Guy creates chat bot to reply to his girlfriend while he’s at work

After he realized that he had neglected his girlfriend because of job, the Chinese developer made a chat-bot that immediately answered the partner's messages.
Li Kaixiang, a software engineer working for the Chinese electronic commerce company, has created a program to send his girlfriend's sweet messages while at work, says Abacus News.

The plan worked at first, but suddenly
trailed when the girl noticed that the person - or she thought - responds very quickly. But more importantly, the bot began to send messages that no normal person would write.

“Baby, this is our 618th day together. Hope you’ll feel bright as the sun,” the bot writes at first as can be seen in a screenshot posted on another Weibo account. Then suddenly, it sent a rather weird message that reads: “Temperature: 18.0° – 34.0° C… Wind: Level 3… Air quality: 42.0”

According to the report, the woman asked her boyfriend why he is suddenly answering messages so quickly. 

Chatting, translated by Abacus News, shows that a woman is asking her "boyfriend" how he did it and how it was designed, but the bot was designed to play stupid whenever woman asked about its existence.

Li said in his
now deleted Weibo post that he was surprised when he learned that his girlfriend had exchanged 300 messages with the bot until he had finished the work.

However, it was not entirely clear whether Li intended to deceive his girlfriend to believe that he had sent her a messages, because the report stated that Weibo's software engineer's account had been deleted.

Despite this, the exchange his girlfriend had with the bot still went viral, so one user even asked if he could send chatbot to him.

However, another user said that the bot was more stimulating than the real boyfriend.

“Is it really a boyfriend that I lack? What I lack is a chatbot,” said the user.  


How long does it really take men to fall in love?

Scientists from the United States this time decided to find out how long does it take men to fall in love and managed to come up with the result that we have honestly expected. It is well known that men easily fall under the influence of women, and that's what these study have shown. It turns out that men fall in love in women in about 90 seconds to 4 minutes.
During this period, they are only attracted by the physical appearance of women, and the behavior and character of women do not matter at that time. Only 7% of men surveyed showed interest in character during this period, while the remaining 93% of men were interested and impressed with only the physical appearance of women.
The situation is different in women, and falling in love with them can take much longer, so do not think that you will win women so easily. 


Here's why women do not like men who have a big beard

The beard is something that separates men from women and shows their maturity, strength, and masculinity. Men therefore take pride in their beards for centuries and in every way they strive to shape them and make them look fantastic.

Psychology also shows that beard draws women and tells them subconsciously that such men are better for them, that they are more fertile and contain more male hormones. However, the problem lies in those men who choose to have a long beard, as the latest polls have shown that women don't really like.
Women prefer men who have a beard short or medium length. However, those who have beard longer then their head hear will most likely find refusal in women, and here's why.

Women found that they did not like men with a long beard, because such beard usually has an unpleasant and strange smell. Since the beard is around the mouth, you can smell the scent of food and drinks, and if you are a smoker, then that smell becomes even more unpleasant. 

As far as looks are concerned, women say that they do not mind such beard, but that unpleasant odor just can not bear.

So, if you have a long beard, then devote time to it and nourish it and wash it properly. Use shampoos and wash it after each meal, thus avoiding the creation of unpleasant odors.


Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato - the first off-road supercar

Last week, Lamborghini introduced its new concept model called Huracán Sterrato. It's the first off-road hyper car. Now information has emerged that he could actually get to serial production.

Namely, if it is to be updated with the latest information, this model could begin to be manufactured in 2021. Of course, if this really happened, he would probably have been produced in a limited number of copies. The plans of the Italian manufacturer have yet to be completed, but sources close to Lamborghini say that between 500 and 1,000 copies of the Huracán Sterrato model could be produced. Allegedly, each of these copies will be sold at a price of about 240,000 euros.
There is still no official confirmation from Lamborghini, but Maurizio Reggiani stated that "everything is possible." He said that such a car could be profitable. This is subject to the fact that components of the Huracán Sterrato are produced from "light, synthetic material" using 3D printing techniques. This would save a large amount of money. 

Huracán Sterrato would certainly be an interesting addition to the Italian manufacturer. Especially because of the fact that reports have emerged that the replacement for the Huracán model will only come in 2024, and not earlier, as expected. 
In any case, no matter what happens, let's say something about the Huracán Sterrato concept. It is based on the Huracán Evo model and has an aggressive exterior design with off-road elements. In order to drive off the asphalt, the clearance was raised by 47 mm. There are 20 and 21-inch wheels with special tires.

