Street fights are becoming more and more popular in Russia

Youtube channel STRELKA, is becoming more and more followed, because it regularly publishes brutal street fights ...

Russians are usually said to be strong, fearless and positively crazy, and when you see this clip, you will definitely realize that they are brave and have hearts. These fights bring together non-professional fighters who want to show themselves in real fights, without the use of gloves and protective equipment. This is definitely the most dangerous type of fight and various injuries are almost guaranteed, but that doesn't stop these guys from entering the improvised rings and seeing who is stronger.

Although it is a bloody fight, all fighters have respect for their opponents and after a victory or defeat they greet their fighting partners with a smile, after which they heal their injuries and prepare for other fights.

See what one of these creepy, but also exciting street fights looks like.



You will not believe what is the third most common cause that leads to car accidents

The first two reasons why collisions most often occur are fast driving and the use of a mobile device ...

However, the latest research in Great Britain has shown that the third reason is something completely unexpected. It has been determined that a huge number of collisions occur due to bugs that are in the car and which frighten the driver.

Spiders, mosquitoes and other insects and arthropods frighten and shock drivers, which leads to them losing their attention and control over the vehicle and thus crashing their own and other vehicles. Of course, if this is the third most common cause in Britain, it does not mean that it is everywhere in the world, but we are sure that drivers in our area are afraid of bugs, especially women.

Research has also shown that 80% of women are involved in insect-induced collisions, which shows that they have far greater fear of these tiny inhabitants of our planet.


Hottest MILFs in 2020

Here are the MILFs that men searched the most on adult sites ...

Although "MILFs" are not precisely defined by age, they are women who are in their late years and who still HOT. Research has shown that a large number of men like older women and that is why they are highly searched on sites that offer adult movies. For this reason, an increasing number of older actresses appear that men drool over and secretly dream about.

The categories MILF are one of the most popular on adult sites, and the reason for that is that in these categories you will find only old women 45+.

We did a little research and found out which are the most popular old women this year, so we decided to present them to you, and if you also want to get to know them a little better, then look for them on popular sites.


1. Nina Hartley

 2. Darla Crane


3. Laura Layne

 4. Deauxma


5. Persia Monir

 6. Robin Pachino


7. Dayna Hayes

8. Sally D’Angelo

9. Cammille Austin

10. Rita Daniels



The great white shark broke the world record for high jump

Scientists were left in shock ...

Great white sharks are the most dangerous and one of the largest sharks in the world. Scientists have proven that these animals kill out of boredom and that is why they pose an incredible threat to all organisms that are in their vicinity.

Although great white sharks do not like human flesh, they often attack people because it is interesting to them and because they are curious, so they like to bite something they have never eaten before. Scientists recently caught a white shark that jumped 4.5 meters above the water in the hunt for one seal, making it a shark with a world record for high jump.

In the video below, you can see the moment that the scientists recorded and which went down in the history of animal research.



Hyperion XP-1 - hydrogen monster of 1000 hp

Hyperion has unveiled its new XP-1 prototype, which resembles a Bugatti that landed from space.


Described as the first chapter in the company's long-term vision to promote hydrogen as a new fuel, XP-1 is considered "the pinnacle of ten years of testing and research in hydrogen technology by over 200 researchers and scientists."

Starting with the exterior, the XP-1 has a bold design that will drive people crazy in a positive way. The company did not reveal too many details, but the model features a composite body reinforced with titanium and has a "vortex" air intake.

The car also has a "v-wing" door and a glass canopy that can be colored electronically for privacy. Other prominent ingredients include Kevlar's composite diffuser, LED lighting and active aerodynamic side spoilers that help improve cornering at high speeds. The sides are covered with solar panels, and Hyperion said they could be "articulated to follow the path of the sun."

The XP-1 rides on 20- and 21-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires. They are supported by massive carbon ceramic discs measuring 18 inches (457 mm) at the front and 17 inches (432 mm) at the rear.

Although we only got a few insights into the interior, Hyperion said the model has a 98-inch (2,489mm) curved display and motion control technology. Other highlights include carbon fiber and titanium details as well as carbon fiber seats wrapped in hand-sewn leather.

The company said the XP-1 will rocket from 0-60 mph (0-96 km / h) in less than 2.2 seconds and reach a top speed above 221 mph (356 km / h). The car also has a range of 1,635 km (it can be charged in less than five minutes).

The model promises to be extremely light as it will weigh around 1,032kg thanks to a carbon titanium cockpit and lightweight body.

The Hyperion XP-1 will go into production in 2022 and only 300 units will be made.



The most popular tattoos for men

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular ...

The year 2020 brought us new fashion styles, new hairstyles, and now new tattoos are coming. We can freely say that tattoos are no longer a taboo topic and that they have become socially acceptable. Now it is normal to see a tattooed person on the street and that is nothing strange. Both young and old have embraced this trend, so you can no longer say that tattoos are a youthful thing, because there are more and more older people who want to have some kind of mark on their skin.

 This time we decided to present you the most popular tattoos that men have been looking for during this year, so if you want to be in fashion and have a tattoo that is currently popular and worn, you can opt for some of the following.





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