Science Confirms: Babies who look like their fathers tend to be healthier

A new study reveals it's possible to predict potential problems with the health of children, based on what parent they looks like!

For the study, researchers from Binghamton University and Southern Illinois University focused on 715 families in which babies live with only their mother.   

Experts have found that girls and boys who resemble their dads are less likely to suffer from asthma. Also, children who resemble a male parent generally have less need to go to a doctor.

Research has also shown that fathers who do not live with their children and their mother spend on average 3 days a month more by visiting their heirs if there is physical similarity between them.

- They do it completely unconsciously, because they believe that due to physical similarity in children there are more of their genes. 'Fathers are an important part in raising a child, and it manifests itself in the health of the child, and this certainly affects the health of the little ones. We also found that children who are more like a father are generally healthier' - explains study author Solomon Polachek of the University of New York.


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