OSHA? More like OH SH*T! (20 Photos)

Many times we have had a situation where we have to solve some problem but in an unsafe way. Sometimes we easily grasp the situation and pure luck saves us from disaster. Some people do not even think about their safety because they defend themselves with the thought: "It will be how I am destined ..." Remember: You are the smiths of your own fortune.


Do you like younger or older women?

We are trying to find out what kind of women men like ...

When it comes to choosing women, men tend to hesitate and argue about women's age. Some claim that younger women are better because they are nicer, tighter, more active, and want to try different things, while other men claim that older women are better because they are more experienced, accomplished and know what they want.

We have concluded that it is not easy to reach an agreement on this question, so we have made this survey with the hope that you will give us an answer. So please vote, do you prefer younger or older women, as this will help us to put an end to this issue once and for all.

Which women do you prefer?



5 Tips for the best foreplay

If you do this, she'll think you're the best lover in the world ...
Before you get into hot action, you must pay attention to foreplay. To men, foreplay is not so important and many consider it a waste of time, but women think differently. To them, foreplay is an overture to something beautiful and perfect, so if foreplay is bad, sex will usually be bad too. That is why it is very important to make a good impression and to make foreplay interesting, hot and sensual.

We will give you some tips to help you with this mission. If you manage to make foreplay divine, you will find that she will ask you to go to bed with her.

1. Don't rush

This is the first and basic rule. Slow down the pace and do things slowly. 
Don't show that you just think about the bed and want to play foreplay as soon as possible. Be moderate and calm, and all things will slowly come into place later.

2. Be gentle

Even though they like a rough play in bed, it is the right time to show your emotional and gentle side. Be gentle, with sensual touches, prepare her for a loving adventure. You will see that she will be delighted.

3. Kisses in the right places

It's not enough to just kiss her lips. There are numerous erogenous zones that you need to pay attention to. Neck and collarbone are just a few, so make sure your kisses are the main weapon during foreplay.

4. Use all body parts

If you just sit there and kiss her like a little kid, you won't achieve anything. Use your hands and your entire body to show her that you really want her.

5. Sensual touches

Remember that foreplay is just an introduction that leads to hot action. So you have to let her know. Your touches must be resolute and point in the right places. Touch her breasts and buttocks and tease her slightly. This will make her impatient and drag you to bed on your own.


Beautiful badasses in (and out of) uniform

In or without uniforms, girls in this gallery adore posting photos on Instagram.
Girls in this gallery in their business lives are usually buttoned up and wearing uniforms, but in their spare time, to their Instagram followers like to show their other side. In photos they post on social networks, they sometimes compare photos in uniform and without.
As both editions are perfect, it's hard to decide which ones we like, so it might be best to simply look through the gallery and enjoy all their editions that they share with the world.


2019 Best Wildlife Photos

We decided to share with you the best animal kingdom photos that will make you laugh, shock and fascinate you ...

Our little blue planet may just be an insignificant grain of dust in space, but it provides a home for beautiful animals and an ecosystem that is diverse and functions like a huge organism. Many talented photographers travel around the world in the hope that they will be able to take beautiful photos and thus show the world how beautiful our planet is and what all creatures live on it.

Just like every year, the best photos are made, and we have decided to present the top 30 to you. All the photos you see are related to wildlife, so if you are a nature lover, then this gallery will appeal to you. 


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