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Bison X Max Sprecher
We know that razors tend to be pretty scary, but there is simply no better way to shave then with macho shaving razor on what kind of writing this article. Bison X Max Sprecher razor is a premium product that is made to last for generations, which will provide you with the possibility that one day this macho ritual transfer to your grandson and give him a razor which served you dozens of years.

Blade Bison X Max Sprecher razors made ​​by the method of forging carbon steel, and made ​​to last, while the razor derived from carbon fiber, which makes it lightweight and perfectly balanced. This high-quality razor comes in a leather case which is also handmade, and if you liked the razor at first sight, and wait to we mention how much money you have set aside for such a macho perfection.

You will have to reach deep into your pocket as razor itself is $ 895, while for an additional $ 250 you can buy the original box, which is hand-made ​​from tropical hard wood cocobolo. Tailor-made boxes for your Bison razor will keep it at a time when not in use, a strap for sharpening of beef skin will allow you to always keep your razor sharp for the next meeting with your face.


8 mandatory back workouts

mandatory back workouts
If you want to develop your back, this eight exercises should be an integral part of your training.

"How the exercise of rowing in the gym to make interesting and difficult? Try doing the reverse rowing!"


The classic exercise that is great for your back, especially for the lower back! Start with smaller weights to avoid injury and eventually increase the weight. Before you know it, you will raise a very large weight, and your back will be strong.


Exercise similar to "ordinary" deadlift, but in which besides the back muscles, also leg muscles work. The difference is that the weight is lifted only to the hip. As with deadlifts here also start with smaller weights until fully mastered the exercise. 

Chin-ups with hoops

Unfortunately, this phenomenal exercise it is harder to do, because not many gym or club have gymnastic rings. This exercise is usually better than regular pull-ups because it will retain the link in a quiet location and core work, and besides the muscles you will improve stability. 


How to practice paddling in the gym to make interesting and difficult? So you're doing the reverse rowing! Grab hold of the ropes, and lower your body so that your body is in a position of 45 degrees to the ground. Now lifted by pulling ropes, and back down to the starting position. In this exercise would work site muscle groups as well as with pushups, but at a much more intense way.

CROSSOWER pulldown

This exercise is otherwise known as Wolverine. Performed on the lat machine to stand upright on feet, left hand grasping the right cable, right grab left. Pulling stretched hands which strengthens the back muscles, arm and chest. In this case, forget about the weight, it is just to do as many reps. 


Behind this strange name (outlaw) lies strenuous exercise workout in which you start with less weight until it is mastered. Hold the pose for pushups, but with weights in your hands. Retaining the starting pose, raise your right hand and lift as much as you can to the shoulders. Alternate between hands. How exercise requirements and maintain stability, your core will work just as well as back muscles. 


Take the weight you use for the bench, and underneath strap wrapped a towel. Hold the position as the deadlift and using a towel lift weights. Do not go overboard with weights, because the goal here is to do as many repetitions to working muscles. 


Classic exercise you simply have to run if you wish to developed your back. Using a variety of positions and hand grip, you can more or less work on specific groups of muscles of your back. Keep in mind that only after each chin-up go down completely, so that your hands are fully stretched, to exercise had more effect. 


Boobs, boobs, boobs

We continue in the same vein. Enjoy!



Dear girls, if you want a relationship, this is our ten rules!

Men are simple. And because we are so simple, we will write you this brief and simple so that you literally understand. No philosophy. No complexities. This is our ten simple rules.

1. We do not read minds!

If you have something to say, say it! If it don't say it, I we don't know!

2. Crying is rude and considered blackmail!

Yeah, how sad. We would kill for you, steal, be hungry, sacrificed our life, in pain suffered a lifetime just for you stop being sad and to stop crying. It is killing us. And you? You know it. And exploits.

3. We do not get your hints

In life we often misjudged your actions and decided to respond only to the facts. If something bothers you, say it loud and clear.

4. Men have the ability to answer on complicated questions with yes or no

If you ask us do we love you, if you are still beautiful and sexyare we happy in this relationship and all that nonsense, do not be surprised when you get a simple answer. We have learned to answer to these questions easily, although it does not satisfy you, because any answer more detailed discussion is that we do not want and which could potentially cost us even more nervous.

5. When you ask us what we think about your problem, expect the solution.

For compassion, tears and pointless philosophizing you have your friends.

6. If the argument about something is over, then it is over.

Do not mention this to us after a few months if you want a cultural debate. Women have a strange habit of reminding us of the discussions and arguments that we have long forgotten and through which we have passed. If you want to put salt on old wounds and remind us on all errors that we all make, do not expect from us to sit and listen to it cold minded.

7. If the toilet seat is up, put it down. Some things about ourselves we can / want to change.

If little things like that bother you so much, it's time to move out.

8. If we say something that can be understood in two ways, we thought in the way that will not fuck you out.

I do not understand why some of our words always realize as an attack on you. It is not on our mind! We love you and care for you and do not want to annoy you, except in cases where it is needed!

