Russian Police Launch Beauty Pageant For Female Officers

It may sound a little unusual, but the Russian police is really launched beauty contest for its employees. Their goal, they say, show that all women are strong and beautiful.

Applications buried the administration and barely waiting for the real competition. The names of the finalists are: Kristina Luneva, Viktoriya Krivosheeva, Elizaveta cadets, Kristina Shubin, Anna Sergeeva, Karina Kuznetsova, Milan Erbulat, Irina Lebedeva.

Well, we hope that soon something like that take place in other countries.


Best Knockouts Of 2016

This year has been really great for the world of martial arts, and we have seen some great knockouts ...
According to UFC president Dana White, never leave the fight in the hands of the judge, and the people we are presenting this time, certainly didn't do that. We decided to present you the best knockouts of the year. Enjoy ...


How to make a Pizza cake

Pizza is without doubt one of the most popular small dishes in the world and probably the oldest fast-food meal in the world. Pizzas are made in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries, widely sold on the streets and in bakeries and eating at any time of the day.

While they were in America long ate only immigrant Italians, after World War II pizzas have stormed the palates and hearts of all Americans and became their national dish.

Pizzas are the most popular dish in the world, so no wonder that 9 February celebrated the International Day of pizza. Well, 
enough claptrap about history - we now bring you the instructions on how to make 'Pizza cake'!

It is not necessary to write you a recipe because every real man immediately after watching this video will understand what to do and how to do this at home! Isn't it? 😉 


Science Confirms: moderate consumption of beer can prolong life

Beer has a positive effect on your health. At least, according to experts who have recently conducted a study of 80,000 adults.

In adults who drank a glass or two of beer per day was recorded a lower risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease.
Incorporating comparison of people who drank beer and those who don't, and it was concluded that the those who drink recorded lower rates of heart attacks.

Also, another study on 27,000 men of middle age claims that moderate beer drinking reduces the risk of kidney stones. Every a beer a day cut the risk by as much as 40%.

Beer contains elements that positively affect your bones, making them more powerful. Harvard researchers studied men, even 38,000 of them, who drink one or two beers a day and find out that reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25%.

Some theories, though not exactly proven, words that beer reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. And finally, the last advantage of beer treatment of insomnia as it comes to stimulating the production of dopamine, which leads to relaxation. However, it should be remembered that the emphasis on moderate consumption of beer. What is certainly reason to have one or two. 😉 


How to recognize a woman who needs sex?

When a woman is constantly nervous, usually jokingly says that she needed sex.

However, there are a number of facts that can give you clearly know that abstinence gripped her life.
By now you probably already know all the benefits of sex, and the whole point of this intimate act, first
enjoyment and then better health, the pleasure which aerate, a smile on face and just a good feeling.

However, just as it recognizes that sex does not lack in someone life, also shows that abstinence is in its infancy. There are many signs that reveal that a woman begs for men to touch her and didn't have sex a long time. If you're the least bit lost in a her behavior, it's easy to discover whether she is in crisis or having a good sex life.

It's up to you to recognize this, and if is the "drought
season", you may be able to do something about it. Physical signs of abstinence:

Drowsiness - Due to lack of natural sedatives - the hormone oxytocin, which is secreted during orgasm, women can be implemented sleepless nights, rolling on the bed.

Older appearance - collagen, which is produced during regular sex makes the skin soft and silky. Due to lack of collagen women may look older than it is. Progesterone, which the body produces during sex, removes acne on her face. 

A woman who needs Sex reveals her conduct - torturing the others. The lack of endorphins affect the perception of the world around her. Often taking pain medication. Women who are having sex more often don't have problems with a lack of oxytocin. During sex hormone oxytocin is secreted, which acts such as morphine, and relieves pain and cramps. 

She is always sickly - Intimate relationships increase the amount of antiviral antibodies to 30 percent. Regularly forgets everything. Sex affects the improvement of blood circulation and better circulation means better functioning of the brain, improves memory and learning new things. 

Unsatisfied with itself - Lack of sex may have the greatest influence on self-esteem, and women who do not have sex often, do not have faith in themselves and are constantly dissatisfied with themselves and their appearance.


Erika Canela is Brazil's Miss BumBum 2016

Brazilians have decided to choose a new 2016 Miss Bum Bum, or the best booty of the world!

 Brazil choice for the girl with the most challenging background these days has been successfully completed. In the competition called Miss Bumbum held in this South American country, the jury chose the girl with the best booty, and this year title took 24-year-old Erika Canela. Besides the title, the medical student is richer for 15,000 US dollars.

New Miss Bum Bum for 2016 is gorgeous Erica Canela which left jury speechless. Suzy Cortez (last year winner) was known for often taking naked pictures for the players of Barcelona, but Erica told that she will be even more brutal.

She is a faithful fan of Corinthians, but also likes Barcelona. Erica has announced that she will make "hot" photos for Messi, but he will not be the only one. Erica admitted that she is a big fan of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. 

Without further ado, see a girls who are this year "exhibited" ther curves in this competition:


Scientists Have Finally Discovered Exactly How Long Sex Should Last

Men and women often discuss how much time it should take the perfect sexual intercourse. The most extensive research on this subject has shown how much should actually lasts.

Doctor Brendan Zietsch from the University of Queensland asserts that the best information on the "strength" in the bedroom brings research published in the journal "The Journal of Sexual Medicine".

It is followed by the sexual behavior of 500 couples in stable relationships longer than six months in Norway, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey and the United States for four weeks.

measured time with stop watches during sexual intercourse from penetration to ejaculation. It turned out that the average time of sexual intercourse without foreplay was 5.4 minutes in these countries."

The fastest on the draw were the Turks, whose average ratio was 3.7 minutes, while the men from other countries could withstand the usual six to seven minutes. The study found that young men were more durable, so the guys from 18 to 30 years of age lasted on average 6.5 minutes, while the sex of men older than 51 lasted about 4.3 minutes.

Surprisingly, the study showed that the use of condoms does not significantly affect the length of sex, as well as (not) circumcision of male sexual organ. Those who have decided to circumcise had sexual intercourse with an average duration of six minutes, and "uncircumcised" lasted 6.7 minutes, which experts consider a negligible difference. 


Things That Happen When Daddy Is Left Alone With The Baby

Here's a gallery that will bring a smile to your face. These are the funniest fathers who every day have new adventures with their children. They are fun and clumsy and sometimes worse than their children. These fathers know how to cheer up and transfer their positive spirit to their children.

Check out the gallery that will brighten your day.


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