If Guys Post Pictures And Selfies Like Girls On Instagram

On Instagram, you can find plenty of beautiful girls who daily put their photos in provocative poses. However, such images are an ideal opportunity for the emergence of new, satirical photos. The girls are photographed in the bath, on the beach with their pets, and what it looks like when men do same thing, see in this photo gallery.


10 Things You'd Never Want To Find In Your Girlfriend's Room

Women's Room can sometimes reveal the secrets that girls skillfully hiding.

Women's Room has always been a mystery to men. Girls see their room like a sanctuary in which they hide their biggest secrets and show their greatest desires.

In the beginning of their relationship, while we are still not well acquainted with her love, women's room can tell us a lot about that girl. If you run into a bunch of scattered disc and cover with chocolate, it is a sign that your girlfriend loves music and sweets, but what happens when you find things you did not expect?

We present you the 10 things you definitely do not want to find in your girlfriend's room.

10. Pregnancy test
If you want a baby and marry, then this is not bad news for you, but if you're just in the initial phase of relationship and in the room find a home pregnancy test that is positive, then your whole world will collapse. This is one of the greatest fears of men, and it is clear why.

9. The shrine dedicated to you

There's nothing worse than obsessed girls. If you notice a bunch of your files in a hidden place, and you did not know that she has it, then it is a sure sign that you are in a relationship with a girl who's obsessed with you. Maybe some men love it, but we think it is better to draw back.

8. A condom that is not your size

What is worse than finding of the old condom? A condom that is not yours. Men always feel threatened if their girlfriend is in contact with other men, or has recently been in a relationship.

7. Weapons
If you thought that nervous girl is enough to scare you, imagine her then with weapons. If you find some type of weapon at the girl in the room, ask yourself why she has it.

6. Cockroach
Finding a cockroach in someone's room can be a sure sign that the person does not take much care of hygiene. If you notice that your girlfriend grown cockroaches in the room, seriously think about the next step.

5. Unpaid bills

A huge number of unpaid bills can mean that your girlfriend is in serious debt. This does not mean that because that you need to leave her, but make sure you find out the truth for which invoices have not been paid.

4. Hidden porno
If you are that luck and you find hidden recording of your girlfriend with another man, then you have bad luck. It is not uncommon for girls to record amateur porn with their partners, but they are rarely shown their new partners. If you happen to find this video, try to learn everything and to delete pictures of your girlfriend with another man out of your head.

3. Sadomasochistic equipment
Although it might sound tempting to your girlfriend likes such adventures, when you find such equipment, you would have wondered what she was doing before you.

2. Hidden Pictures ex-boyfriend

If you find the hidden pictures of ex-boyfriend, it can be a serious problem. If the girl had not been forthright with you and still preserves the image of the former love, it can mean that she is still in love with that person.

1. Justin Bieber CD
If you happen to find a Justin Bieber CD in the room of your girlfriend, get out of there as fast as you can!

Good luck!


Sexiest female occupations

What female occupations are sexiest? To answer these questions, respondents were male respondents of different ages. We selected 10 female occupations, which often occur in the struggle for the right to be called the sexiest.

1. Stewardess

2. Stripper

3. Teacher

4. Fitness Trainer

5. Nurse

6. Cook

7. Waitress

8. Maid

9. Policewoman

10. Secretary


This is not a trick, Robbie Maddison surfs Tahiti wave on MOTORBIKE!

After the jump on a replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas, jumping over Tower Bridge in London, eighty meters long flight over the Corinth Canal and jumps a motorcycle on a ski jump, you might think that as far as motorcycle regards Robbie Maddison pulled out all tricks up the sleeves, however, still one would be sorely mistaken. The man who conquered land and air, now did impossible and with motorcycle rode the waves.

Yes, you read that right, Maddo opted for a ride to the sea and no less, than on one of the most iconic surfer destinations in the world in the village of Teahupo'o located in the south-west coast of Tahiti in French Polynesia. To succeed in this phenomenal task, the most important is the skis, which is located beneath the motorcycle, but the process to design skis that would allow driving on the water, it was pretty demanding, and during testing the bike is submerged more than thirty times. After each motorcycle crash, followed a five-hour reconstruction, to make the bike up and running. In the end, they succeeded, and what it looked like, see in the video that follows below.


Rules for watching in a woman's breasts!

To someone asks a man what is his favorite hobby, but to honestly answer, would most likely be something like watching the girls when they drink coffee and read the newspaper. Under girls think breast, instead of coffee can be brewed. Since we are almost all the same, the biggest problem with this hobby is you can be caught, and that moment of shame is hard to erase, even minutes. Of course, recover quickly and move to a new challenge, but since you first caught, it is very difficult to do it again since she is now on alert and looking at you like you're a freak. Worst case scenario? Your girlfriend arrives, greeted the girl and invited to sit down to you.

So, favorite male activity, watching the female breast has its own rules. There should be the rule "Small is big," but if you master your craft, you can extend a bit and do not get the title of the local voyeurs, as the stories of, very hard to lose and restore the honor of your name.