It is powered by an atmospheric 5.2-liter V10 engine that develops 631 hp (471 kW). The unit is connected to the seven-speed DCT transmission, through which power is sent to all wheels.


Instagram influencers are flocking to Chernobyl for likes

The success of HBO's television miniseries, whose theme is the world's largest nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, has increased the number of tourists who want to visit the power plant and the ghost town near the power plant. One Chernobyl tourist agency has recorded an increase of 40 percent in bookings since the beginning of the HBO production series, which broadcasted in May and received extraordinary criticism.

"Many people come here, ask a lot of questions about the TV series, about all the events. People are becoming more curious, "said tourist guide Victoria Brozko. She insists the area is safe for visitors. "During the whole visit to the forbidden zone of Chernobyl, the radiation dose is approximately two microsieverts, which is the equivalent of radiation you get at home for 24 hours," says Brozko.
The tragedy scene that has caused tens of thousands of deaths (the final figure is still unknown and is subject to wide debate) has become the ideal set design for Instagram photography. Influencers use  Chernobyl tragedy to capture the best photography. 

When taking photographs, they do not take into account the instructions that all visitors to the contaminated zone receive, so they take selfies at the locations where the radiation is still strong, and thus praise the readings on small Geiger counters (holding them as selfie cameras), sitting on still radioactive asphalt or pose in a famous luna park, and they do not even show a slice of respect to the victims.

Although it can only be accessed in the Chernobyl zone with licensed guides, it does not prevent tourists from inadequately taking photos in the area or even at the location itself. 

