Belfie, for those who are tired of Selfie

Selfie, that it's a boring thing! A new trend is Belfie - a new kind of modern iPhone experience, which recently won a strong momentum in the social networks. It is no accident! See for yourself.

Belfie is a word derived from two English words: butt and selfie - single-handedly taken a self-portrait photos.


Best Erotic Movies That Will Help You To Turn Her On

Presenting a selection of the best erotic movies that you can watch with your partner in a new, sensual way.

These films are characterized by an interesting plot, beautiful sex scenes that could be the message to improve your love life.

"Basic Instinct" erotic thriller 1992
At that time, this film has caused a stir: it was positive comments and negative attitudes. Regardless of views on acting, it's nice to look at acting and beautiful and young actors Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone and look foolish romances develop between them and, of course, the appearance of the intimate scenes. If you've never watched the iconic erotic thriller, you get to know the story: during sex was killed nightclub owner. Successful detective (Michael Douglas) gets the case, the investigation of this case. Suspicion falls on the writer (Sharon Stone), and one of the scenes in her book describes in detail the murder. Between them there is a passionate affair, full of intrigue and mystery.

"Bitter Moon" melodrama 1992
Very controversial. Still, worth a watch: not only erotic, but also very interesting. Directed by Roman Polanski. It is about complicated relationships mature man and young girl, who are full of passion, hatred and behave strangely. The film was once marked with "R" due to the presence of scenes of sex, violence, alcohol and narcotics. "Bitter Moon" is a film that is not on a par perverse love lemonade, but a film that provokes in the viewer's emotions and evokes thinking about love, about how to acquire, preserve and how to control events in conjunction in order not to develop in an undesirable direction.

"Showgirls" erotic movie, 1995
This movie is anything but pretty "box" with a sweet filling. The film will make you wonder about many things: for example, on what people are willing to do for success and glory, and are so happy that they are the stars of show business. Previous attendance beautiful erotic scenes (for example, a sexy scene in the pool), beautiful dancers and strippers. Watch it, you will not be disappointed.

"Original sin" drama 2001
The film is interwoven love, hate, passion, sex, madness and fraud. Starring an incredibly beautiful actors Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas - so that neither you nor your partner not to be neglected.

This is a story about a rich man who is looking for love. He ordered his wife through advertisements. Luis in a new wife, who introduced herself as Julia Russell fell in love at first sight. So, it is very hard for him when she left him and ran away with his money. After some time, come a private detective Downs. He reveals the truth about his love. He sets out to find her, but not to regain his money, but to return his beloved. After all, it has become an obsession for him ...

"Killing Me Softly" erotic thriller 2002
The film is based on the novel of Nicci French. Alice, a web designer from Illinois falls in love with an attractive mountaineers Adam. The two of them are unsatisfied with their love lives, their chance encounter will be practically fatal. It will not be long before the two of them begin to live together, and Adam soon propose to Alice. But when their romance boiling immediately after the wedding begins to take shape sadomasochism, Alice realizes that he does not recognize her husband. Therefore, it begins to make inquiries about his life and learned that Adam's fiancee died under mysterious circumstances. Rapist and several missing mistress will make Alice to deepen investigation ...


5 Weird Japanese Snacks

We are accustomed to Japanese from time to time surprise us, but this really we could not "digest" ...

This time, talking about "strange" food that the Japanese with relish consuming. Mild word for this food is "disgusting". Although we will not talk about the taste, because many claim that these delicious dishes, the dishes must be characterized as some of the most disgusting one has ever seen.

See what it's about.

5. Shirak - Fish sperm
The mere thought of fish sperm that someone put in their mouth makes us vomit. However, it seems that the Japanese are immune to this, because this dish is considered a specialty. The translation of this dish means small children, which in a way is true. Food is very light and has a soft texture. Although everyone says that this dish is delicious, we would not dare to try this.

4. Inago no Tsukudani - Locusts
Another very unusual dish that Japanese offer is Inago no Tsukudani. This dish is made from cooked grasshoppers which are prepared for special spices and sauce. This dish is also quite disgusting, because you literally eat large grasshoppers in one piece.

3. Natto
Natto is dish that is made from fermented soybeans. Although it does not look like previous meals, has a very strong odor that many people do not like. However, people who can ignore the odor (smell) say that this is actually a very tasty dish.

2. Basashi - raw horse meat
If you thought that the Japanese eat only live fish, then you are mistaken. Raw horse meat is very popular in Japan and they compare this dish for sushi, and we see why. They say it is very tasty, but we would also avoid this dish.

1. Tabiji - - live octopus

This definitely deserved the first place in this list, and you'll see why. In addition to their love of raw fish, Japanese like to eat a live animal to be sure that it is fresh. This was the fate of this octopus, which is clearly moving before eaten. In addition, it is disgusting, this dish is very dangerous, because live octopus may stuck in the throat and may lead to suffocation.



No bra = no problem!

Today's message is crystal clear - if there is no bra, there is no problem! Enjoy the gallery, enjoy the nipples! 😉


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