Please read these rules and apply if situation permits. And most importantly, respect women. Watching is not sin, drool and tempt is already a problem.

1. Look when she is not watching

It is very difficult to talk with a girl and not resist staring when the girl put on a T-shirt with an opening up to the navel. You look into her eyes, and your whole body burns and tells you, "Look down, look down". In this case, it is very important to stay concentrated and stop your animal instincts. You must stand and not look. If you want to look at, do it when she's not looking. Take advantage of a second when she turned and looked at the phone, but you know, they know very well when someone looks at her boobs. If you are caught, discomfort begins.

2. Remember how old you are

You have more than 30 years and still do not know how to seamlessly measure girl? Then it's time to stop because there is no worse than older men saliva for a pair of tits in public. If you are younger, you learn, practice, because the instinct of view is difficult to control.

3. Sunglasses are your best friend

Wear sunglasses, especially those with darker glasses if you think that's worth the risk the longer view. But again, be aware that women know very well when someone is staring at them. They call it the sixth sense, we call it the male curse.

4. Do not go overboard

Man look in a girl, who says that he wants her immediately and at 1000 ways can be creepy, especially if you are alone. Be moderate, be within normal limits. All over that slowly leads you into the pervert zone.

5. Viewing time is crucial

For men looking at the breast for hours can seem like several seconds, which can be very uncomfortable for the girl, especially if she does not like it. Take a look, a second or two and believe us, nothing will change on their part. Still breasts will be there in ten minutes.

6. Do not end up like a virgin

Surely you have a friend who just starts to stare at the coffee shop as soon as the occurrence of hot girls. The phase of staring and drooling begin, and phase reveries and it is hard to get back his attention. For the girls, he will remain a virgin. Do not be that guy.


When a man becomes a father, he develop super-powers!!!

Every man in the world during adulthood develop certain skills and gather various experiences through which it tries to have fun, but also to catch a girl of quality genetic material with which to decide to move and act of mating and reproduction, so saving the human race from extinction. Once fertilized the most beautiful woman he is able to seduce with his drunken dancing and courtship, and after his child is bore, in his brain changes occur. Among certain centers in the brain create a stronger bond and increased blood flow to parts of the brain responsible for the blood supply. Why and how is this possible, we are not clear, but it seems that has to do with this super-powers that every father on the planet has !!! Do not believe us? Watch a video!


What would you do if you were invisible?

Invisibility is a quality of superhero, but what would you do if you had this ability?

It would probably be better to make use of such power in the good and positive purposes, but we are sure to have every bit of fun when possessed such ability. We decided to have a little play with this theme and to present you some of the options that you had when you were invisible.

9. Preventing crime

Of course if we had super powers, to feel like a real superhero, and would be in order to prevent a crime and get justice on our streets. As invisible man we would be seamless and truly unstoppable.

8. Entry in prohibited areas

Imagine seamlessly enter the VIP room with famous people or backstage concert of your favorite band. It would be really fantastic. Of course you would have to abstain and remain calm, so no one would notice you.

7. Free travel

Boarding the airplane, sit somewhere where no one will hit you and fly wherever you want for free. How will you continue to navigate the desired destination that is a different thing, but with the help of invisibility could seamlessly enter into any form of transportation.

6. Entry in the ladies' room
There have always been myths that are taking place in the ladies' room of strange things and that women are not always what they represent. With the help of this power you could solve the mystery.

5. Ghost

Everyone has a timid fellow, and what is better than a ghost who occasionally gropes people and move things around the house. Creepy isn't it?

4. An observation of girls
This way you will be able to look at your girlfriend and to determine exactly what she's doing when she thinks that you are not there. Make sure that you do not find something that you will regret.

3. Magician

Invisibility could make such capacity for magic tricks. Just imagine what tricks that would be. Would disappear before human eyes, that watched in disbelief.

2. Placing sporting event
Imagine to drop invisible to the football field and can prevent the achievement of a safe target. So you can get on the bookmaker and to create quite a stir in the world of sports, but we do not say it's the right thing to do.

1. Drive someone nuts
As an invisible ghost you can do a lot of things, so you can completely drive nuts desired person. If your boss pissed you off, visit him a few days at his home and scare him several times. We are sure that the next time he will give you a long vacation.

What would you do when you possess such power?


12 photos for which you will never want to go to sea again

We present to you 12 gruesome pictures that will make you think twice whether to enter the depths of the sea ...

Although humanity has lived to see an amazing technological advances, we still have not been able to examine a large body of water that surrounds us. Scientists discovered every day new aquatic animal species, and who knows what we "sea monsters" yet to discover.

For centuries, sailors thinking up stories about huge monstrous animals such as Kraken and Moby Dick, and these pictures were herded us to believe these stories. Photos that you see will make you think carefully about the animal world that is in the water.

Although we are at the top of the food chain, these photos clearly show how the man actually small and helpless.

Check out the gallery.


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