How much money the richest people lost because of the Coronavirus

After the fall of the global stock market on March 12, a date now known as Black Thursday, many billionaires have lost huge amounts of money and the Coronavirus crisis has hit the global economy seriously. Jobs are closing because of quarantines, and many people get fired or get unpaid leave.

The Forbes billionaires have not completely run out of money and still have pretty impressive inventories that make them the richest people on the planet, but they have lost a good deal of the wealth that counts in huge numbers.

Jeff Bezos
The richest man in the world, the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, suffered a loss of 7.13% ($ 8 billion) from his fortune. His fortune now stands at $ 104.4 billion.

Bill Gates
Microsoft boss posted a loss of 5.09 percent - about $ 5.3 billion. Gates's wealth dropped to $ 99.2 billion. 

Bernard Arnault
French billionaire Bernard Arnault is the chairman and CEO of LVMH Moet Hennessy - an empire spanning 70 brands, including Louis Vuitton and Sephora. Its wealth stands at $ 82.5 billion after a decline of 8.57 percent ($ 7.7 billion). The luxury market has suffered a major blow in its sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic as much of LVMH's profits rely on Chinese buyers. 

Warren Buffet
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett has now dropped to $ 71.5 billion after losing 6.83% ($ 5.2 billion). 

Mark Zuckerberg

Due to the situation with the coronary virus, Zuckerberg's wealth fell to $ 54.7 billion after losing 9.05%. 


Top 10 Most Popular Adult Websites

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Unibrow: The girls stopped plucking their eyebrows and the men are in shock

Unibrow is another new Instagram trend that arrives and has fascinated girls and disgusted men ...

Just when we thought we were getting used to shocking Instagram trends, girls find a way to surprise us. This time, more and more girls are appearing on Instagram, who refuse to pluck and cut their eyebrows, and the vast majority of them even fuse. The "Unibrow" trend is becoming more and more prevalent in girls who support feminism, and they advocate for equal rights for men and women.

The girls who started doing this say that they refuse to cut their hair and pluck their eyebrows because men don't do it either and say that they emphasize their natural beauty in this way.

Men disagree with this trend and say that girls look awful with eyebrows like this and also say that every man would trim his eyebrows if they looked like tufted centipedes.

Take a look at the gallery and tell us if you find these girls attractive?



A Portland Strip Club Has Started a Meal Delivery Service Where Dancers Bring Food Directly to Your Door

Oregon's Lucky Devil Hall closed its doors after a Covid-19 pandemic called for social alienation. However, the club owner creatively adapted his business model by sending strippers to deliver food to those in self-isolation and calling it "Boober Eats".

“I originally did it at first as a joke,” says club owner Shon Boulden, “and it got 150 shares on Facebook—like nothing we’ve ever had before. So I was like, ‘Well shit, why don’t we just try to do this?'”

Boulden says they serve a full-service menu including soft drinks, such as ginger beer and Red Bull.

He said that after the order, two dancers were assigned to deliver them. They then bring food to the customer’s door, keeping a safe distance to prevent the disease from spreading.

“They’ll wear pasties and booty shorts, drop off the food, dance for a second and then we’ll move along,” Boulden says. “We’ll still stay a reasonable distance back. They have Lysol as well.”

The strippers will also pose for photos.

And even though it just launched, the service seems to be a hit.

“We’re getting orders right now from Vancouver to Tigard,” Boulden says. “It’s pretty crazy. We’ve got a whole team of people ready to deliver food and some cheer.” 



Most popular porn actresses in 2020

Here are which ladies, men most often search on adult sites ..

The porn industry is gaining more and more popularity, and the stars of these adult films are becoming real stars. Some of them have gained worldwide fame, and the best example of this is Kim Kardashian, who celebrated with her private sex video.

Now some new girls are coming on the scene who are becoming real male favorites, and research on various adult sites has revealed which women men fantasizing about every day.

Here's what actresses are all about:

Lana Rhoades

Kimmy Granger

Stormy Daniels

Mia Khalifa

Riley Reid

Mia Malkova

Brandi Love

Adriana Chechik

Lena Paul

Nicole Aniston



Why New Diseases Often Begin in China?

Coronavirus probably appeared on the market in China in Wuhan. It's not the first virus to spread from China, and Vox explains in an easy-to-understand video why this is so.

What are “wet markets” and why are they responsible for the transition from virus to animal, and potentially to humans?

We are concerned and we would like this to be taken care of.

Take a look at Vox's Netflix series, simply called Explained, where in one of the episodes with the help of interviewees (one of whom is Bill Gates) they explain the next pandemic - which, well, happened.



Men have discovered 5 reasons why they like women with short hair

We recently asked men if they liked women with short hair, and they gave us the main reasons ...

When a woman is generally thought of, besides the breast, buttocks and other body attributes long hair falls on the mind. However, girls are becoming more free-spirited, experimenting a lot with their styling, and many begin to wear short hair.

Many would say that short hair reduces the femininity of girls, but men say that women with short hair are attractive, and they give reasons to confirm this.

1.Girls with short hair are attracting attention

Girls like this are different, and therefore more noticeable, so it's no wonder they're attracted to us.

2. Their face and neck are seen better

Long hair is often known to "stifle" the pretty face of girls, and those who have short hair can very easily highlight their facial features and a beautiful neck that excites every man.

3. They need less time to get ready

Taking care long hair can sometimes take forever, but girls with short hair do it much faster, making it easier and faster to get ready.

4. They have more confidence

Short hair is proof that girls have self-confidence and are ready for change and that nothing will scare or disgust them.

5. Does not bother during ''action''

During hot bed adventures, hair can be problematic,
for girls with short hair it is not a problem. 


Top 10 Muay Thai Knockouts

Unlike boxing and kickboxing, elbows and knees are allowed to be used in this martial art ...

Muay Thai martial art comes from Thailand and is very effective in the ring. It is very similar to kick boxing but uses slightly different kicks. However, the main difference is that elbows and knees can be used in combat, resulting in incredible kicks as well as knockouts.

We have decided to present to you the 10 most shocking Muay Thai knockouts that will leave you speechless and show you why this martial art is so popular in the world.



How good full back tattoos should look

The backs are the largest surface for tattooing and you can do the real masterpieces ...

A large number of people choose their back as their favorite tattoo spot, and the reason is that the backs provide a large drawing area and allow you to create something really fantastic. Although tattooing at this point can be quite painful, many backs are kept for large and massive tattoos and try to cover as much of the back area as possible with some tattoos, some put more smaller tattoos on their backs, thus forming a tattoo whole and some having no plan and just fills in the blank spaces and eventually ends up with a spontaneous piece of art.

This time we will present you the best back tattoos we have been able to find, so if you ever want to tattoo this part of your body, look at these photos again as they will surely help you and give you the inspiration to create your ideal tattoo.


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