According to many drivers, the spare wheel is part of the required equipment that you must have in the car because it is never known when your tire can burst. However, there are more and more automotive manufacturers who decide to eliminate the spare tire from the rack. One of these producers is BMW and Hyundai.

These companies have explanations why they do not put spare wheels in their vehicles.

1. "Run Flat" tires

Companies like BMW now put special "Run-Flat" on their vehicles, which after bursting can drive 80 kilometers at a speed not exceeding 80km / h. These tires allow drivers to get to the nearest service, so the need for a spare tire is not so great.

2. Less weight and consumption

The Hyundai company emphasizes that the car is far lighter without a spare wheel, which leads to less fuel consumption. Although Hyundai does not have run flat tires, this company allows its drivers to buy a kite that can currently patch the rubber to the nearest service.

3. Space

The third thing that makes the spare wheel out of use is the space it occupies. Without a spare wheel, the space in the trunk is far greater.

4. Changing the spare wheel

Research has shown that a large number of drivers do not know how to change the wheel independently, so in most cases the spare wheel is unnecessary, as drivers will in any case have to call for help. For this reason, wheels now become part of the accessories that you can choose, depending on whether you know how to change it yourself.  
Anyone who ever worked in fast-food at least once met with a customer trying to cheat them. But one man managed to cheat for a year.

Did you ever order something and claimed that a particular food was not inserted into the bag, although it actually is? The situation is that many employees have become accustomed, but one man has gone hand in hand with something completely original.

Due to his "foreground" he managed to eat for free in KFC for a year. In the end, he was caught, but now he will be sued for the fraud.

The man (whose name police didn't announced) told employees of that fast food that he was being sent from the KFC administration to check the quality of the chicken.

Thus, this man from the South African University of KwaZulu-Natal confidently walked in and told the staff that he was there for "checking the quality of the foods being served".

His original scam was without a flaw - he had a card on which "the main office" was written, he would dress up the suit and arrive in the limousine outside the restaurant.

Xpouzar reports that his friend is a
occasional limousine driver who would bring him to KFC's restaurants. 

"When he came in, he rushed to the kitchen and checked everything, taking notes and then asked for samples of whatever he wanted. He probably worked for KFC before because he knows everything." 

The story was released by a Kenian journalist on Twitter, and the same became a viral hit.

The post currently has 65,000 likes and 29,000 retweets with people dubbing the KFC impostor a 'hero'.

One person commented: "They should give that man that job already." Another added: "Not all heroes wear capes.."

A third person wrote: "He is a legend and is now very experienced taster. KFC should employ him."

An almost flawless plan... until he inevitably got caught. Unlucky, mate. 
Chess is widely known as a game of the rich and smart people, but these days, many sports fans over the globe started to appreciate this game. It may be coming due to the popularity of chess players like Magnus Carlsen, or maybe due to the glamour of that game. Over the past decade, several chess players came in this field of sports and achieved great successes. And female chess players are not far behind as they deliver great performance on the ground while adding a beauty quotient in the game. let’s have a look at beauty FIDE tour players.

Dorsa Derakhshani - Iran/USA

Irina Gevorgian - Uzbekistan

Anna Sharevich - Belarus/USA

Yelizaveta Orlova - Canada

Viktorija Beinoraitė - Lithuania

Anastasia Gavrilova - Switzerland

Ljilja Drljević - Serbia

Triin Narva - Estonia

Jessica Basland - France

Alexandra Botez - Canada
Shahnoza Sabrinova - Uzbekistan

Mansour Mariam

Roller coasters are scariest form of entertainment you can experience ...

Thanks to the internet, we can see video clips and photos and with the VR technology we can experience the roller coaster madness from our dreams. However, nothing can be compared with a real fast ride that leads you into narrow curves and passes that are high above the ground.

Roller casters usually have built-in cameras that are there to save the best moments from this adventure while driving on roller coaster, it often happens that people make incredibly funny faces that lead to tears.
Also, some are deliberately going on a roller coaster in costumes to have a better and original photo.

We found 18 genius and hilarious photos that will make your day better.

Sometimes, with a hangover, you wake up with a shower curtain with the image of Jeff Goldblum, a random pets or a used car.

A Survey on, which aims to help people make a well thought out shopping, found that last year, people in drunkenness spent nearly $ 30.4 billion. According to the site, the most frequent costs of drunk people are: food (60.83 percent), clothing and accessories (25.09 percent) and gambling (24.91 percent).

Men are more inclined to drunk shopping, with 48 percent of respondents admitting to having these types of costs. Almost 41 percent of the surveyed women also spent money during the drunk nights. In addition, the marital status of a person can also influence decision: about 55 percent of single people have opted for this type of expenses.

We bring you a list of just a few stupid things people buy when they are drunk:

Elbow drop windshield wipers 

Fishing for teabags  

 Tauntaun Full Size Sleeping Bag

Avocado Pool Float with Removable Pit

R2-D2 Coffee French Press

A Book Shelf That Makes It Look Like Superman Is Holding Up Your Books

Pooch Selfie: The Best Way to Capture Selfies with Your Dog

Scary Peeper: A Peeping Tom Figurine To Scare People

Shittens: Disposable Mitten-shaped Moist Wipes

Cat Butt Pencil Sharpener Meows As You Sharpen

Destruction of the planet and life on it is massively increasing and accelerating at a high pace. More and more animals disappear and become extinct, and huge forests are shattered for various reasons and thus destroy the Earth's lungs that help us to live.

However, no matter how we think that we are destroying nature, the point is that nature can not be stopped. Biologists and nature experts agree that plants and animals need only a little to regain their numbers again, and if people completely disappear from the face of the earth, all cars, all roads and all concrete cities would be covered with greenery within a few years, which only shows that nature is unstoppable.

Take a look at this gallery that will prove to you:

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