Science Confirms: The Bigger The Belly, The Better The Lover

We are sure that you like most men believe that skinny men do better in bed and thus satisfy a woman. However, it seems that the situation is completely different in reality. Turkish scientists have conducted a variety of research to determine which men are better in the bed.
The lean and obese men have undergone the same tests and the results obtained by scientists were quite shocking. 
Men who have had a "beer" belly proved to be far better lovers and their duration in bed was much longer. The women said that fatter men left a better impression and they'd be happy to do it again with them.
 For such good results that have achieved thicker men credited their "love cushion" to help them to achieve the right balance of hormones.
Men with overweight have an increased level of the female hormone estradiol, which is a form of estrogen, and scientists believe that just these hormones affect the brain of men, and regulate premature ejaculation.
Therefore men consider carefully whether you want to get rid of your "love cushion".


5 mistakes that men make with a new suit

The suits are the best friend of every business man. A good suit will make from you business, serious and influential man who is ready to do great deeds. Therefore, men often buy different suits to always be ready for different occasions.

However, there are a few things that you should look for when buying a new suit ...

1. Stitched pockets
Those who often buy suits know they are always come with sewn up pockets and that can not be used immediately. Creators sewing up pockets to protect suits and prevent damage. When you buy suit, you have to carefully cut the thread that connects pockets. This is probably the biggest mistake that men make, because in this way you can damage and destroy the suit.

2. Leave Your Functioning Cuff Buttons Undone

Remember this rule, the last button always remains intact. This is a rule which has become settled in all business men. If you pay attention, you will see that we are right. The last button should always be free, so take care not to make this mistake.

3. Do not remove the shoulder stitches
If on your suit you notice white stitches, leave them. They are there intentionally left behind in case you need to go to the tailor, a tailor would make adjustments to its fit on your body with temporary ‘baste’ stitches, which would be removed when the suit was permanently altered. If you remove the stitches, his job will only be more difficult.

4. Iron it after the first wearing
If you are expecting that a long period of time, wear a suit, it's only natural that it will eventually wrinkle, but the board can damage the fibers of clothes and to destroy suit. Therefore, let gravity do its part. Just hang a suit and it will be corrected after a few days. For anything more stubborn, pass a handheld steamer over the arms and legs. Avoid steaming the chest – on cheaper suits it can melt the glue that holds the canvas in place, which harms the structure and can cause bubbling in the fabric.

5. Cheap coat hangers

Too small or too broad hangers can lead to damage suits. Coat hanger must be as broad as the shoulders of the suit, and therefore always buy coat hanger that match your new set.


Here's what happens when you eat world's hottest pepper extract!

In the bottle with the label 'Mad Dog 357 Plutonium' lies world's hottest pepper extract. Some youtuber come to idea to offer people to put it in the mouth for the amount of only $ 20 and try to hold out for five minutes without drinking milk. It was not easy, in fact - it was critical!


Science Tells Us Why Girl's Nipples Get Hard

Erect nipples always draw our attention, although it is a misconception that erect nipples are an indication that a woman is sexually aroused. (In other words, just because she’s got erect nipples doesn’t necessarily mean she’s raring to go!) Nipples become erect for many reasons, some of which are not sexual in nature, like if you are cold, or if they get sensation from your clothing rubbing on them. And sometimes a woman’s nipples may not be erect even when she is sexually excited. 

#1 Sexual Arousal

Perky nipples are a sign of fertility and desire. It's like saying, "Hey look at how easily I will be able to breastfeed your baby. Do me!"

#2 When It Gets Cold...Goosebumps!

When our ancestors were cold they would get goosebumps to raise their fur up, creating a velvety layer of warmth. Most of us are more or less fur free, but the ability to get goosebumps - including hard nipples maintained until today..
#3 Tiny Tense Muscles

In addition, the areolae (the colored area around the nipple) has the smooth muscle cells that contract when stimulated. Cold weather, or some other stimulation, can contract the muscle, causing the skin to pucker inward while the nipples stick out, as well as the rest of our muscles. Brrr!!!

#4 What it All Means...

Girl's nipples get hard because they really, really want you to try to Google that question. No, really. That's why!

#5 Keep Up.


Because of them, you would join the army

The misconception is that the army is for men only, on the contrary, in many countries, women soldiers are quite normal. Although often considered that women soldiers are like men and not look like women, it is actually a complete nonsense. Therefore, we decided to present you some of the most beautiful women soldiers that we could find. These girls and women proudly defend their homeland and at the same time manage to be real models with guns.

Men who serve with them say that they are a sight for sore eyes, but they are not clear what they do on a place like this. Girls say the army is their passion and desire. Everyone should be proud to serve his country, and gender is not important.

As every man these women are ready to handle the weapons if necessary, but we believe that their greatest weapon is their beauty.

Check out the gallery.


Why Does My Dog Stare At Me When He Poops?

All dog owners know that during a walk with their pets sometimes things get out of control ... At one point, everything is normal, but in the second they their dogs start to do very strange thing.

Do you have a dog that you walk regularly, nurture and look? It must have happened the following situation: you walk, all well and good until at one time your dog look deep, deep into your eyes ... while poop.

Dogs feel very vulnerable while pooping, because while pooping are not able to quickly react to danger. Before people domesticated them, dogs lived in packs like wolves, and relied on the assistance of the pack to survive

Today people are their pack, while poops they feel really vulnerable, so instinctively look at people expecting that we will in the event of danger to warn on time, they will respond in a timely manner and avoid danger.


Instagram Girls Try Their Hand at Being International Cocaine Smugglers, and It Didn't Go So Well

Two girls from Quebec, threatened with life imprisonment in Australia after police found in their bags cocaine worth more than $ 30 million, on social media looked like the have time of their life. 

Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace, both in their 20s have spent the past two months on MS Sea Princess, a huge luxury cruise ship carrying 2,000 passengers from Southampton in the UK to Sydney in Australia. Cruise tickets costing 20,000 dollars.

But when the two women came to Sydney, Australian police in their luggage, and luggage of 63-year-old Andre Jorge Tamina, also from Quebec, found more than 90kg of cocaine. Authorities still have not confirmed an association of two women and a gentleman. All three were charged with importation of a commercial quantity of cocaine and if convicted, could receive a life sentence. 

This is the largest drug seizure ever in Australia via ship or plane.
Before they were caught, the girls have documented the entire journey on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoyed in Times Square in New York City, pile of coconuts in French Polynesia, drinking in Ireland.

Melina Roberge, August 4 post selfie on the quad in Paracas, Peru. "It's absolutely crazy!" she wrote in the description of the photos on Facebook hashtag #bucketlist #quad. Among other things, they visited Chile, Ecuador and Bermuda.  

According Melina Roberge Facebook, she worked in the jeweler shop Pandora in Montreal. Isabelle Lagace profile is private.

On Saturday, the day before arrest,
Roberge post photo with the words "When you wake up and you need a nap." On Tuesday morning, followers commented on photo "what you mean girl" with #prisonavie. 

Magazine Journal de Montreal reported that the Canadian border police were in touch with their American counterparts before the cruise docked in Sydney. Three suspects were identified as passengers of "high risk".

"The smuggling gangs should know that the Australian border police aware of all the ways you try to bring drugs. We work with many international agencies to prevent trafficking," said a representative of the Australian police Clive Mari.

It is known that in Australia cocaine is much more expensive, five times more expensive than in Canada, which made the seizure on the border have risen sharply in recent years. 


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