10 movies that make men cry

These 10 movies make even menliest men cry, although they did their best to conceal it and never admit the truth ...

It is clear that men and women in different ways express their emotions. Women show their emotions, including those that occur while watching movies, falls considerably easier than men. Moreover, it does not matter whether this is what the film depicts sad or cheerful - for women is not a problem to shed a tear. The dog fell off a cliff? Sigh. Two people get married? Sigh. City of London burning in the fire? Sobbing!

In men, the emotions caused by watching a movie exhibit in a different way. In men even when they are really touched by the action of the film, do their best to conceal their emotional reactions, and we present a list of 10 films that have wept and menliest men, although they have done everything to conceal!

1. Forrest Gump
This comedy / drama follows the life of a person with limited intelligence - Forrest Gump from the very beginning of his life and growing up in a small town Greenbow, Alabama. Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks, as a little boy found the love of his life in his best friend Jenny Curran, played by Robin Wright.
Forrest is going through various life adventures, of which a large part of the history of the United States, separated from his Jenny.
She, on the other hand, growing up surrounded by the full drug does not referring to her childhood friend - until she decided to stop taking drugs. The two then develop a romance, but Jenny soon goes and comes back after a few years with the child, and the news that has AIDS. Jenny dies, while Forrest is left alone with his young son.
The fact that Forrest spends the whole life without the woman he loves, and his character, which is such that the whole life seemed only right and just cause, in men causes the feeling of injustice of life that thrives to their eyes filled with tears.

2. Brazil
This film is a dark comedy which is set on a dysfunctional social order. Although the film is named Brazil, the story takes place in the Si-Fi UK. The story follows Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce), a dreamer who works monotonous bureaucratic job and regularly sees a vision of a beautiful woman in his dreams. While trying to evaporate some bureaucratic error, he meets a woman Jill Layton (Kim Greist), which it bears an uncanny resemblance to a woman from his vision, and the two soon became lovers.
However, the aforementioned bureaucratic error leads to information that Jill labeled as terrorists, while he also characterized as terrorists because of acquaintance with rogue engineer Archibald, played by Robert De Niro. Sam and Jill get caught, but were soon rescued by Archibald and his friends in the lightning "SWAT" action. The point is, what is this rescue happened just in Sam's mind, while Jill is actually dead, and Sam performed lobotomies.
The fact that he found the love of which he dreamed of all his life and then lost forever is what men leads to a "glass eyes".

3. Gladiator
Maximus (Russell Crowe) is a general who is betrayed by a friend - the successor to the Roman throne, Commodus. He ordered the murder of his wife and son, and Maximus became a slave, and soon after, and Gladiator. After his first victory in the Roman Colosseum, Maximus was presented the new ruler of Rome - Commodus, who later makes every effort to set up future fights so that Maximus be defeated and killed, while Maximus in revenge constantly wins and wins the hearts of the audience.
Commodus is forced to confront Maximus in the arena, to regain the support of the audience and the people, but before the fight, difficult wounds Maximus, in order to gain an advantage. However, wounded Maximus manage to find the strength, and the fight before an audience and kills Commodus. Almost at the same time and Maximus dies from previous wounds, and shortly after the Roman elite rehabilitate Maximus, frees all political prisoners and established the Republic.
The betrayal of his best friend, the loss of family and commitment to what is right and good, and the tragic end of life Maximus managed to grief even men with stone hearts.

4. A Beautiful Mind
John Nash (Russell Crowe) is an American mathematician who sees people who are not real. During Nash study, we see it as an ingenious young man who successfully solve the most difficult mathematical problems and published his first mathematical theory for which he receives highest awards. After that his life is going downhill - a lot of people he had seen up to that time were not even real, subjected to electric shock and a large number of ultra-strong drugs.

In order to preserve as much common sense, John accepts bureaucratic job at the university where he studied, and later it becomes accepted to teach classes. Many years later, he received the Nobel Prize for his published theorem.

The scene when all his colleagues approached to his table to leave their pen, which is the greater sign of respect and acceptance is actually most sensitive scenes of great film full of strong emotions.

5. The Green Mile
John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), the Afro-American huge structure with a big heart and naive nature - that is to say the "good guy who would not hurt a fly" - who is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. What makes Coffey different from the other prisoners, beside gigantic biceps, is an unusual gift that allows him to treat his fists.

It helps the manager's wife, who is dying of cancer, and also manages to heal and the main defender,
Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) who is suffering from inflammation of the bladder. Coffey is good, innocent and talented man who ended up in the electric chair, despite the overwhelming efforts guards to prove his innocence.

