Sexy girls and motorcycles

There's something incredibly sexy about girls who ride motorcycles. You just have to imagine them at the beast with two wheels, clad in leather, with their faces hidden behind helmets, while the long hair flying in the wind. Of course, that after such an image is not hard to imagine girl like that, if she is able to control such a powerful beast what she would do to you in bed?!


Special versions of the Mustang in honor of Apollo space program

Although we had a chance to see new Mustang in a lot of different versions, regardless of whether it was a "tuner" or factory versions, this American "muscle" can not seem to get bored. This time we bring you a unique factory version that Ford released in honor of the Apollo space program, which will soon be offered at auction, with all proceeds going to charity. The auction was held on July 23, and all proceeds went to help EAA flights youth programs and the Young Eagles, which since 1992 allows the children to learn about the world from the "bird's eye".

To this purpose, Ford has completely reworked Mustang GT that will be offered at the auction, which is evident at first glance. White and black combination details such as American flags and signs clearly reminiscent of the design Saturn V rockets, and we also have many accessories of carbon fiber, as well as completely reworked the interior of this. And yes, we don't just say like that, because under the bonnet hides an American V8 volume of 5.0 liters, which develops with the help of the compressor even 627 horsepower, quite sufficient to make you this "rocket on wheels" by pressing the accelerator fired into orbit.


The best gangster movies about real-life characters

There are many gangster and mafia movies that are classics of world cinema. Godfather and Scarface are certainly the best known among them, but only a small number of them were done by real-life characters and represents a kind of gangster story of an individual.

In front of you is a list of the best gangster films made by real-life characters and their stories. The selection was made based on the quality of the film and 'size' of the hero. So if you have not seen some of the films on the list, we recommend that as soon as you can watch some of these screened life stories.

1. Gotti (1996)

The story of the famous Teflon Don - John Gotti, and his breakthrough to the head of the Gambino family and the status of the most famous mafia boss in America. The figure of the famous mobster interpreted Armand Assante.

2. The Untouchables (1987)

Best screened the story of the most famous mobster ever - Al Capone. A small, select team of policemen led by Eliot Ness, is responsible to stop Capone and brought him to justice. With a cast made up of Robert De Niro, Kevin Costner and Sean Connery in the lead roles, it is obvious why this movie got the status of a classic. 

3. Donnie Brasco (1997)

The plot of the story is set in New York during the seventies. Joseph D. Pistone, the FBI agent is infiltrated the famous mafia family Bonano under the name Donnie Brasco 'The Jewel Man'. Starring Al Pacino and Johnny Depp.  

4. American Gangster (2007)

Movie about Frank Lucas, a mafia boss and drug dealer from the end of the sixties and early seventies. The game between Lucas (Denzel Washington) and the agent who was chasing him (Russell Crowe) culminates at the end of the film, which depicts the life of one of the largest dealers of heroin on American soil.  

5. Blow (2001)

The story of George Jung, the man who founded the cocaine market in the United States during the seventies and ties to drug cartels from Medellin, from which arrived almost 90% of cocaine from a US streets. Starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz.  

6. Public Enemies (2009)

The plot of the story of the most famous bank robber ever, John Dillinger and his team, located in the thirties of the last century. The game of cat and mouse between John and the police, was completed in Chicago, and this mid-west robber celebrated with a series of spectacular robberies and escaping from prison. 

7. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

This movie shows a rebellious life and death of the famous Jesse James - bank and train robber, murderer and gang leader from the state of Missouri, which has become a legend of the wild west and idealized by a large number of citizens of the America then. Insidiously murder and rebellious life contributed to the popularity of Jesse James, and this movie from 2007 with Brad Pitt in the lead role truest evokes life of a gangster. 


Hot twins - Double Trouble

Twins. The controversial and intriguing. They look to us and suspicious and cool, and weird and cute, and each of us has a fantasy of being in the "threesome" with twins. And I fully understand. Better twice than once.


Tesla Model M - electricity is the future

Yes, we witness every day to the electric current is future and that every day development of  the car and motorcycle industry is increasingly moving in that direction.

But even though the M model, is not the work of designers from the company Tesla Motors, the electric motorcycle we would like to one day be seen as the serial version. The design is the work of renowned designer Jans Slapins, who imagined that the model M powered by an electric motor of up to 150 kW, which would definitely provide superior performance. In order to preserve low center of gravity, the battery modules are set as low as possible, and place on a classic motorcycle occupies tank there is a compartment designed for a helmet and other things that drivers always have with him. We hope that this design will find the way to the head of Tesla, but in the end, who knows, maybe one day become a reality. Until then, enjoy the images of the electrical speeder.



Why do men love bootys so much?

Showing naked butts to others first time was recorded in the time of the old Roman Empire. Shows someone ass is not really a gesture, is not an invitation, but an insult!

Pygophilia is the scientific term for sexual excitement that run in us beautiful and well-shaped booty. It comes from the old Greek word for love.

Well shaped butt have a scientific name! Being "callipygian" means having a well-trained and shaped butt. But on the other side of the story. "Dasypygal" means ugly, badly shaped and hairy buttocks. Yuck

Butt is the largest muscle in the female body. One of the reasons why this is so, is that butt has all day to keep the torso upright!

Butt is considered a symbol of fertility and beauty throughout human history. Evidence of this can be found on many statues and works of art that reach even twenty thousand years BC.

Women love to be spanked! Statistics survey released by the "British Sexual Fantasy Research Project" shows that even 13% of women during masturbation fantasy that someone spank them!

Only 7% of them imagination
that they spank men.

According to a research study at the University of Texas, men attracted to more regular curvature of the bottom, rather than its size.

Butt contains and hides the remains of a human tail, which is called the "coccyx"!

Butts are preferred part of a woman's body that are thought to have jurisdiction and cultural comment. Women prefer compliments about their booties,more then the eyes or breasts.

They say that big booties born smart kids. Science has explained it in a way that big fat layers in the women ass, hips and thighs contain large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which helps the development of children's brains.

Also, big ass live longer! More fat in the legs and butt, not your stomach means less risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease!

Oh yes. The average booty fart 12 - 13 times a day. 


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