10 things that women expect a man can do

In modern times when women in all spheres are equal to us "males", there are still things that they simply do not want to interfere and expect from us to be able to solve them without any help from the side. Okay, we do not want to interfere with shopping, but they still drag us to the shops, but these things we're talking about today you just need to know if in your ID under sex label "M" for a male, a macho of a human species with "bolls and sausage" between the legs. Yes, women imply that as a man you are genetically predetermined to do a good job of doing any of the things from today's list and therefore do not disappoint them in any way.

Light the fire

It does not matter if you are in nature, you are about to turn a few pounds of meat on the barbecue, or your only goal is to press together with a romantic fire from the fireplace during cold winter nights, burning fire is a thing you always have to brush. Make sure that you do not disgrace all men with countless attempts, as you will surely fall in her eyes, and you know how she is when she's hungry or when she's cold.

Change a tire
Flat tire in "god forsaken place" is always a bad scenario, but for every man it should be just a small obstacle to be able skipping independently, without the need for rescue by AAA and similar services. Although it is clear to us that in this case, you would most likely "curs everything" be cool and tell her to wait for a few minutes until you solve the problem, because that's exactly the thing that she expects from you.

Prepare a barbecue

You just have to imagine what is the last feast where a woman has prepared a barbecue and everything will be clear to you. Yes, you do not remember because the preparation of the meat on the grill is a male job that she does not want to
interfere. Get the apron, take out the accessories, grab beer and sweat all with your barbecue skill, preparing yourself to be a fun center as the best gatherings are always close to the grill. 

Use a drill

The drill is one of the most useful tools with which everyone of our kind should know how to handle. That's what women think about and because when the neighbor next time invites you to help, do not hang a picture with a hammer and nails, but do it the right way. Who knows, maybe drilling a hole
remind a hot neighbor to certain thing, so after completing work together put your "drill" in use. 

Assemble the furniture

Although many of us prefer to disassemble things, the assemble can be equally fun. But on the other hand, it can often be complicated, poor instruction, and parts rather than compiling Space Shuttle. Regardless of what kind of situation you're in, one is sure, someone will have to do it, and if you want to be considered a man, then that person will be you.

Defend her

You may wonder defend her from what, well, from anything that threatens, because a woman needs to feel protected and safe at all times with you. It's not just a matter of physical or verbal attack, it may just be cold or need to be protected from the rain, but it's important that you are there when she need it.

Fix a computer

Electronics is something women most often dislike, and is one of the areas they think we should know more than them. If you only need to reinstall Windows, embed a new graphics or memory, try not to disappointed because it's a relatively easy job.
Of course, if in any case you are using a shared computer that has been lately infected with a virus, we are sure that you are the culprit for that, because it's clear to everyone on what websites it's easiest to pick up viruses.

Get to the goal

We are the ones who should be better at space orientation, although often it is not so, but if in any case you realize that you are lost, do not wander just because you are too proud to ask for help. It's no shame to ask for help, it's a shame to wander around without any idea where you are, while besides you is sitting a woman who thought you would handle any situation.

Connect TV / Home Cinema / Stereo System

We've already said electronics is something that women do not like to bother, and why they would be bothered when they got us. 
One more thing to catch in, no matter how complicated it looks. In most cases you will not be able to make a mistake, and as the connectors are most commonly made in idiot proof style, it's important to just look and do a job. 

Start a stuck car

joys", and we do not talk about throw snowballs or skiing, but about situations where we get stuck with a car in the snow or on a muddy terrain. But these are just a few of the situations where you need to be resourceful, take advantage of the items you have in your car or in the environment and show her she was right when she believed in you. 


Your dream car is waiting for you in the sand of Dubai

There is one country in the world that is so rich that owners leave their cars by the road when they get bored. This country is called United Arab Emirates and we can not be surprised when we see what kind of perversions about money are going on there.

In this case, it is about Dubai and the vehicles that their owners have left to rotting in the Arabian sand. Check out the gallery and cry with us.



Science Explains: Why men like women with curves

Women who have a sand clock figure are synonymous for beauty, and this is exactly the form that attracts men. However, the question arises why? Everyone knows that men like women who have bigger breasts and buttocks, but is there really an answer to that question, except for the most popular - is it sexy?