Unjust situation and impotence guard, made a lot of eyes are on tears - both male and female.

6. St. Vincent
Bill Murray interprets Vincent Mackin, alcoholics and war veteran from Vietnam whose only goal in life finance a very expensive home for adults in whom is his wife who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, senseless drinking and having sex with a pregnant strip dancer Daka (Naomi Watts).
Vincent agrees to keep the son of his neighbor Maggie Bronstin (Melissa McCaerthy) every day after school. Eventually the two became friends, Vincent teach Oliver things that he will need in life: How to fight, how to bet on horse racing. Their friendship was interrupted when Maggie, Oliver's mother, lost her battle with her ex-husband for custody in court, due Vincent activities with her son.
The school project, Oliver elected Vincent for a modern saint because of all the good things that he did in life - rescuing fellow soldiers in Vietnam, regular visiting churches and laundry of his sick wife. Oliver presents his project before a large audience consisting of the families of his classmates and friends, and Vincent received strong applause and a standing ovation from all those present.
The scene that shows that Vincent in life, in their own specific way, did good work, and that it is generally recognized as a good man, whatever his faults, is a very emotional moment which causes tears in the majority of men.

7. Good Will Hunting
Will Hunting (Matt Damon) is a young man from South Boston with an incredible memory that "devoured" books. He could become one of the leading physicists and mathematicians in the world, but it is not what he wants to deal with. He wants to work on the construction site with his best friend Chucky (Ben Affleck), drinking in bars, and to fight.
This kind of life led him to trouble with the law, but in the end the court received a sentence that includes regular cooperation with Dr. Sean Maguire (Robin Williams) - psychotherapist whose late wife is at the very center of the world.
Chucky is trying to convince Will to accept a gift that has to do something great with his life, while Dr. Sean managed to get close with Will, managing to get him to open up, as this throws into helpless tears.
In the end, Will goes to the pursuit of his ambitions without saying goodbye, and the scene in which his friend Chucky in an apartment realizes that Will went in search of a better life and shows selfless happiness for Will's decision is a moment that will make men's eyes shed tears.

8. The Deerhunter
The story of the film revolves around three friends from Pennsylvania: Mike Vronsky (Robert De Niro), Pushkov Steven (John Savage) and Nick Chevotarevich (Christofer Walken) - which went to war in Vietnam. Captured by the enemy, they are forced to play Russian roulette, while the Vietnamese are laughing and bet on the winner.

During the escape they split, and Nick back in the US alone. He's losing his mind and went to play Russian roulette in the circles of the Russian underworld in America. There it was Mike, but Nick did not recognize him. Mike decided to play Russian Roulette with Nick, to Nick flinched from the madness and remembered his friend. Nick managed to regain memory and failure to remember the mother, but at this point pulls the trigger and the bullet passes through his brain.

Losing friends, especially fellow soldiers with whom he fought side by side, is what causes tears in the eyes of most men.

9. Saving Private Ryan
This film has nazi soldiers, the crowd of spectacular explosions and probably the best opening scenes of war films ever.

A group of American soldiers is given mission, immediately after the invasion of Normandy in World War 2, whose aim was to find private Ryan (Matt Damon). Commander John Miller (Tom Hanks) and a group of soldiers traveling through Normandy to the last known location of private Ryan along the way fighting with the Germans.
Finally ending in Ramelli, where finding Ryan. All together, set the last line of resistance against the German offensive, and at the end of the fight survives only three of them, including Ryan. Commander Miller, mortally wounded, dying says Ryan, "Earn this," and that in his life proves that these soldiers who rescued him not died for nothing.
Losing a friend in combat, who have given their lives in order to save Rayan and pledged him to live a life that will make them proud of it, is a difficult situation because that every man should cry.

10. The Shawshank Redemption
The film tells the story Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) who has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his wife, but viewers never know whether it is actually guilty or not.
Andy spends 16 years in Shawshank prison, where he was regularly attacked a prison gang that called itself "The Sisters." Inside the prison over the years gained a few friends, led by Red Redding (Morgan Freeman). Andy spent years digging a hole inside his cell, through which he eventually managed to escape. Red was released for good behavior on parole and found himself with Andy in Mexico.
However, the end of the movie's not what is on the top of the list. The scene that this film is set in the first place is approximately in the middle of the film. It is the old man's prison librarian, Brooks Hatlen (James Whitmore), which is after spent all his life in prison been released from prison to the outside world that for him after so many years is a terrible unknown and the society in which he can not find his way - and at the same time in prison stay friends who were his only family. He was dressed in his best suit and hanged himself, and his decision to leave this world in its own way, as well as the unusual, the sad fate will make cry every human being with half a heart.


