Can you resist these girls?

Although today's topic is intended for members of the male sex, I am confident that even women look at it with great interest. Beautiful women have always attracted attention of the opposite sex, so we are confident that there is no man who will be able to resist the girls in today's gallery. Therefore, all those who wished beautiful girls, can not miss today photo gallery. What of these girls you can not resist?


DDR4 memory coming to the end of the year?

At this year's Intel Developer Forum, it was revealed that we can expect DDR4 , and his appearance on the product page Crucial was another pleasant surprise .
Dubbed " the next generation memory " hereditary DDR3 should hit the market by the end of 2013th year.
One of the biggest benefits of DDR4 memory is that it allows more capacity per component , which means that a single module can hold 16GB of RAM.
The largest number of PC motherboards offering users at least two slots, which means that with the help of DDR4 memory you can complete with 32GB of RAM.
This is certainly good news for all involved in demanding applications such as 3D modeling and video production , and there are numerous benefits for gamers . However , it is likely that the new generation of memory to be quite expensive.
Judging from Crucial, new memory is twice as fast as its predecessor , offering speeds of 2.1GHz and up , allowing applications to load faster .
DDR4 is also much more energy efficient , which means longer battery life. Although its 1.2V , compared to 1.5V DDR3 RAM, does not seem a lot, this will be a big energy saving information centers .


How to decide which grill to buy?

There is a wide range of grills, on coal, gas, electricity, portable ... However, some of the more important aspects of choices are grille culinary performance, and good food to be baked, not to burn it.

Some of the elements that determine a good barbecue are as follows:

- Sturdy construction
- Ease of cleaning grids
- The grid should be of durable material such as cast iron
- Impermeable cover
- Side extension to lower food
- A spacious area for cooking so you do not bake one at a time
- Good heat dissipation
- Mounts on the side of heat-resistant

How to choose the grill to buy?

Barbecues on gas and electricity are more appropriate for certain types of meat (the ones that should be better browning), fish, vegetables and fruits.
For meat to be a little slower furnaces, and other foods that will take longer to cook and bake at lower temperatures better have a charcoal grill. Also, they give a special flavor to dishes, since they present large amounts of smoke. With them you will get stronger smell of food.

Also, the charcoal grills are preferred because they are generally longer lasting. Disadvantage is that they always have to have coal, and if you have a small space and you can not disturb neighbors with smoke from the grill.

Charcoal grills usually cost less than gas. You have the advantage of a more intense flavor of the food. But at the same time, gas grills are faster.


Travel with super models!

Visit the most remote parts of the Earth, along with four hot and always good-humored girl, whose positive energy definitely will not leave you indifferent!

The reality show series takes you on a journey where you will meet the most diverse places and cultures, starting from Los Angeles, to the exotic Bahamas. Tourist main guide in this exciting journey is Lindsay Clubin, model and reality TV star from Kansas. She gained popularity thanks to the series, which followed nearly a million U.S. viewers. In addition, this model has graced the covers of many well-known fashion magazines, including men's magazines, and the American media declared her one of the sexiest women on the American public scene.

There are also her colleagues Lana Tailor, Cherie Ditcham and Misty Rice, appearing in the series and the other guests, mostly their friends. The girls will try out different sports such as paragliding, volleyball, motor driving, skiing, biking and horseback riding, to learn about the wildlife, swim in the icy water and do a photo session on the most extravagant places. With them you will visit Los Angeles, Ibitza, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, see the best night clubs and strip bars, beautiful beaches and islands, and most importantly a very good time.


Need For Speed ​​Movie

Need For Speed ​​Movie from DreamWorks Pictures arrives in March 2014. and will certainly delight younger speeder fans on four wheels. Until then, look at the full trailer. We will not pre-judge, but on first watching, it seems that the game is far more fun.



Rare are those who have not heard of the Kamasutra, the famous ancient Indian handbook on the rules of love and the skills and techniques of lovemaking. However, rare are those who know that Kamasutra is book of seven parts, and that's part of sex poses is just one of the seven parts. However, the Kamasutra is became world famous because that part.
The Kamasutra literally means love necklace. According to the Kamasutra writer Vatsyayana, Kamasutra is a book that teaches the enjoyment of all the things that threaten our senses and that irritates them. One thing is for sure, everyone Kamasutra interpreted differently depending on what you expect to find. Since we know that most of our readers, see this book primarily as handbook of sex poses which will give him an unforgettable sexual pleasure, we made ​​sure that exactly this part of the Kamasutra is introduce in this text. Here are the best Kamasutra sex poses, in the pictures, so you can exercise.


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