One Instagram profile showed us what food looks like when viewed through women's eyes ...

This has become a big hit on social media and more and more girls are taking pictures of delicious groceries from their "point of view". Of course, they do this by "serving" their challenging breasts in addition to the branch on the tray, which makes the food even more tempting.

If someone doesn't drool over food, then they will surely drool over the challenging breasts that are in these photos. More and more girls have started replicating this trend on Instagram, and men do not complain because they say that in this way they get a combination of the two things they like the most.

Take a look at the gallery and believe us that you will be "hungry" ...

What are you waiting for, come on! If she protests, say it's for your own good ...

We came across one very interesting piece of information. Recent research has shown that touching women's breasts reduces stress by 70%, which is truly amazing. So men, you know what to do.

Men have always felt the incredible attraction of women's breasts. There is something in them that constantly catches our eye, and to our joy, we have now discovered that they also have a healing effect. German scientists have proven that looking at women's breasts for ten minutes causes the same reactions in men as half an hour spent in the gym. When you add more touch, the result and effect are much stronger.
With the help of women's breasts, stress has been significantly reduced for men, circulation has improved and scientists now recommend that men be "treated" every day with the help of women's breasts for a few minutes.

As members of the male population, we must admit that we are very happy about this fact and we hope that our better halves will allow us to "treat" ourselves on a daily basis.

Remember, breast size doesn't matter, each one is healing !!!

A large number of myths still follow girls who have no sexual experience ...

Although we have all been virgins at some point in our lives, virgins in "serious" years are usually said to be strange and have special desires and needs. Although we do not want to say which years are the best for "removing the darkness", we can only say that society treats individuals who are virgin at the age of 25+ more strangely.

Girls are usually on the wallpaper, and the myths that follow virgins are to blame for that. Yet a large number of myths are simply not true.

08. Virgos are boring

You must have heard this. Although a girl may not have had sexual experience, that does not mean that she does not have a life and does not know how to
enjoy. A large number of girls go out to pubs and clubs, but some can still boast of their "virginity". So don’t let someone’s virginity push you away. Maybe you will be the "Mr. Right".

07. Virgos do not watch porn movies

Of course, another wrong assumption. Due to the fact that they did not have sexual intercourse, it is automatically considered that they reject any thought of sex. That is completely wrong. A large number of girls admitted to watching adult movies, even though they still did not have a real sexual experience. Remember yourself in your younger days.

06. There are fewer male virgins

The opinion that men are burdened with sex has become an established and accepted opinion, however, studies from 2009 showed that some men, just like women, want to wait with sexual intercourse and do not want to rush.

05. Virgos are waiting for marriage

Since marriage was the main cause of this for religious and patriarchal reasons, that belief has remained to this day. However, this is not the main reason why girls refuse to have sex. They say they want the right man, in the right place and with the right emotions.

04. Virgos cannot experience an orgasm

Well of course they can. An orgasm does not require a partner, and men know this best. Since we have already said that they watch adult movies, it is not surprising that they sometimes include masturbation in that combination.

03. Virgos get too attached

Men often avoid virgins because they think that if they have not had sexual intercourse so far, then it means that they have a problem. The most common opinion is that they are too attached and that the problem is to "unhook them" later. However, the matter is completely different. Even though they are virgins, they are women, and women have the same mindset, it is simply so. None of them will allow you to treat them with disrespect, so they may be the ones to break up. They are all different in their own way, but "temper is a woman's hard work".

02. Virgos provide the best oral sex

This is also very wrong. The very fact that they are virgin says that they have not had numerous sexual experiences, so how then can they provide the best oral sex. Although there are virgins who enjoy this type of sex, there are few of them, and men say that those who have a little more experience are better, which is normal.

01. Virgos are super religious

We have already said that everything started because of religion, but this custom has changed drastically. Virgos are no longer so religious, and some do not even believe in God.
It is often debated whether men with big noses are ugly and whether they are attractive to girls.
Although many people think that girls avoid being with men who have bigger noses, we decided to give you a few reasons why girls adore big noses.

If you have a big nose, don't be ashamed, but wear it with pride, because there will be a girl who will like it.

1. Who has a big nose has a big "pride"

You know what they say about men with big feet? The same theory is applied to men with big noses, so it is said "what is in the shop window, is in the shop". Although some people think that big noses are not attractive, for some girls, it is only an indication that a man is hiding a "secret weapon" that will drive every girl crazy.