Extend your life by looking at the lush beautys

Time for a little beauty. This sexy gallery is not due to the fact that the weather is not good, something bothering you. Simply because we love to watch the beauty in all its forms. Enjoy!


The luckiest unlucky man in the world!

Franjo Selak from the Croatian town of Petrinja, one might say, is one of the luckiest 'jinx' on the planet. This retired teacher, during life followed an unusual experience and unusual situations. About his experiences reporting are Discovery and the BBC, and the life story of this 86-year-old began in 1962.

1962, Franjo traveled by train from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo. Winter and road conditions have led to a train off the rails and falls into the icy river. While many passengers died from injuries in the crash of the train or drowned, Selak with a broken shoulder, managed to swim to shore and saved.

Just one year later, the plane for Rijeka whom Selak was flying, lost power to both engines. Cabin pressure dropped, and the door to the plane fell off. Probably sounds impossible, but Selak was dropped from a plane without a parachute. While the 19 passengers who were aboard died in the crash and explosion, Selak landed safely on a haystack - only with minor injuries.

This is just the beginning of what would Franjo survive in the next 40 years.

Two years later, Franjo was traveling by bus, but even like these he did not escape bad luck that followed him. Due to the ice on the road the driver lost control and the bus broke through the jetty and ended in the valley below. Four passengers were killed, but of course Franjo lived.

In 1970, while traveling in his car, his car caught fire while driving. Franjo jumped out of a moving car and saved him self.

Three years later, he repeated the same luck. This time the fire broke out on the dashboard of a car, and Franjo was passed with only minor burns.

1995, hit by a bus.

1996, a truck ran him off the mountain road. The car is finished in a ravine 300 meters deep, but Franjo was not in it. Somehow he managed to jump out of the car and attach it to a tree on a cliff.

Although fortunately no longer had a meeting with death, Franjo
happened something else, which does not happen very often.

At age 72, the first time he bought a lottery ticket. As you can imagine, he won one million euros.


Myth or Truth: Men think about sex every 7 seconds

We asked a psychiatrist, whether this is myth or truth.

I believe that somewhere there are indeed men who so often think of sexual intercourse, but it is hardly seven seconds average. This argument does not stand. It was conducted a study of how often men and women think about sex. They were offered the terms sex, food and sleep.

The men first think of sex and then everything else offered, for women sex is only in third place. If we generalize, we can say that men more often think about sex, but is an important factor with which level of sexual desire we are born. There are six levels, from extremely high to extremely low sexual desire and to sexual aversion. If someone has an innate desire extremely high, then more thinks about the intercourse, but it also depends on life stages.

If a man and a woman working all day, taking care of the children, the household and poor sleep, they will think less about sex. On the other hand, summer vacations arouses in us greater sexual desire because the sun awakens certain neurotransmitters. Is strongly influenced by the age and sexual activity. If you are sexually active, the less you think about sex. 


A big research on the boobs is complete, these are the results.

You've probably noticed that we have already published at least over 1000 pictures with beautiful women, but what you did not know is the fact that we are in the background monitored and carefully analyzed the pictures of these girls. Only the best are entered in the selection for the research on boobs, and read the results below.

85% of girls wearing the wrong size bra.
Bras actually help to hang breasts and flee to the navel. It is therefore a good idea to join our campaign "Let's burn all bras". Immediately.

Breasts of any size can produce milk. The higher amount of fatty tissue in the breast does not help in the production of extra milk, but we do not mind.
According to research by the University of Berkeley and the Berkeley National Laboratory, cuddling and squeezing the breast can prevent breast cancer. (girls, we do not do that because of us but because of you)
Humans are the only mammals with continuously enhanced breasts. In other primates, only females who have cubs have full breasts.

In most cases, the left breast is one that is higher, although there are some exceptions.

In America, every twentieth girl has artificial breasts.

University of Westminster proved that men who demonstrate sexist behavior, more attracted to women with big breasts.
When hungry, men prefer girls with big breasts, and when fed with smaller.

Depending on the amount of resources and money, men change the preference and the size of the breasts. Richer and confident prefer smaller breasts.
Men who want to become fathers generally want girls with big breasts.
Dominant males who want submissive girls, as a rule, seek those with smaller breasts.
Circulated the rumor to watch in the breast can extend the life of men. Apparently only 10 minutes of looking at women's breasts prolongs life for 5 years. Despite the fact that we are daily exposed, and longer then 10 minutes, unfortunately we have to inform you that this study is concoction.(but it does not mean that we can not continue to use that to get girls to show us boobs)



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