Transmission of TV channels in Super Hi-Vision 8K resolution

While most people around the world still is not used in 4K standard, who is believed to be on a larger scale only with arrive or a new wave of devices, information coming from Japan to test transmits TV channels in vertiginous 8K resolution. The Japanese broadcaster NHK has already tested the TV broadcast Super Hi-Vision signal, or a new 8K standard.

Briefly, NHK tested clean Super Hi-Vision 8K signal (not compressed) in a radius of about 17 miles (about 27.4 km) and to the need for a UHF TV channels. How is this impressive undertaking, it can be seen by the fact that a transfer of images to a resolution of a whopping 7680 × 4320 dots (8K). For comparison, that's 4x more than 4K, or 16x more than a Full HD (1080p), so we can say that the picture is simply impressive. Of course, Super Hi-Vision 8K signal is still in the testing phase, but knowing the Japanese, they would very quickly put into everyday use ...

Finally, we should mention the interesting fact that 8K TV premiered two years ago at the CES 2012 tradeshow, where as the LG and Toshiba blessed with 4K prototypes, Sharp was already a step further and introduced the first 85-inch "Super High-Vision "TV with 8K resolution.


Real men dogs

Is there such a thing as "Men's dog"? Are some dogs more "masculine" than the other? The answer is - yes. In fact, there are many lists of "manly" dog breeds. But that's not all. There are breeds of dogs for the women to, which may help in attracting men. Dogs in 'race for the men' are big, strong, intimidating, muscular and adapted outside activities.

Boxer - even though it looks the way it describes the previous paragraph, it is a pleasant and friendly dog who can be fun and compelling, putting aside drooling, especially in the summer as a result of the jaw. His built leaves a strong impression, because there are little dogs breeds thet are so athletic body developed as a boxer that can literally be called sculptured.
At the opposite sex leaves a good impression, especially if it is due to his nestling and sad view of its large, beautiful eyes. Do not allow him to immediately show his strength, but some in the beginning is "completely insignificant" and eager attention, so you can easily melt a woman's heart and speed contact.

Rottweiler - the dog that did not have to go into the house. He was once a companion flock incorruptible, fearless and unstoppable. Definitely a male dog that a lady should remind you of Hollywood's finest achievements cowboy genre. Each old-fashioned girl wants to feel protected and where to find better protection than real "big man" and his Rottweiler. Of course, under condition you do not looking for a modern, independent girls, who prefer a fancy dogs, less the gauge. Although, maybe it is an advantage, because then you would protect her and her dog, under condition that the Rottweiler decided that city is to small for two of them. As the cowboys! 

German Shepherd - a miracle! After so many years, so many fashion shock in the dog world, a race that does not cease to be popular, meaning that really worth it. Dog that love sports and many other activities, as born for a man who loves life outdoors. If you have a ranch and need a lady, he's a dog that get you one. They do not have to try to impress. By their attitude of a puppy and the adult dog, attracting women with maternal instinct, wanting to protect their children and puppies German shepherd and that's, of course, kept their "ranchers" and their precious and irreplaceable watchdogs. 

Irish Setter - pretty as a picture. At a glance - beautiful ladies' man with orderly hair. So real American beauty. Wild soul with perfect hair in beautiful color that only the Irish can create. Delightful companion for walking and attract women's sight. However, in this case you will need to elaborate more on your own looks, so will not surprise you that the opposite sex, with him, not even notices you.
 Problem with Irishman can be if he pacing around. Yet he is a hunting dog with preserved instinct. In addition, in the house, except for barking, you should not expect more. However it is not an official dog, although its size gives the impression. 

Mastiff - now, this is a real men dog! For thousands of years, and who knows how many generations back, it's a defensive dog that served as a warrior in many armies. Basically, quiet giant who knows when to use his strength and preserve the family. With him you are the real image of a safe home. Just be careful not to cause fear among the opposite sex. If you succeed to the education and make it a cuddly, that's a winning combination! Girls like thugs bleeding heart! 

Siberian Husky - dog who came from the harshest natural habitat. Trained to pull sleds and live on the edge of the white death, he became a dog that loves long walks and width, insensitive to common environmental problems. It's a men's dog, if you look at the rigors of living conditions. Designed for those who homes aren't necessary, except as a shelter from rain, snow and cold. Pack animals, which is recognized only by its laws and pack members.

