The most dangerous hooligans in the world

Unwelcome guests. Headache for police and law enforcement. Fiery. Dangerous. Brutal. They live in a world where the brutality is a measure of success, the more brutal you are, more respect you get, the thicker criminal record you have, the more influential you become. It seems that for a long time winding is the most extreme sport.

Polish hooligans: shadow over championship

European Championship, which for us is marked by conflicts of Polish and Russian fans. In that conflict dozens of spectators was injured. And not just blame longtime poor relations between the two countries. Polish hooligans attacked the other European fans.

When the organization entrusted Euro 2012 Poland, along with Ukraine, much of the public is warned that this could be most dangerous
Euro so far! When the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk addressed the public, convincing guests that they are welcome in this country, interrupted by a group of supporters with a lit torch, carrying the words "F *** EURO" and shouting inappropriate to journalists and politicians.
Polish hooligans are among the "cream" of European and world hooliganism.

Known for
interrupted matches, throwing flares into the field, as in last year's Cup final, and anti-Semitism and racism. The fans and players of Vistula from Cracow, often resent their city rivals FK Krakow for alleged Jewish roots. It is not uncommon to hear from the stands, "Go to the gas chambers!" The wonder is even greater, and the players come to the stands to support the crowd in chants.

Poland is a country where anti-Semitism is higher than in most parts of the world. Intolerant is still in the air. Germans during their WWII killed 90 percent of Polish Jews.

Polish hooligans have recently raged in the streets of Budva, and had a skirmish conflict with police. In a small number though, they were overpowered and arrested, but surely tours of Poland and Polish teams carry a warning sign!

Argentines and Brazilians: hot football climate

In this part of the world you live for football. It is inexplicable chemistry and love between the club and the fans.

But here it's more than anywhere else for football related violence.

Footballer of Argentine team Racing,  Moreno, in May this year came on practice with police escort, because his hooligans threatened with a firearm. Or to improve his game or ...

The organization "Save the football" these days announced that in the last six months, at least six people were killed in violence related to football and Moreno is not the only player who has received threats from hooligans.

Tens of Argentine fans in 2010th was deported from South Africa for the mess they made in the championship.

In Brazil, host World Cup in 2014. and the Olympics in 2016, two years ago at a gas station near Sao Paulo, clashed around 200 hooligans. They did not use only hands, but a firearm, and a Palmeiras fan was killed by a gun. Another 13 people were affected and one guy lost his arm due to the activation of a homemade explosive device.


European austerity: the Netherlands and Turkey

In addition to the cradle of hooliganism, England, a special place in the history of hooligan take these two countries.

In the Netherlands, football hooligans linked to many clubs: Ajax, Feyenoord, FC Utrecht. The bloodiest showdown took place at the game the biggest rivals Ajax and Feyenoord March 23 in 1997. In addition to the many seriously injured, one fan was killed.

In Turkey
hooliganism is a major problem. This is demonstrated by the fact that during finals 2005th was engaged in securing match 8000 police officers and guards.
However, the event that will highlight hooliganism in Turkey is certainly semi-finals of the UEFA Cup in the 2000th in Istanbul, Galatasaray played against Leeds. Conflict of Turkish and inviolable English hooligans, it seems had to end tragically. Two Leeds fans were killed in street clashes between hooligans.

Of course there are hooligans from other countries, mainly from Serbia, Croatia, Greece and Russia. Hooligans from these countries are particularly brutal, murder and serious injuries are a regular occurrence. The leaders are involved in various criminal activities and have thick files in Police, they are so organized, dangerous and powerful that not even the police can do anything. 


Realistic 3D tattoos

Do you have a tattoo? In today's post we present you totally wacky and realistic 3D human tattoos.


Tight dresses and high heels, a lethal combination

These girls know very well how to highlight their attributes and elicit gasps of members of the stronger sex. Because these tight dresses fit perfectly on their hot bodies it is impossible to take your eyes off them. It is enough reason to look at today's photo gallery and enjoy the interesting dresses and their proud owners? Although we do not believe that someone would notice the dress beside such bodies ...

Tell us what you think about our ladies?


Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari lately does not have a lot of inspiration when it comes to giving the names of its models. After LaFerrarija, reached 458 Speciale, upbeat version of a sports car with a central engine ranking.

As stated in the company to 458 Speciale is significantly different than the model it is based, and the differences are larger as a special version 360 Modena and F430 (360 Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia) were compared to the basic version.

Ferrari 458 Speciale
Powered by a 4.5-liter V8 high-performance engine with 597 hp and 540 Nm of torque. The improved engine delivers impressive power and volume ratio of 135 hp per liter.
Ferrari 458 Speciale
With a weight of 1290 kilograms, 458 Speciale is 90 kilograms lighter than the 458 Italy, with power to weight ratio of 2.16 kg / hp.
Ferrari 458 Speciale
To speed up to 100 kilometers per hour, it needs only three seconds, to 200 km / h - 9.1 seconds and a top speed is 325 km / h. Speciale's lap on the track in Fiorano circulated in 1:23.5, a second and a half faster than the standard model.
In Maranello say that 458 Speciale has "outstanding aerodynamic efficiency", and aerodynamic coefficient of 1.5 is the best in the history of the Italian company. Aerodynamic drag coefficient is 0.35, while the value of the aerodynamic thrust is 0.53.
The car provides a number of systems to improve performance, including the SSC system that improves the handling characteristics and active aerodynamics.


When you just missing hair ...

See the most ridiculous and the most interesting methods of covering the head with what's left of the hair! For some of these instances it is unlikely that they dare to come out into the street! It is better not to touch anything, but make bad .. See what we mean!

1. This is the fatal look ...

2. It it looks interesting on the field

3. Mafia look!

4. This is a fail of epic proportions, it would be better to leave everything intact!

5. Expel the invader!
6. When there is not enough, then there is not enough!

7. Another interesting attempt!
8. This seemed to have a close encounter with the mower! 

9. Creepy ....

10. For those who still do not know, this is how it works! And do not forget to look under the eyebrows!


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