Studies have shown: women are into nerds

Before we begin to talk about this topic and the results that recent research has shown, we first have to explain what the word "nerd" means. Nerd  is often used in a negative context for people who enjoys learning, who are not social, wearing glasses, don't like sports and are weird. However, nerds are actually people who are focused on learning, who want to complete all their tasks and who are trying to be perfectionists in every field.

Precisely because of these characteristics, nerds become women's favorites. The latest research in the UK has shown that girls are increasingly looking for boys who are nerds and who have the characteristics of this group of people. Young girls said that nerds are mostly emotional, sensitive, trying to understand girls and that they are not all about lifting weights and fast cars. Research has also shown that nerds are far more loyal, and that's one of the reasons why they mostly manage to create long and strong love relationships.

Girls and women said that  physical appearance is important, but that they would be with a man if he showed that he is intelligent, successful, working, and that he is someone who is sensitive and who understood his women and his environment. 

So, guys, appearance it's not everything, there's something in the head. So do not be ashamed if you are someone who loves to read, wear glasses, or if you do not have carved six pack like Michelangelo's David, because you can get girls with your charm, intellect and emotions. 


Amazing 3D Tattoos That Will Make You Look Twice

Tattoos are very popular, especially in the younger population, and it does not surprise us that they are slowly becoming a popular fashion style. There are more and more celebrities with tattoos, and most importantly, they are not afraid to show them. Famous actors and actresses such as Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and others, proudly carry their tattoos.

So, tattoos are nothing bad, they are a kind of art that is on a special canvas, your skin. If you are unsure whether to do a tattoo or not, do not be afraid, we will help you.

We've already shown you a gallery with the best 3D tattoos, but now we've come across a masterpiece for which you will stare at the monitor. The creator of these art 3D tattoos is a man named Jesse Rix, who is known for making incredibly realistic and confusing tattoos. He decided to show his works to the world via the popular "Bored Panda" website, so he hung up a very interesting gallery. In just a few hours, Jess has become a real internet sensation, and when you look at the gallery, you will understand why. 

You can see more cool 3D tattoos on his Instagram profile: Jesse Rix


This pub chain will pay you to drink beer and watch sports

You spend a lot of time in cafes, bars, clubs? Do you also spend a large part of the salary on beer? The Pub Chain in England has a solution for you.

The "Hungry Horse" pub chain, which has more than 200 pubs across England, offers £500, to someone who stays in their pub, drinking beer, playing darts, and pub quizzes. Job description, good in a darts, good in quizzes, likes to hang out and drink.

Catch is in the fact that after the fun is over you have to submit a report to the administration about what happened there, what was bad, good, and so on. The company wants to improve service and look for all kinds of beer drinkers. 

Ready for work? 


Dresses so tight you’ll lose circulation

Pictures that you have see, which will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy pictures of hot ladies wearing perfect dresses for their even more perfect bodies. There is nothing more beautiful to point out a lady than a tight dress that follows her perfect line. Enjoy the gallery of pictures of these beauties that proudly have something to show.


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