9. We will never understand why every week you have to shopping.

Yes, you have too many clothes and shoes. Yesshopping annoy us. Yes, for these things you have a friend. Leave us alone!


10. If you ask us do I look fat, the answer is yes.

Why do we have to be blamed for this? Why do we have to hear that anger? 


Ford Mustang - a special edition on the 50th anniversary of the legendary model

American "muscle car" icon, the Ford Mustang, a car that is craving a generation of men in the 2014th celebrates the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first model. On the occasion of this important anniversary, Ford in the New York Motor Show unveiled a special edition Mustang for the 2015th, which will be produced in only 1964 copies, and the lucky ones who will become owners of one of these copies, will drive the Mustang GT with a "performance" package.

Release 50th anniversary comes in two colors, and so potential owners will be able to choose between "Kona Blue" and "Wimbledon white" color, with a choice of manual or automatic transmission with six gears. Both versions come with aspirated V8 engine volume of 5.0 liters that develops 420 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque.

Special Edition Mustang you will be able to identify by details in the interior of the vehicle, and details will be made using leather and cashmere. Of course, in order to avoid confusion, the two-tone seats will be embroidered with the logo, and passengers at all times to know that they are in a special edition Mustang. In every vehicle on the passenger side of the dashboard will be put aluminum plate, and there will be the data on which the vehicle runs in the series.


10 hottest female bartenders

“A great bar is only as good – or as hot – as its bartenders.”

If you're single and lookin' to mingle, you've probably visited your fair share of local watering holes. There's nothing that will get you to buy more drinks than a hot bartender. One more reason why hot women and alcohol mix.


Three exercises for strong abs

Rare have them, everyone wants them, women love them ... How to get them? The abdominal muscles are very important to protect the abdominal organs, and together with the back muscles play a crucial role in the position and posture of the whole carcass. Genetics, bad habits and good will, will make your boiler into a breathtaking ceramic wall are the only factors that stop you to have perfect stomach.

Below we show you some of the basic exercises for upper, lower and side abdominal muscles. The program for the abdominal muscles should last about 15 minutes, and it is at least two times a week, and it
between 10 and 20 repetitions for beginners all the way up to 30 repetitions for the right effect.

Upper abdominal muscles

Lie on your back and put your feet on a bench or bench bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Put your hands on your chest. Lift your head and shoulders while your body is at an angle of 45 degrees, or until you detach the blades off the floor. Return to the starting position. Exhale when you lift the body and maintain a slow pace to exercise properly done.

The lower abdominal muscles

Sit on a flat bench. Place your hands behind the buttocks and grabbed hold of the bench. Lean back and lift your legs a few inches off the bench. Bend your knees, straightening your torso until it touched the quads and chest. Return to the starting position. The tension should be on the abdominal muscles.

Lateral abdominal muscles

This exercise hits your side abdominal muscles. Stand up straight, feet, shall be shoulder-width apart. Take Bučica in the right hand, palm inward. Keep your back straight, bend to the right as you can, then return to the starting position. After completing the desired number of repetitions, repeat the exercise on the other side of the body. Remember to bend only at the waist.


The Goonies are coming back!

Richard Donner, director of 'Goonies' from the 1985th these days signing autographs in Beverly Hills "released" excellent news for all those who grew up during the eighties and nineties . Yes, yes ... well you guessed , nearly thirty years after the original, it seems that soon starts shooting sequel of the legendary movie.Most of the cast can not wait to start shooting the sequel of the story about a group of kids who go in search of hidden treasure in order to save their town from a rich man who wants crumbled to the ground their neighborhood and there to make the golf course. The only obstacle could be problematic, Corey Feldman, talkative Clark from the movie, which can boast a solid addictive years of service , but also a host of Playboy bunnies that have swept through his bedroom.After the sudden international fame not all young actors equally succeed. Sean Astin , who played Mikey , asthmatics with braces in whose attic team found a hidden treasure map , today is best known for his role as Samwise Gamgee in 'Lord of the Rings'.
Josh Brolin, Mikey's older brother, Brandon, was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting role in the film 'Milk', and has starred in hits like "No Country for Old Men"and "True Gift". Although he achieved an enviable acting career, for years struggling with alcoholism and casual street fist fights with passersby.

Keri Green, Brandon sympathy Andy, can not boast major acting roles, but now owns a production house.

Martha Plimpton, unsightly Stef, won two Emmy Awards for role in the series 'Raising Hope', and Jeff Cohn, who played Chunk fat boy, now working as a lawyer specializing in the entertainment industry.

Jonathan Ke Quan, who starred in the blockbuster "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", retreated from acting, and now works as an expert in martial arts and his knowledge is passing to the actors and stuntmen.

'Goonies' trailer


Look at the world from a woman's perspective

Today we present you look at the world from a woman's perspective. That's why we bring you photos of girls who are not at all ashamed to triggered a photo from POV (point of view) perspective. We liked it, and we know that you will enjoy. 


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