16 mysteries that science can not explain

Scientists have splintered atom, sent a man to the moon and discovered DNA, but there are 16 mysteries of that they can not fully explain. Why we yawn, how gravity works, why cats purr, storms on Saturn and more ...

1. We do not know why we yawn. Science says that there is no physiological need for it.

 2. Plants are able to collect much more solar energy than the science can explain.

3. Mosque in Iran Menard Janban has two minarets. When one swing other moves in the opposite direction. Two minarets are not connected, and architects do not know how and why this phenomenon occurs. 

4. The flames in the sun are several million times hotter than its surface. Science can not explain why. 

5. Ten percent of people are left-handed. Why? We do not know! 

6. On Saturn was discovered hurricane 20 times bigger than the worst storms on Earth. The only problem is that hurricanes create oceans and the temperature difference. Saturn has no ocean. 

7. Jellyfish Lake in Eil Malk all mysteriously disappeared in 1998. Returned 2000th and no one knows where, and why. 

8. Migratory birds crossing thousands of kilometers exactly know the way. Science can not explain how they not lost.

9. We still do not know why we need sleep.

10. Butterflies travel and migratory  likebirds. But they have plenty of time to fly in one direction, while their children go back on first site. Where they have never been, but know the way very good. 

11. Before the great earthquake people around the world perceive strange light in the sky. Science can not explain why it occurs. 

12. Gravity is not strong enough to make the universe could be explained. Scientists therefore believe that there is dark matter that we can not see, and we are not sure there is.

13. Why cats purr? We have no idea.  

14. Why does it seen that moon is larger when it is on horizon? We do not know.

15. Center of the Earth is as warm as the sun, and we're not sure why this is so. 

16. For some time in the town of Taos, New Mexico heard unusual noises. Despite the visits of scientists, has never revealed where they come from. 



10 most bizarre sexual fetishes

You would not believe what turn on some people

To begin, we explain what it is fetish and what is sexual fixation. You see, the fetish applies to facilities and fixation on certain characteristics of people. Fetishists are also turn on, say halters or whips, and fixation means the love to toes for example. Well, here's the most interesting perversions to which people have fallen:

1. Urofilia
I get it that you know what this is all about. It's a fixation on urine, when people turn on when urinate on someone, or themselves. The popular name is "golden shower", just so you know.

2. Plushophilia
Imagine there are people sexually aroused by a stuffed animals. So naturally, they like to dress up in a big suit of velvet and play.

3. Klizmafilia 

Now stop if you have prejudices, many are conservative and strict. Klizmafilia involves achieving sexual climax by enema. So, the people pumping various fluids in their anus, to feel the sense of fulfillment. Oh well.

4. Akrotomofilia

Akrotomofilics get turnd on amputated human limbs. Sometimes the desire is so strong that some will be willing to cut off part of the body to itself, usually finger. If you think you like something like this, see the film Rust and Bone with Marion Cotillard.

5. Partializam
No, not the cumming on the party. Actually this is fixation
on exactly some part of the body, and nonsexual part, for example, fingers, feet, hair ... 

6. Masochism

Surely you all know, masochists are into the pain. And all masochists need sadists to torture him. They are completely normal but well, like when someone beats them. But so what, if they love ...

7. Dakrifilia

Interestingly, they like to watch others while crying. Dakrifils are usually sadistic.

8. Troilizam

Well, those who will like triplets, or sex with three people. Interestingly, men are more likely than girls to be troilists. You do not have to be in a threesome, but a third party may be looking at the act of sex.

9. Tele skatalogia

These people love to call other by phone and then insult them and tell them some insults. During this time they masturbate. Unlike other perverts these habits suggest people with serious problems.

10. Salirofilia

For some reason some people like dirt, torn clothes and humiliation. Usually in these fixations there are celebrities who salirofils
imagine in mud  naked as they beg for sex, and stuff like that. 


Lykan Hypersport: expensive toy that is selling well

Lykan Hypersport

W Motors Company has received more than 100 orders for its supercar Lykan Hypersport despite the price of 3.4 million dollars (2.5 million euros).

Judging by the initial customer interest, which far exceeds the projected production of only seven copies, model Lykan Hypersport will be a real sales hit.

Lykan Hypersport

President and CEO, W Motors, Ralph Debbas said that the priority in the delivery of the first few cars have buyers from the Middle East, even though the orders has arrived from Russia, China and the United States. He confirmed that will definitely be made ​​more than the planned seven cars.

Lykan Hypersport

Model Lykan Hypersport will first begin production in Turin. W Motors plans to move production later in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha.

Lykan Hypersport

Middle East supercar has attracted great attention of wealthy customers around the world, launched in late January 2013. the motor show in Qatar. It is equipped with an engine with 750 hp and 1,000 N, from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds and its top speed is 395 km / h.


11 things men will not admit

11 things men will not admit
Every man should keep a certain amount of mystery and dignity. Of course, some things have to remain silent.

Introducing the 11 things you should not say, if you want to keep the reputation of a gentleman.

1. Hangover

Suffer in silence and tell no one you how much alcohol you have entered in yourself last night. Awake acidic food and good rest.

2. The amount of wages

Discussions about money are never good, especially not when you're talking about the exact amount of your income.

It is very rude to boast a high salary or constantly complain about small, because you never know if someone from your environment in general has a job.

3. What were you doing with a girl last night

Whatever it was, and whatever you spend, you were with a woman because you attract each other, but not for publicity.

Imagine if she finds out you around to talk about her sexual skill. You realize that you can therefore get revenge on a much harsher way.

4. Childhood trauma

If you have any derogatory nickname, or been harassed as a child, keep it to yourself and your psychologist.

5. What drives you to tears

Always cry in the privacy of your room. Like masturbation, it should not be viewed by others.

6. Do you like your girlfriend's friends

Forget the fantasy that you're Charlie Sheen. All you'll get with such recognition is withholding sex.

7. Your favorite porn star

If you begin to enumerate by name all the ladies that excited you with they "acting" skills, everyone will know how deeply you are stuck in pornography. And it is not pretty ...

8. You do not know to fix

Maybe men are too often
presented in media as the main masters of the household, but the truth is that many of them does not know how to replace fuse.

So keep it to yourself your dislike for repairs.

9. You voted for

Avoid to advocate for any political option or say you voted in that election. Discussions on politics easiest fight people.

10. Did you break her lovely vase

When something breaks in the apartment, by no means admit that you were wrong. It is best to cover up the evidence, and when the fraud is discovered, accuse someone else.

11. Defeat

Tactical retreat is always an option when its failure is inevitable. However, never ever close the door to success and never raise your white flag too high.

As much as possible, such withdrawals
keep it to yourself. 


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