How to get rid of man boobs once and for all

It often happens that the stronger sex, whether it comes to the younger population or men of mature age, have difficulties to get rid of the so called "man boobs". It is a diagnosis that is technically called gynecomastia (Gr. Gyne - women, mastos - chest) and it is facing an extremely high number of male population (on average, one in three men under the age of 40). The most common cause of the phenomenon is the excessive accumulation of fat or glandular tissue in the breast area.

Just in regular training to insert a few exercises that will help you lose excess weight and build muscles. In addition to shape the breast, this exercise will activate the muscles of the back and buttocks.

More and more men opt for the cosmetic procedure to reduce the "man boobs", ie. a build up of excess fat in that area. The good news is that because of this problem you do not necessarily have to go under the knife.


You need the weights of 7,5 (16 lb) or 10 kilograms (22 lb). Each exercise is performed in supersets. Start with exercise 1A and do as many reps in 30 seconds. Then rest for 30 seconds and get to the exercise 1B, do as many reps in 30 seconds and rest again 30 seconds. This is one round. Make 4 rounds first superset and rest for 2 minutes before you go to the second round and do 4 supersets. Training works 2 or 3 times a week.

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1. superset:

1A Chest supported dumbbell row

Chest supported dumbbell row is hell of a good workout. Not only that builds the lats, but the trapeze and the front and back muscles of the spine column.

Unfortunately, there are few who can do this exercise correctly. Most people after they add more 10 to 20 kg on each side of the bar, beginning to bend back, abolish primary goal of the movement, and cause injury!


1B Goblet squat with dumbbell

Doing squats with dumbbells, you can at the same time work and biceps curls, triceps stretching behind the head, thrust his shoulders and more isolation exercises that activate the muscles of the upper body and especially arm muscles.

2. superset:   

2A Dumbbell 1½ push-ups

The biggest advantage of push-ups is that they do not require additional equipment, can be done anywhere and engage important muscle groups.

2B  Dumbbell skier swing 

This workout is confirmation that you do not need to bother with a super entangled move to get an extraordinary workout. Tony Gentilcore, an well known fitness coach and strength and conditioning specialist, says this weighted activity engages your glutes, hamstrings, center, and shoulders to offer you some assistance with scoring an inside and out stunning body. Basic? More like basically impressing.


  1. A friend of mine used the tips from this article and he did lost hes boobs in a bout 4 weeks. Besides the fact that he did cure gynecomastia he also lost some weight. But he also with this tips , he used some natural and proven gyno pills

    1. Using gyno pills is there any side effects

    2. Which pills?

  2. So when do you do the second superset? The 2a and 2b?

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  4. Those are some great suggestions on how to get rid of those hideous man boobs! haha

    I find that working on heavy kettlebell complex workouts also will help tone up our body and be less flabby

  5. The only chest excersise here is pushups. Basically there 4 workouts are a full body workout hitting legs back chest and arms.

  6. HIIT training 5 days a week and eat 2500 cals a day between noon and 8pm only. Drink 1 gal of water daily and no booze. Commitment is 90% of the battle.

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  8. You CANNOT GET RID OF MAN BOOBS period. The ONLY WAY is with surgery. Pills are a scam. If the "moobs" ate due to excess body fat (which the majority ate) then weight loss will reduce their appearance. If the "moobs"are due to hormonal issues or breast tissue has developed, then surgery is the ONLY remedy. It's easy to research. DON'T BUY PILL'S.. ..THEY WILL NOT WORK....the only result you will get from pill's is a lighter bank balance.

  9. Everyone displaces fat differently. I believe that when you lose weight throughout weight training and cardio that the man boobs will go down.

  10. This is nonsense. I have been a Strength and Conditioning coach for 18 years and could throw darts at a board with random exercises and come up with something far more effective than this idiotic concoction. Please consult sources who understand human kinetics and development.

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  12. So body building causes hair loss...hmm...okay.

  13. I would also motivate just about every person to save this web page for any favorite assistance to assist posted the appearance. how to cure gynecomastia

  14. Gynecomastia can not be cured by exercise alone. It is scar tissue built up behind the nipple by excessive estrogen in the male body. If caught early enough you can use SARMS to counteract the gyno and cure it. If not caught in time then surgery is the only real option. Male gyno will have symptoms like puffy, swollen, painful nipples that over time will droop. If you do not have these symptoms and your man boobs have gotten worse over the years you are probably just fat and need to work out. JS


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