, because we are confident that interest in this job will be quite large.

To make matters worse, in order to register, you must be quite skilled. They are looking for people with university degrees, and priority will be given to those with the management degree, but it's also advisable to have experience in the sex industry and speak several languages. The brothel is located in Berlin, and the ad in which it is written, "It is desirable practical experience and many years of visiting brothels. You must enjoy the company of people and do not be afraid to contact" was published on page All interested parties who meet the above conditions, can seek more information at mentioned website. Good luck.


Guy shortage: In Belgrade clubs bunch of lonely beautys

Is a shortage of guys or whatever comes, we do not know, but it seems that in Belgrade clubs have an awful lot of solo girls.
The shortage of guys: Ladies without the guys.

Thus, in a large number of BG clubs such images are very common. After a few mates, in this particular case, seven of them, come out without the guys.

Although when you think about it ...

Do not go into the reasons ...

... why do they need guys...

... but this is a fact. What these women's teams prove.

... only to spoil image...

But the situation is very similar elsewhere.

... with your presence ...

Here and there are indeed squeeze some exceptions.
This group posing provocatively in order to somehow attract something masculine, but seems to be in vain. 

So, taking all this into account, we know where we will go next summer...


New Brabus S63 with 838 HP!

At the Motor Show in Geneva, Brabus present its new S63 Biturbo Coupe with 6.0 engine and 838 HP, called Brabus 850! According to them, it is the strongest and quickest coupe in the world with four wheels drive!

The new beast from Brabus, Mercedes Benz vehicles
"tuner" is modeled on the S63 AMG Coupe with all-wheel drive, but unlike him, there is no "small" 5.5 liter V8 engine. The new Brabus installed a revised 5.9-liter V8 engine with two Brabus specially designing turbines, new clutch, optimized cylinder heads and large compressor and a special exhaust system. The result? Drastically increased engine power to even 838 horses!

Performance? Piece of cake. 3.5 seconds to 100 km / h, 9.4 seconds to 200 km / h top speed of 350 km / h !!! Why only 350? Imagine, they set the lock. Currently, the only reason for that are the tires. Tires!!!

Spoilers? Carbon. The interior? 
Beautiful black leather combined with carbon and aluminum. Wheels? Brabus Monoblock. Our opinion? Beautiful beast that should be in the garage of every real macho man. We sell our soul for a circle around the block!


He lit a cigarette and smoked it, and then do a trick that will knock your socks off!

You think you've seen all the tricks with cigarettes, think and look at this video. We suspect you have seen something like this.

Crazy trick which you will see in the video will list you wonder how this is possible. We ask the same question? Look what this man did!


7 Reasons To Have Daily Sex

Regular sex will ensure you a better sleep, reduce stress, spend some calories, but also much more.

Sex gives pleasure, but other than that there are many other benefits that certainly should not be ignored. On the contrary. Regular sex will ensure you a better sleep, reduce stress, spend some calories, but also much more. Portal TOI brings more reasons why you should let yourself to passions with your partner every day.

1. Cardiovascular health. A recent study found that men who have sex more than twice a week, have a lower risk of heart attack compared to men who have sex once a month or less frequently.

2. Strengthens immunity. Regular sex increases the level of antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA), which protects our body from colds and fever.

3. Reduce your stress level. Not only will the sex improve mood, but will act to help you cope with stress and be happier.

4. Reduces pain. Now is really the right time to stop using a headache as an excuse for refusing sex. If your head really hurts, then it is the right time to engage in sex as will the level of the hormone oxytocin rise by five times and reduces the sensation of pain.

5. Extends life. Regular sex, more precisely, orgasm, strengthens the immune system, regenerates cells and maintains healthy skin. Men who experience at least two orgasms a week live longer than those who experience it only sometimes a month.

6. Improves circulation. During sex acceleration of the heart and organs are supplied with oxygen, and the body flushes toxins from the body.

7. Improves sleep. While it may be inconvenient, but sleep immediately after sex will be much more relaxed than regular sleep.


This Guy Retired And Is Now Getting Paid To Have Sex With Prostitutes!

Australia clearly has a problem with secret brothels, and police established a sting to catch them in the act.

There is a small group of private investigators in Australia who are paid to discovering the secret brothels and sex shops are serving as the evidence and having sex with the prostitutes.

One of these investigators passes by pseudonym John. He is 60 years old, divorced and what people in the sex industry call a "brothel buster."

If the police can get a warrant to get inside the building, John serves as a "brothel buster" who have sex with employees, and write it in the report. Report about sex, it sounds great.

John is doing everything he can to protect his community from the scourge of prostitution. Even if it means getting a few handies in the process ....

John, whose real identity must be hidden, says: "I do not drive around in a Porsche or anything. It certainly is not a huge amount. But I get paid to do something most people pay good money for." Amen to that. 

In this case, how someone even join this profession? We were not taught how to build pathways to a career like this. Seriously, who you need to talk to, to be paid to have sex for a living? 

(I'm asking for a friend.) 


The Bear Attacked This Guy Herd, You Will Not Believe What He Did!

The bear attacked Blazo Grkovic herd, as the flock was all he had, he had no choice but to wrestle with 500lb bear.

In tough fight Grković sustained injuries all over his body and teeth of predatory animal were passing through his arm and leg bones, but fortunately not injured his head.
While sitting at the sheep's, big bear ran in droves, then went to Grkovic who at that time had on only a small ax. Seeing the big ball of fur and nature contempt for the human race trying to rip off one of his five limbs (we count his balls as a whole limb), Blazo instinctively hit the bear in the head with the small ax he was
always carried with him.

"At one point, one arm was in Bear's hands, and with other I was holding him by the throat until he fell," said Blazo.

After he hit a bear in the head with an ax, the bear went on his arm, cleaving out huge chunks of his flesh and leather in the process. Noticing that now bear was ripping portions of his hand, and rather than use the axe he was already held, Blazo caught the beast by its throat and squeezed it, possibly while screaming. When he met his quota of bear tears, Blazo then hit the bear until there was nothing but the wet dirt, almost taking his head clean off.

"All Blazo clothes were bloody, and there were a pieces of meat on it," said his wife Mira. 

After strangling bear with hands, Blazo was able to walk over a mile to his neighbor Božidara Elez, who called an ambulance.
Local residents say the bear entered the previous day in the village, and took a lamb and a sheep from the fold. (I guess that's the last lamb they took!)


The Burn all bras continues!!!

We still do not give up, still do not want to give up. We are ready to protest every day, bother, crush and pray for our beliefs and attitudes. We think that a beautiful female body should not hide and cover! We believe that all butts must be free, and all breast unbridled! Without solid bodice, unpleasant cold wire and other evil invention that have been invented to limit those beautiful breasts. Be free! Burn all bras and let them be free!!!


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