Who says white men can't jump!?

"White man can't jump" is a buzzword of many American basketball players that mock whites, and enriched motor and jumping ability of blacks in the NBA basketball league. To date, few were those who were able to silence due to the fact that still the best dunks on historical games belong to LeBron, Carter, Jordan, Erwingu, Bryant etc ... Until now.

Tyler Inman is something special. This kid is not built like other players, but there is something special in it. Precisely because of these special features he won the 2014 "NABC-NAIA All-Star Dunk Contest" slam dunk competition. Magic! NBA beware, a new young star on the rise!


Means of transport in the future...

...that already exist ... or we can expect in the very near future

"New Zealand producer Martin Aricraft Company will launch the first commercial jetpack that helps you speed up to 100 km / can fly 1,500 meters".

Martin jetpack

If you are one of those from when you first saw James Bond as in Operation Thunder flying jetpack wanted to have one just for yourself, your dreams could become reality at the end of this year. The New Zealand producer Martin Aricraft Company will launch the first commercial jetpack with whom you speed up to 100 km / able to fly over 1,500 meters. Price is not yet known but it is assumed that it will cost like better family car.


The most futuristic of all vehicles and aircraft in this list is definitely Ryno Motors motorcycle that seemed to come from the science fiction film. This motorcycle with one wheel does not float, and is surprisingly stable, although it have wheel Ryno is controlled body movements. Lean forward to accelerate, tilting back stiffens, while tilting the hand turns. The motor and battery are housed in the wheel, and with a maximum speed of 15 km / h will cross the same number of kilometers. Ryno goes on sale later in the year and the price will be $ 5,295. If you want to be noticed on the road, this is definitely the vehicle for you!


Scroosera is powered by li-ion electric motor located in the rear wheel, and is activated after your leg drive (read pushing off your feet) reach a speed of two km / h. The maximum speed you can achieve with this toy for adults is 22 km / h.


After some delay, the first commercial tourist flights into space will soon happen, and it all thanks to Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic. Even the $ 250,000 cost flight tickets and be among the first passengers to be rich and like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks, Stephen Hwakinga ... the rest of us remains only to wait for that space tourism becomes massive and the prices fall, and until then Virgin Galactic will have to fly from Sweden.


At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, Audi unveiled the future that will soon start appearing in the cars. On motorways very quickly you'll be able to boot your hands off the wheel and your foot off the accelerator pedal so the autopilot could take control of the vehicle. Thanks to 12 ultrasonic sensors, two radars, and one camera and one laser sensor autopilot will review the situation up to 500 meters in front of you, and will be able (if necessary) to do emergency brake.

Amazon Prime AIR

There is probably no one who has ever ordered from Amazon, and then anxiously waited for our postman finally knocked on the door. However, in just five years fortunate in Lodnonu and cities where Amazon's warehouses are would be able to receive packets for tens of minutes after ordering, thanks to Amazon unmanned aircraft that will deliver shipments directly to the client's door!? 


Concorde accident ended not very successful era of supersonic passenger aircraft. But, in the 2018th travelers would again be able to fly faster than sound, thanks to the project of company SPIE Aerospace. Their S-512 does not have windows, but the interior will be equipped with screens on which will display the image send by an external camera. Since cruising speed will be 1.6 mach, from London to New York will arrive in a little over three hours (instead of seven as now takes flight).

Saker S-1

Just a year after the supersonic passenger aircraft will arrive to us and private aircraft that will not fly at the speed of sound, but that would look like a real military aircraft. This two-seater, which will awaken Maverick, will run two jet Williams FJ44-4 engine that will allow you to climb to 15,000 feet, and the launches and the landing will be required runway length of only 450 meters. Pre-order already in progress.


Volocopter give us the future of the helicopter, the aircraft which will be environmentally friend because it will be powered by electric motors that will run no more and no less than 18 rotors!? They will operate 20 independent computers each of which will theoretically be able to operate aircraft. VC200 will achieve a speed of 100 km / h, and one charge of the battery will be able to fly an hour!


Everything is better in a group

Somehow everything is better when working in a group. Especially in these combinations!


Poses for sex in a car

Poses that can be practiced in the car are limited but still there are enough of them.

"It is important to pay attention not to be too energetic because your partner might break head out of the window".

Sex in the car is usually caused by the need for a simple reason - lack of space. Practice it, because it mostly young and sex in car will always be linked to youth. The older ones, who decide to exchange tenderness reached by the most likely to do so in order to remember the "happy days". Regardless of whether it needs or pleasure, it is important to be resourceful and know how to use a confined space. We are here to advise you with the most ideal positions, although we're pretty sure you're already well practiced.


Probably the most famous pose in sex is great for warming up and is quite easy to do in a car, unless you drive a Mini or Fiat 500. We are sure that we do not need to describe how it is done.


The well-known pose where she is on top, can be run so that it is facing you, where you can enjoy the sight of her boobs jumping, or so that she turned you back. We recommend that you practice this pose in the front seat for more space but just make sure that she does not hurt head (if the girl is higher growth).


Much like a cowgirl, a partner at the top but you are both in a horizontal position. We could call this pose and the reverse missionary. Excellent for women who like to take the initiative. However, this pose would quite depend on your and her height.


You know the pose when the girl lying on her stomach and you are on it? This is the only version which is a partner draped over the front settling themselves, and how her belly falls over the top of the front sit her buttocks being ejected. Ideal for those who aspire to find entry (yes, there are such) but the problem is that you have quite a squeeze with the roof of cars.


Variation Doggy Style with the proviso that the woman leaning against the window, or even, feasible summer, peering through the window (just like a dog does't it?). It is important to pay attention not to be too energetic because your partner might break her head out of the window.


