The easiest way to tie a tie

One young boy showed us how simple this really is ...

A tie is an obligatory accessory when a man wants to look elegant, beautiful, attractive and businesslike. The tie has been used for decades and symbolizes the highest class of society, as well as male elegance, so that is the reason why it is worn at various manifestations and ceremonies.

Believe it or not, a large number of men do not know how to tie a tie properly. Tying a tie can be a real nightmare for those who don't do it often and who don't like to wear suits and shirts. However, tying a tie is not so much a nightmare, and this young guy demonstrated that to us.

Take a look at his demonstration, which will best explain how to easily tie a tie in just a few seconds. 


Dream job - you eat pizza and watch Netflix for $ 500

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"


Selected candidates will stay at home, order pizzas, rate pizzas, watch the latest Netflix series, and rate the latest Netflix series. Salary - $ 500.

This job ad appeared on the Bonusfinder page and it seems unreal to us, but no - it’s as realistic as Jennifer Lopez in the I’m real video.

How to write a cover letter for this job? We would paraphrase one great (Johnny Bravo) and write that we “very very very very very”. (a thousand “very”)… “ much love pizza and Netflix”.

The list of series is this - we have already seen some of them, so this would be the easiest salary in the history of salaries, but we will talk about the dealbreaker later.

The Queens Gambit
Bling Empire
Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer
Cobra Kai
Surviving Death
Virgin River
The Umbrella Academy
Below Deck

Show and pizza analysis will not be on some impossible mathematical level, you have instructions, you follow instructions, you get money. It sounds too good to be true, and it is - at least for the rest of the world because you have to be American or Canadian for this offer.


What the heroes of the most popular memes look like today

Internet without memes is like pizza without cheese...

Memes became very popular virally and today there are a huge number of them that are used to confuse a large number of people. The definition of a meme is "an image that is often replicated with a different title or content."

Thanks to memes, the internet has become an interesting and witty place that we visit when we have hard time or when we simply want to have fun. Some memes are created day by day, and some are popular and have been used for years.

Today, we look at the most popular memes and the heroes who celebrated them. See what they look like today.


The most popular OnlyFans accounts of 2021

OnlyFans is growing rapidly! What's more, in the wake of perusing how much these women are making, you'll most likely ponder internally "Oh my goodness, I'm leaving my place of employment tomorrow and beginning an OnlyFans!" But, the normal girl just makes $180 every month. Truth be told, the top 1% of profiles here make up for an incredible 33% of cash made on the site!


Megan Barton-Hanson


Molly Eskam

Mia Khalifa

Natalie Monroe 

Bella Thorne

Pia Mia

Blac Chyna

Monica Huldt

Belle Delphine

Jem Wolfie

Erica Jasmin Mena


Someone definitely needs this: How to open a champagne bottle with style - without any injuries

Leave the opening with the sword to the masters - although the only masters we’ve seen end up on fail video compilations.

Look, the pressure in champagne wine has accumulated more than in car tires. If you open it carelessly, the plug can fly off at speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour. No one wants to end up in someone’s eye, neck or big nice TVs. Or Grandma's collection of ceramic deer.

How to open champagne safely and effectively? Not in the pool, that’s also another note.


Open it while it's cold. Pressure is created if the champagne is warm inside. After all - who wants to drink warm champagne?

Dry the walls of the bottle before opening, especially if the bottle rested on ice. You don't want it to slip out of your hand.

Be careful as you remove those tiny wires from the cork. A lot of bottles burst prematurely, men know what it’s like. The best way you can open champagne is with the help of a cloth. It can be fancy Chinese silk with a crazy number of threads, and it can also be plain kitchen silk, nobody cares, everyone focuses on the bottle.

Tilt the bottle at a 45-degree angle (not a degree more !!!), direct the stopper away from guests, windows, and Grandma's pottery collection. Grab the stopper with a cloth, turn it slowly, and pull it out until it comes out. It’s not theatrical, but it’s safer. If you want to theatrically, open the bottle safely, and then spray like a Formula 1 winner.


All the best and we wish you a safe opening of champagne tonight.


Why do we rub our feet before we fall asleep?

Are you doing this too?

New scientific research conducted in Italy has dealt with human behaviors of which we are largely unaware. One of the research topics was rubbing your feet before bed. Research has shown that almost 80% of people do this when they go to bed without even being aware of it.

The question is, why?

Scientists associate this behavior with the instinctive behavior we have when we are small babies. Babies often rub their feet before going to bed and thus prepare for sleep. That instinct remains in us even when we are mature and aware, because it helps us to "snuggle" and fall asleep.

Another reason is that rubbing is pleasing. All the nerve endings in our body are on our feet, so when we rub them, our body relaxes and unwinds, which again helps us fall asleep easier.

So feel free to rub your feet when you go to bed, because that will make your sleep better and firmer.


Women reveal why they like loud sex


The louder, the better ...


Women like to be loud during sex and that is a well-known thing. Some are quieter, some louder, but the fact is that all women like to make some kind of erotic sounds while making love. We wondered why and if those sounds represented something.  


We found a survey that was done in the United States and that just answers this question of ours.  


About 1000 women of different ages and occupations participated in this survey. 85% of women said that they adore when they are loud during sex and that it makes them happy, satisfied and fulfilled.


They most often described the sounds as moaning and shouting, and they admitted that it excites them because in that way they express their feelings and excitement most sincerely.  


"Moaning comes naturally and we don't think much about it. Simply put, when we are in a relationship that pleases us, our body just reacts like that and makes us make erotic sounds. I would like to compare that with a kind of trance that I can't control and that makes us do things we don't think about, "said one of the interviewed women and confirmed that loud sex is proof that women enjoy a relationship with a man.  


So, if you notice that your girlfriend is getting louder and louder and can't control her sighs and moans, then that means you've given her the perfect evening. 


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