In fact, there is a scientific explanation why a huge number of men crave for curvy women and why women like Kim Kardashian are so popular among men.

Large breasts, wider hips, and big booty send men an instinctive message, which is that these women are ready to give birth to children and can easily do it. Although you probably do not think on the  children when you see a beautifully built girl, your instinctive part of the brain is thinking about it and sending you signals that the girl in front of you is attractive and handsome.

Our body is programmed to increase our chances of reproduction and the proclaiming your family line. Because of this, our brain sends signals that the most handsome women are those with the greatest chances to have a healthy baby with no problems. 

This proves another thing, and that is that we are still partly instinctive beings that are evolved programmed to act and do certain things without thinking. Of course, our conscious part of the brain can exclude these instincts, so there are cases where people are married to non-obese women who are simply said "flat like a board", but they love them immensely and never think of leaving them. However, the fact is that such women will never be attractive as women with curves at first glance.

Do you agree that women with curves are more attractive or do you have a different opinion?


7 interesting Kamasutra poses that you can try for the weekend

Kama Sutra, for those who do not know what it is, if there are such ones among us, the ancient Indian manuscript, which describes practically all the positions for sex. You probably also assumed that there are only unpleasant and incredible acrobatic positions that even the most eloquent of us do not want to try.

Well, know that this assumption is completely inaccurate. There is a reason why Kama Sutra is a sex guide for thousands of years: it's full of practical, applicable tips for
couples who want to try something out other the famous missionary pose. Of course, some of the positions are more difficult than others, but in the end everything is based on your attitude.

If you want to try a pose, you must enter it into a positive, open-minded mind and excited, so that this experience would be fun and pleasant for both you and your partner, even if you fail to complete it fully.

We asked sex experts what are their favorite Kama Sutra positions that all couples have to try at least once, and the answers we get everyone can do.

1: Sammukha

Sammukha pose is relatively easy to start, although you probably never came to try it out. For this pose, your partner should rest on her back, while her legs are widespread as far as possible so that you can enter. This pose will reduce her height, so it is recommended that if you have a partner much shorter than you, find a place where she can stand on something while relying on the wall to be about the same height as you.

Although you may at first feel embarrassed in this pose, it is actually very passionate and romantic due to direct eye contact. It also offers deep penetration.

2: Janukurpara

The standing sex has got a bad reputation, but this pose is really worth the trouble. During this pose, you need to raise your partner, lean your elbows beneath her knees and hold her for the buttocks, while she holds her arms behind your neck. This pose offers extremely deep penetration, eye contact and gives you the chance to feel like a real champion. 

3: Piditaka

Acrobatic sex is not always necessary to enjoy. For example, Piditaka pose is very relaxed and comfortable, while at the same time offering a lot, lots of enjoyment. In this pose, your partner is lying on her back and pulling her knees to the chest while you kneeling in front of her, with knees on the outside of her hips. By simply lifting you achieve penetration, while you are still close to your partner, that is, you have the opportunity to kiss and contact your eyes. 

4: Virsha

Virsha pose you probably know under the other name, "reverse cowboy". In this pose, you lie flat on your back, while your partner sits on you or kneels above you, and moves up and down, leaning forward. This pose looks simply, but it's actually quite challenging. Remember only one thing - the exercise leads to perfection. 

5: Tripadam

Tripadam is the best pose for fast sex. It does not allow deep penetration, but it gives you quick and short entertainment. In this case, both of you stand, turn to one another. You put one hand under your partner's knee and lift her leg, turning you two into a tripod. This is also a pose that is best if you are about the same height. 

6: The Milk and Water Embrace

In this pose you sit on a chair or a bed, and your partner is sitting in your lap, turning you back. This pose is ideal for people of all heights, and is especially good because during it you can further stimulate your partner. 

7: Indrani

Indra pose is named after the beautiful and sensual woman Indra. During this pose, your partner lies on her back and pulls her knees towards her chest, while you kneel down on her hips, so your hands are left free for extra play. This pose allows deep penetration and communication among partners. 


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