Doberman - if you want a dog Apollo athletic looking, he is the right choice. Because it stops your breath when that dog pass, 'that's the dog. "

Dog for unlimited activities, cuddly and street fighter without compromise. Just do not oppose him to other dogs. Satisfy wit that hi will defend you from people. If you brought up to be docile and cuddly,  you are safe. But do not forget the warning to work on yourself, so you would not be in the shadow of your dog.
In the end, that there be no misunderstanding, all the above was written in the masculine gender because that was the goal. Men who want action and male dogs do not fit female. With female dog  immediately look softer and less action hero. Although this can be an advantage if you are soft-hearted brute, who is not ashamed of the female part of his personality that has long been lost complex weakling, so no one has to prove the external effects of what is actually a man. Real women will recognize that.


Deadly and beautiful

There's something about the risks and dangers. We would not have otherwise often chose one of the girls whom we all close the best of intentions discouraged.

We would not have chosen the so-called "bitches" that often "destroy" us, if we do not like risk and danger. The term fatal girls always occupied the imagination of men and testosterone, and when such is armed, male nature aided by the eternal boyhood which can never get rid of - just go wild.


Sukhoi T-50 three times stealthier for radars of the F-22

Russian fifth generation fighter T-50 on the test, the two years in squadrons. Price of Aircraft T-50 is about one hundred million dollars.
Previous tests of the Russian "invisible" aircraft T-50 are going great, and it is expected that this multi-purpose fighter begin to serial production 2016th. The commander of the Russian Air Force General Victor Bondarjev confirmed that the military aircraft of the fifth generation to get the latest in two years. State tests in southern Russia in the center "Čkalov" is in the last stage before license for mass production.

The chief designer Alexander Davydenko said the T-50 is three times harder noticeable on the radar of U.S. rival F-22. That is why the Russians all the weapons placed in the "guts". So far, the company "Sukhoi" at a plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur aircraft made ​​five only T-50. Compared with previous generations of Russian military aircraft, T-50 is a marvel. It is made of new composite materials making it less noticeable to the opponent's radar. In addition, deadly shooting targets in the air and on the ground at any time of day or night and in adverse weather conditions.

State testing began in the past autumn. After the first flight, the most famous Russian test pilot, hero Sergei Bogdan, was full of praise for the new aircraft. Compared to the fourth generation aircraft, it has a completely new electronics and the latest radar. Russian "invisible" system for the automatic recognition of goals, can track 60 targets at the same time and can shoot 20.

The first ten aircraft's T-50 will receive training centers in Lipetsk, and the Ministry of Defence will buy 60 aircraft. Russian Air Force in the future wants to have 150. The Russians intend to make with India the export version of T-50. India plans to buy 200 of these aircraft.

Russians, fifth-generation aircraft started making of the eighties of the last century, but due to the economic problems the project was stopped.

During the Soviet Union leading airline designers were tasked to create a fifth-generation aircraft to replace the MiG-29 and SU-27. In parallel by the two design bureau: MiG made ​​"Mikoyan 1.44", while the "Sukhoi" proposed SU-47. The disintegration of the USSR and the lack of money in Russia stopped further work on making a fifth-generation aircraft.

Due to changing market trends and prices of oil and gas on the world market, the treasury was more money, and President Putin 2002 gave a "command" to renew the work on the aircraft to company "Sukhoi". The first Russian fifth-generation aircraft flew January 2010. , and in August 2011th the first time people could see him at the Moscow Aviation Salon "Max."    

Price hundred million

Hour of flying American "F-22 Raptor" costs about $ 40,000. From a technical task that was ahead of constructors of T-50, it is known that the Russian fifth generation aircraft should spend in one hour of flying less than $ 10,000. Price Aircraft T-50 is about one hundred million dollars.

F-22 and F-35

F-22 was discontinued in 4 years ago. One plane costs $ 356 million, now is dead! They call it the zombie F-22. Rubbishy made: for 1 hour flight requires 30 hours of maintenance. For only 1.7 hours flight occurred were critical, dangerous defects. Sensitive to rain. Pilots wore dying due to problems with the supply of oxygen, and are 5 times stop flights.

F-35 aircraft is called: a trillion dollar disaster! They began to make in the 1990s and still does not fly because it has many problems. They hope it will take off sometime in 2018-2020. The annual production of them cost $ 400 billion! It should have been the backbone of US air force, turned into a fiasco. Has weak manuver, it is heavy and slow, have problems with thunder! He can not fly high, software is a nightmare because if it system crash happens during the flight, the pilot has no control.

 US for F-35 have spent $ 1.5 billion (no, not an error) to develop (and still spends because it did not develop as it should), an hour's flight costs $ 35000, the price per piece is 182-299 million. And worst thing is, is that a few months ago they inspect and they found 363 errors on the plane ( Pentagon admit that).



Before night out

A bit more glamorous dress at attractive women is always a big hit. The item in the style that suits them perfectly, and ofcourse us to.



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