Bikini Beans Espresso - cafe where waitresses are almost naked

Unique cafe in Washington decided in a special way to drag the guests to drink coffee with them. The staff are half-naked girls who will be happy to talk with you while you drink your espresso.

Bikini Beans Espresso, which also has operations in Arizona, employs girls who are willing to be a little lighter dressed at work. Some claim that it is very controversial, but the owner Carlie Jo still has nothing but praise from guests who enjoy this form of business.

The owner also says that she wants girls to feel more secure in themselves and that this is not humiliating for them.

Would you visit this cafe?

Oh yes, in the pictures is the owner. 🙂



What happens to a man when he marries

Fear of marriage is a phenomenon that occurs in many men. Many think that it will lose a lot and that will no longer be free. Those who are married say that after this act all the joy stops. Women and children become the focus of all, the money disappear before your eyes, and you slowly start to become the man that you once laughed.
Of course, this say some guys, while others claim that marriage is the best thing that can happen to a man. However, we decided to present you funny and interesting illustrations that show what happens to men who are married.
We believe that many agree with these drawings.


Funny Chinese Translation Fails Made Us Laugh Hard

Compound of Chinese and English language, which has become world famous because of Google's translator, the Oxford Dictionary defines it as follows:

"Compound Chinese and English; especially: a variant of the English language used by speakers of Chinese or bilingual speakers of Chinese and English in another environment, usually using Chinese vocabulary and linguistic structure, or the English terms characteristic for the Chinese environment.

We will not list all the differences between these two languages (since it is too much, and do not have enough space), but it is enough to say that the Chinese and English language used two completely different letters (ideograms against the alphabet) and express time in different ways, which could cause serious (but often very funny) mistakes.

Below you will find a collection of the funniest photos taken (mostly) in Chinese restaurants that have been shown Chinese ideograms and their "translation" into English, which usually sounds weird and funny.


Here's how you can generate a 3D hologram with your smartphone

Today technological innovation and the application allows us to follow up the latest trends with our smartphone. But if you want from to create phone a 3D projector, you can do it yourselves without the applications or giving money.

All the necessary things for it, you probably have at home.

You need paper, CD boxes, duct tape or glue, pencil, scissors, a smart phone, a knife or cutter of glass.

In the video, see how to build a projector of those materials:



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