2. When the hands are busy, the nose is also good

They say that all parts of the body should be used during lovemaking. However, when your hands are busy, then what to do? Those who have a bigger nose can make great use of it, and be sure that women will like your nasal tickling.

3. A big nose is a proof of wisdom and power

Throughout history, it has been believed that men with big noses possess special power and wisdom. Some women still believe in it today, and many can confirm it, because women who have been with nose guys say that they are amazing and that they always have something new to show them.

4. They have more money

Chinese belief says that men with big noses have more money, so girls who believe in that will surely want to meet you. Even if you don't have large amounts of money at the moment, that doesn't mean you won't have them, because the Chinese believe that men with big noses attract money and that they will get rich at some point.

5. They are more resistant to disease

Women want healthy and strong men, and research has shown that men with larger noses have better protection against the virus and have a stronger immune system, so they are more resilient and durable than men with smaller noses.
Some guys like to watch football, some like to play video games, but both can hardly resist a naked girl, especially when he finds himself in their room.

A very wise girl decided to get the attention of her boyfriend, who was concentrated in the video game, the easy way - she walked around naked. His reaction is proof of how simple men are.

She posted the video on TikTok, and the girl named Katie posted the video on Twitter too for all of us who (still) don't have TikTok. The video quickly went viral and soon a “naked challenge” arose in which more and more girls started doing the same with their male halves.

Need I mention that everyone had the same reaction?

One man tried to make the challenge, but it does not seem to have an equal impact on women.

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Do any other girls think the same.... 😳

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People try to protect themselves from the coronavirus in every possible and impossible way, and there are some things that leave many people amazed, and many find that some people do both nasty and disgusting, and this is confirmed by the famous blogger from England, her name is Tracy Kiss, who claims that she protect herself against the corona by drinking her boyfriend's sperm every day, either directly or in a smoothie!

She claims that men's sperm is full of Vitamin C, calcium and magnesium and that it boosts the human immune system and sees it as just one natural multivitamin and nothing more. Experts, on the other hand, think that this idea is a big nonsense, and on this occasion some of the experts also appeared on social networks, and stated this information: "The idea of drinking semen has nothing to do with science and is frankly extremely worrying. There is no use in drinking the sperm, even from familiar "donor" even when you know all about their sexual history. But if you take more people's sperm you would also risk sexually transmitted infections. There are clear ways you can protect yourself. Please do not listen to any other nonsense."

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Rate my dress out of 10 for me? πŸ”₯Then please join me on for my hottest sale ever! 30 days of exclusive content for just $3 to get you through the quarantine πŸ”₯I often wonder what the world would be like if we were wholeheartedly free to be entirely ourselves as individuals - to dress however we choose, say what’s truly on our mind without fear or judgement and be free to do the jobs that we are wholeheartedly passionate about rather than being swallowed up in an unfulfilling workforce just to pay the bills. To be free to achieve what we really want in this beautiful life rather than settle for what society allows us. I yearn for true freedom and transparency in every a aspect of existence, I wonder if you do too? Dress: @femmeluxefinery #nude #natural #bare #honest #freedom
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However, this blogger claims that she has noticed major, positive changes to her skin, and that she feels that she has more energy, as well as that her sleep is much better and better. She takes fluid five times a week directly from her boyfriend. The mother of two also said that people do not accept her method because they are too embarrassed, and that they cannot accept that all of this is good for them. 

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Left or right? πŸ‘€ Have you joined my onlyfans yet and taken advantage of my quarantine sale - 30 days of exclusive hot content for only $3 πŸ”₯ Today Id like to address the importance of outlook in life and the huge impact that it can make to you everyday. I USED TO worry, stress and freak out about everything, feel overwhelmed with responsibility and be extremely critical and unfair to myself because of how negatively other people treated me. I closed my eyes to life and stayed locked in four walls, fretting over all of the things out of my control that I couldn’t change. NOW I’m an entirely different woman, self confident, independent, self assured and an absolute go-getter, I live my life with my eyes wide open, always up for a challenge and always with a smile on my face. The only person who can influence your outlook is YOU! Be kind to yourself, do what you love and be thankful for this blessing called life πŸ™πŸΌ wishing you all peace love and positivity #happygirl #eyeswideopen #pma #mentalhealthmatters #bekindtoyourself
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