Switch to the back seat with the front to remain in the normal position. Your girl lies back on the lower part of the seat so that her head was resting on the upper part of the seat and the legs to the shoulders to suit your needs. You will front seats provide support and this pose is good because it allows deep penetration due to which it will and your partner enjoy. However, not recommended for long-term enjoyment, because your partner will then have a pretty sore back.


This pose is well known to you from the bed and it is quite easy, you can practice in your car. Enough is your partner lie down the entire length of the rear seat. Her legs on your shoulders will allow a great entry angle and deep penetration. It will, unlike these poses on the bed, her legs can point the roof that will facilitate her whole pose.


Yes, pose called spoon is quite feasible in the car. For those uninitiated lying on your side behind your partner. Pose for quite intimacy but it requires a little more gift in order to your girlfriend enjoyed.

On the hood

Of course, you can only run for the warmer summer night or day unless you are an Eskimo. Lie down on the hood, lifting her legs in. .. rest you know. You have more space than in the interior, but the greater the chance that someone will notice. Do not forget the possibility of recess hood.


Chevrolet Corvette C7.R 2014

Legendary Crovetto arrives with a new model with which it intends to submit the competition in racing.

"Under the hood lies 5.5 liter V8 engine that produces 625 hp. Up to 100 km / h comes in just 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 305 km / h "

Lovers of Le Mans are well-known successes of the Corvette, not just the legendary 24-hour race, but also the other GT competitions. It is fascinating that the Corvette of the 1999th gathered as many as 90 wins in GT competition, and plans to continue its success with its new C7.R which had it's racing debut at the 24 Hours of Daytona.

The new flagship is being developed alongside the Corvette Z06 2015, and represents the highest correlation between race and road models. Under the hood lies 5.5 liter V8 engine that produces 625 hp. Up to 100 km / h comes in just 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 305 km / h. However, what is more important in GT racing, the new Corvette is frugal to 3%. New bodywork with aerodynamic improvements.


Beach parties that you must visit

These 10 parties on the beach just have to experience

"Although the number of men is far larger than the number of girls, the ladies are always in good mood for ripping fun"

Haad Rin, Kon Phangan, Thailand

As the name suggests this crazy party happens every full moon on the beach of Haad Rin. It all began in 1985. year, as a party for 30 guests in a wooden disk near the beach, thanks to good fun turned into parties which attends to 30,000 people! Having fun until dawn with DJs, jugglers, fireworks and unavoidable dancers

Nikki Beach, Marbella, Spain

Parties which is mandatory in all white, starting with the outfit, have now become common, but none of them can cope with the most glamorous - on a beautiful Nikki beach on the Mediterranean Sea. This party marks the beginning of summer, and is held on the beach where there is a whole range of fantastic clubs. Party starts at noon and ends with a spectacular fireworks display.

Benicassim Festival
Benicassim, Valencia, Spain

With a beautiful location situated near Valencia, Benicassim (or short FIB ) is one of the most attractive accommodated festivals in the world. The four-day music festival, which is dedicated to rock, pop and electro music, ends with a spectacular party on the beach that attracts young people from all over Europe, and mostly from England.

Hamptons, USA

With the arrival of autumn stops summer dress, so the white clothing stores in the closet. And what better way to celebrate the end of summer, then the White partie, which in this case is organized by Puff Diddy on his property. At the party over the years have seen it all - from Polynesian dancers, geishas over to the circus. Diddy always knew how to entertain!

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

And while we are on New Year's Eve freezing in the streets, Australians are having fun on the beach. A reception was by far the best one on Bondi Beach, which attracts some famous people like Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman. If you are wondering why they have become dependent on this event, see the clips on the Internet.

Turqouise Beach Club, Rimini, Italy

Italians still know how to attract visitors, especially if you have some older city like Rimini available. From Turquoise Beach Club, the largest beach club in Italy, offers a breathtaking view of the antiquity of Rimini, and the owners no one bothering to quieter music 

Super Paradise, Mykonos, Greece

Greek Mykonos has a reputation as one of the best places for entertainment, and it will testify to all those who have visited this place. Although the number of men is far larger than the number of girls, the ladies are always in good mood for ripping fun. Let us add that the beach where the Super Paradise Beach Club is, surrounded by nudists.

Benirras BEACH
Benirras Beach, Ibiza, Spain

What would this list be if it is not mentioned Ibiza? While celebrities (and those who try to be) sipping expensive cocktails in Las Salinas, the common people eager entertainment will visit Benirras where every Sunday held a crazy party without borders. Great music, beautiful women - what more can one ask for?

Club 55 in St. Tropez, France

St. Tropez, or the entire French Riviera, a paradise for Playboy, peaking all eager seduction will have the Club 55 party that lasts all day and night. Given that St. Tropez is known as a place that is visited by a beautiful woman, and that many of them dream of a summer romance with a handsome stranger, it is not surprising that this very party favorite place for local player

Puro Beach, Palma De Mallorca, Spain

We started with a full moon, and we will end up with a full moon. Modeled on the Thai Full Moon parties, and the Palma decided to make their own versions. Spanish version does not attract so many visitors but provides a better view and, for us Europeans, pleasant climate. Not to mention that the local girls are looking nicer.


'Hooters' Waitress

In one of our previous articles we have already written about the bars in which only served nice and endowed waitresses, and probably the most famous such bars is an American restaurant chain "Hooters". Today we decided to treat you great gallery of girls that work right there. Maybe their chicken wings are not the best in the world, how they are promoting them, but seems to have plenty of other quality...



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