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Украина ожидает туристический бум из-за сериала "Чернобыль" - такие заголовки новостей сейчас то тут, то там - благодаря популярности сериала производства компании HBO спрос на экскурсии в "Зону отчуждения" уже просто бомбический... А теперь СТОП☝️ Сериал - хороший (со всеми «но» и «ну») но Припять - это не аттракцион, побывать там - не развлечение! Послушайте, авария на Чернобыльской АЭС - это катастрофа, то, что там сейчас - спустя более 30-ти лет - это катастрофа, экскурсии и зарабатывание денег на этом - катастрофа! Я была в Зоне отчуждения несколько лет назад, мы снимали репортаж. Попасть туда смогли как раз в составе таких экскурсий, кажется на человека это стоит в районе 100$... - так вот там жутко, там ужасно, там по-прежнему фонит, там за все эти годы ничего не уничтожили по-хорошему, не зачистили по-хорошему, много всего растаскали на металлолом (жутко представить, что у кого-то дома в Киеве стоит какая-нибудь труба оттуда) а то, что уж совсем адски фонит - типа машинки в парке или колесо обозрение - даже самые отбитые трогать не стали... Там в типовых квартирах многоэтажек - можно увидеть пожелтевшие фотографии на стенах, которые висят, как жуткое напоминание, что там жили люди, рожали и растили детей, работали и мечтали, а потом... - да что там сериал - вы видео - архив посмотрите! - реальные кадры места аварии, людей с последствиями радиации... - реальные и жуткие!!! В общем, поверьте - одно дело дома смотреть сериал, другое - ехать туда... Там нельзя жить и работать, но люди работают там вахтовым методом... недавно вот новым саркофагом закрыли тот самый 4-ый энергоблок... - вы думаете, если бы все было давно и ок - это делали бы? На экскурсии вам скажут, что все ок и бояться нечего (конечно уж совсем в адские «пятна» вас не поведут), но все же! На выходе вы типа пройдёте проверку на «фоните или нет», но на самом деле - ничего там не работает - тупая рамка, едва похожая на рамку - металлоискатель! Вам дадут сертификат, чтобы вы такие - вот, я был в Чернобыле, смотрите, как это круто... но это не круто! - это жутко, это страшно и это...просто так а-ля потусить для остреньких ощущений - это ээээ не надо..#Чернобыль #Припять #Chernobyl #Pripyat
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🇺🇦Prípiat es conocida porque sufrió los efectos del peor accidente de la historia de la energía nuclear el 26 de abril de 1986, cuando se produjo el sobrecalentamiento y explosión del reactor número 4 de la central nuclear de Chernóbil, el cual falló y tuvo peligro de emitir 500 veces más radiación que la bomba atómica de Hiroshima en 1945. La evacuación fue llevada a cabo por el Ejército Rojo 36 horas después del accidente. Los animales (domésticos como salvajes) debieron ser sacrificados para evitar que transportasen en sus pelajes radiación hacia zonas no afectadas. 🇺🇦 🇺🇦Pripyat is known because it suffered the worst accident in the history of nuclear energy on April 26, 1986, when there was overheating and explosion of reactor number 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which failed and was in danger of emitting 500 times more radiation than the atomic bomb of Hiroshima in 1945. The evacuation was carried out by the Red Army 36 hours after the accident. The animals (domestic as well as wild) had to be slaughtered to prevent them from transporting their radiation coats to unaffected areas.🇺🇦 #travel #traveler #traveling #viaje #travellingthroughtheworld #instatravel #travelinggram #españolesporelmundo #travelblogger #chernobil #dametraveler #pripiat #travelgirl #kiev #imtb #kyev #speechlesstravels #ucrania #chernobyl #photoshoot #pripyat #iamtb #ukraine #kyiv #españolesxelmundo #travelrepost #travelgirlsgo #natgeotravel #girlstravelwoman
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‌ ‌ هجوم اینفلوئنسرها به منطقه نیروگاه هسته‌ای چرنوبیل و گرفتن سلفی با خرابه‌های بزرگ‌ترین فاجعه انسانی ده‌های اخیر‌ ‌ ‏مینی سریال چرنوبیل فاجعه نیروگاه هسته‌ای چرنوبیل در سال ۱۹۸۶ را بازگو می‌کند. این مینی سریال که از سوی شبکه تلویزیونی HBO پخش میشود؛ به سرعت یکی از محبوب‌ترین و بهترین سریال‌های تلویزیونی امسال شده و از سایت IMDB بالاترین رتبه را کسب کرد تا از سریال‌هایی مانند گیم اف ترونز، بریکینگ بد و سوپرانوز هم پیشی بگیرد.‌ ‌ ‏اتفاقا در ایران هم مینی سریال چرنوبیل با استقبال کاربران روبرو شده و در شبکه‌های اجتماعی پیرامون‌اش بحث و بررسی‌های زیادی صورت می‌گیرد. برخی از تکه کلام‌های سریال توییت می‌شوند و کاربران درباره دروغ‌گویی و فدا کردن جان انسان‌ها برای قدرت حرف می‌زنند.‌ ‌ اما نباید فراموش کرد در سال ۲۰۱۹ هستیم و اینفلوئنسرهای اینستاگرام آماده بهره‌برداری از هر سوژه محبوبی هستند. بنابراین، منطقه اطراف نیروگاه چرنوبیل این روزها میزبان ده‌ها و صدها کاربر اینستاگرام و گردشگران دیگر است.‌ ‌ آن‌ها سعی می‌کنند خودشان را به چرنوبیل رسانده و سلفی بگیرند و هشتک بزنند تا لایک‌های بیشتری در فیدها نصیب‌شان شود. ‌ ‌ ‏پخش سریال چرنوبیل باعث کنجکاوی مردم شده و برخی عوارض جانبی را به همراه داشته است. مردم می‌خواهند از نزدیک محل این حادثه را تماشا و حضورشان را ثبت کنند. یکی از آزانس‌های برگزارکننده تورهای بازدید از منطقه چرنوبیل به خبرگزاری رویترز گفته است پس از نمایش این سریال از شبکه HBO با افزایش ۴۰ درصدی گردشگر روبرو شده و کسب‌وکارشان رونق مضاعفی گرفته است.‌ ‌ این روزها منطقه اطراف نیروگاه هسته‌ای چرنوبیل شبیه یک منطقه بمب‌گذاری شده است. همه‌چیز خراب و فروپاشی شده و سگ‌های ولگرد، ساختمان‌های نیمه مخروبه و نابوده شده، قطارهای زنگ زده و نظایر این‌ها دیده می‌شود ولی گردشگران با شوق و هیجان زیاد می‌خواهند از این منطقه بازدید کنند. ‌ ‌ 🔎‌ ‌
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