This is the biggest wolf in the world

Andrey Musienko has a wolf as a pet, from which the blood freezes in the veins ...  


Although everyone mostly likes small and cute puppies that melt our hearts, some people like to take care of real giants. However, Andrej, who lives in Russia, decided to be the owner of a dangerous Canadian wolf, which is also the largest wolf on the planet.  


Andrey found his best friend while he was a puppy, so he raised him and made him a real guard dog. He says that his wolf is too good and very good with people, but that he knows to be awkward with other dogs, because it is still a wild beast that is territorial and a bit aggressive.

However, Andrej tries to keep him at a safe distance from everyone and keeps him in his big yard, and he regularly uploads clips with his pet to his social networks. Take a look at some of his clips and you will understand how big this beast really is.



Someone talked about the fight club - the police broke into a fighters club with 200+ people

In New York (a city, not a state), a club of fighters called "Rumble in the Bronx" was held, and the guys drank, smoked weed, fought - without any epidemiological measures. Somehow we think, if you’re willing to fight with random people, you don’t realy care too much about epidemiological measures.  


The NYPD arrested as many as 10 organizers, seized weapons, cannabis, and who knows what else.


Organizer and CEO Michael Roman has been indicted, and this guy promotes events like this on social media. He had obviously forgotten all the rules of the Fight Club.  
There should also be some Fight Club in Orlando in December, now that this guy is locked up, we’ll see what happens to that. Or we won't. You and I will probably forget about this as soon as you close the tab. Ah well.



Pornhub presented a Christmas collection

The most famous adult website this time brings us a collection that no one could have expected ...


Everyone knows that Pornhub has a great marketing team, because this popular website knows how to be in the center of attention. Before the upcoming Christmas holidays, Pornhub has prepared a Christmas collection that includes sweaters, underwear, hats, scarves, but also Christmas tree decorations.


Pornhub's ambassador and one of the most popular porn actresses, Asa Akira, had the opportunity to present new products, and the photos of her are very sexy and hot, so we are sure that this collection will go great with her fans.  


Depending on the item, the prices range from 7 to 75 dollars, and everyone in the family can find something that suits them from the collection.



Logo Disasters That'll Make You Laugh

One of the funniest logos in the world. See how a lack of creativity can put your company on the pole of shame :)


Companies spend millions of dollars designing solutions for their logo. They hire the best creatives and graphic designers that can be found on the market. They later organize meetings and suggest solutions to each other, so that the client who order the logo would be satisfied in the end. The selection is mainly narrowed down to 10 proposals, from which, in cooperation with the client, they choose the perfect logo for the company. It often happens that such a logo is broken down into the smallest details until a complete solution is reached that will represent a company or brand.  

For the logos that you will see below, either not a lot of time and brain was spent on their realization or they were designed by idiots ... See what we mean:



Plastic surgeries that men did the most in 2020

Yes, men are starting to go "under the knife" ...


When we talk about plastic surgery, the first things that come to mind are singers, actresses and starlets who give huge sums of money to "beautify" their body. However, just when we thought we were glad to be men, we learned that the number of men doing plastic surgery had increased dramatically.

In 2017, more than 1.3 million men worldwide underwent some form of plastic surgery or correction on their body, and in 2020 that number almost tripled, which is a very large number. Although there are those who perform these operations for medical reasons, the most common reasons are aesthetic in nature.

Men are becoming more and more dissatisfied with their appearance and it seems to us as if every other man wants a sculpted belly, big shoulders and breasts like Michelangelo’s David. Although perfect physical appearance can be achieved through hard training and work, many choose the easier but far more expensive way, and that is plastic surgery.

The latest surveys showed the 5 most common cosmetic surgeries that men performed in 2020, and here are the procedures in question:

1. Nose reconstruction

2. Inserting the implant into the breast

3. Insertion of implants into arm muscles (most often biceps)

4. Liposuction

5. Waist reduction

Do you support the fact that men change their physical appearance in this way or do you think that it is absolute nonsense. Many people follow the logic that if women can do that, why men can't do the same, while others think that the implanting artificial muscles is meaningless, because you can shape your body with the help of appropriate training and diet.


When the referee gets a knockout

It is not uncommon for a referee to get a terrible blow to the head during a boxing match ...  


When men get carried away in the heat of battle, they can hardly follow what is happening around them. That is why the judge's job is quite dangerous, because the judge has to watch the fighters, separate them when the situation becomes tight and monitor the situation to avoid serious injuries, or death. 


 However, in the heat of the fight, it often happens that the "hand" of the fighters wanders and hits the judge, resulting in unexpected and rather funny knockouts.  


See what happens when the referee pulls out the thick end in a boxing match:



How popular porn actress LISA ANN looks today

Since she retired, adult sites are no longer the same ... 


The saddest day for many men was when Lisa Ann announced that she was retiring and would no longer make adult films, but she still left behind hours and hours of movies and videos that still put a smile on men’s faces. Lisa is definitely one of the most popular porn actresses of all time and is still one of the most sought after actresses on the internet. 


Although she is no longer involved in acting, she is also involved in this business and helps young girls to break into this industry, which is becoming more and more powerful. She is also very present on social networks, especially on Instagram, where she is followed by 3.6 million people and where she very often posts pictures from her private life. 


This is where we could see what this porn movie legend looks like today. Although she is almost 50 years old, Lisa looks beautiful and we can freely compare her with wine, because the older she is, the sexier, more attractive and beautiful she is. 


Her followers are mostly men who have been her fans for many years, but also women who say that they are imitating her and who are trying to achieve success and fame with her advice. 


We have prepared a few of Lisa's current photos in the gallery, so you can see what she looks like today: 





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