New reasons why switching to women's volleyball

We have already said that female volleyball is our favorite sport to watch, but after this gallery you will regret it that you are not eligible for this activity. Who knows, maybe you appeal to sports and recreational start banging the ball over the net.


Every man's dream - Shelby Mustang GT350

Shelby Mustang GT350
Recently we had the opportunity to write about some interesting editions of the Mustang, but no one, just no one is as interesting as what happens when the next "wild horse" mentioned the name of Carroll Shelby. The creator of the legendary AC Cobra car, why all Shelby Mustangs still wear distinctive "Cobra" emblem is a legend of motorsports and automotive processing based on Ford models. But even though the name of Carol Shelby associated with several Ford models, definitely the most famous model was created based on the Ford Mustang.

For this reason, we are particularly excited about the car on which we write today, and it's because we're not talking about any Ford Mustang, but a car that promises only the best thing at this time Ford has to offer. The heart of this "pony" is a brand new V8 beast that from the 5.2 liter volume draws more than 500 horsepower without any boost, making this the most powerful normally aspirated engine that was ever installed in any Ford production car. The result is a red speed range, which will move only about 8000 rpm, which will certainly provide a unique feeling of driving this beast.

There are also many other new features such as "MagneRide" shock absorbers for the first time embedded in a Ford vehicle, and allow the driver to fully customize the chassis, traction and stability control systems as well as systems management and response accelerator pedal depending on what kind of mood you're driving. Although up to now we were not sure that there is love at first sight, we are fully convinced, therefore, it may be time to toss a few pennies on the lottery or betting, as in this case, at least we can hope that one day we sit back behind the wheel this beauty. Enjoy the gallery below. 



TREES OF WAR: On the site of a great battle sprouted trees with bombs and helmets

Forest in Russia, near St. Petersburg, is the eternal monument to the horrors of the Second World War. What makes this forest apart from others is that the trees in it literally united with helmets, grenades and other weapons discarded during the fighting in this war.

These images of military equipment from World War II swallowed by trees in one area of Russia, called the Nevsky Pjatańćok serve as symbols that remind us of the terrible consequences of the Second World War.

Most of the equipment represents Russian arms used during the fight, although there is a German weapon to, which was used for a terrible siege of Leningrad.

On that occasion killed 260,000 Red Army soldiers trying to liberate Leningrad, and 160,000 German soldiers died resisting.

According to these figures we see that the nature and war are unequivocally contrary, that time heals all wounds, or that nature will not forget us.

These helmets probably belonged to the Soviet soldiers and fell during the shooting, when these trees were just young stems.

On the picture on the left we see a grenade (potentially still active) protruding from the wood, and on the picture on the right we see a shovel of military engineer trapped in a tree.

In this picture you can see a grenade, Polish 75mm cannon, which protrudes beneath the folds of the bark on a tree. 


Gif booties for the best good morning

Dear guys, good morning! For today, we have prepared for you a slightly different gallery that will wake you up and brighten the day. You do not have to thank us, to us it was enough that we spend a few hours browsing the very best gif booties to help brighten your day. Now, waiting for you beauty, and gratitude all we ask is a great Like and smile.


Diavel Titanium - beast from Ducati in which to enjoy only 500 lucky

If we were looking for a counterpart to the American "muscle" cars in the world of two-wheel vehicles, then the Diavel definitely belonged to the group of motorcycles that can be considered a real man vehicles. Even when it was first introduced, the Diavel in the world of motorcycles represented phenomenon that on any motorcycle meeting will not go unnoticed, because it is a motorcycle which can not be called normal or see it every day on our streets. Dimensions, aggressive and muscular look dose of arrogance are what Diavel apart from other vehicles on two wheels every day we notice the traffic.

However, although in the basic version is a pretty exclusive motorcycle, Ducati has now gone one step further and at the EICMA show in Milan introduced several new models, as well as the heavy artillery in the form Diavel Titanium motorcycle, which will be limited to only 500 copies. To cite from Ducati, this model they wanted to meet the needs of those who want a more radical approach and greater customization options, using exclusive and innovative materials.

With the name of the motorcycle, the "Titanium" does not come by accident, and titanium derived fuel filler flap, as well as housing the front light, while the air intakes, mudguards and mini windshield made of carbon fiber, and the seat is of the highest quality leather and quilted Alcantara . There are many other modifications, such as exhaust pipes, brushed stainless steel, and special rims made of ceramic composite materials, which are called Zircotec.

We have to admit that after this treatment Diavel even more like to see it in our garage, even if he was held there as decoration. Although, it's hard not to experience the entertainment provided by the 162 horsepower delivered by the well-known Testastretta 11 ° DS engine. All in all, Ducati has once again introduced a motorcycle that will be the desire of many, but will unfortunately it enjoyed only 500 lucky people with deeper pockets.  



10 monstrous real cannibals

Their crimes have shocked the whole world, and the details are so painful to think about whether you want to read further.

Andrei Chikatilo
Russian monster during his career killed 52 victims - women and children, and victims drank the blood and chewed penises (!?). He was arrested after a police officer saw him coming out of the woods (where he just killed his last victim) and his mouth was still bleeding. Originally denied guilt and later confessed to all the murders. Chikatilo was therefore for his heinous crimes executed in 1994, and it is interesting that he long worked as a teacher but was fired after a sexual assault on students.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Between 1978 and 1991 the cannibal from Milwaukee raped and murdered 17 men and boys! Victims would be drugged, and sometimes killed afterwards by injection with a deadly chemicals. Then get them in the bathtub cut to pieces leaving the heart and liver for food while the remains would destroyed acids. Before his arrest he had killed once a week, and the police in his apartment found a fridge full of pieces of bodies. He was sentenced to 16 life sentences, and three years later he was killed by cellmate in prison. 

Stephen Griffiths
Also known as a killer with a crossbow, his victim was killed just these weapons, after which their bodies are cut up and eaten. He killed three prostitutes and arrested after security camera recorded him killing last victim and then dragged her body into his apartment. Griffiths was fascinated by his crimes, and it is interesting that he studied psychology! He was sentenced to life in prison and so far as many as four occasions attempted suicide and has been on hunger strike. 

David Harker
Many women are considered Harker intelligent and charming, but its charm has succumbed to the 32-year-old Julie Paterson that same evening ended with him in bed. However, he later told, Harker during sex was boring and strangled her, tore off her head, cooked and ate together with pasta and cheese!? Subsequently, they found only parts of the body of the victim, and the rest over time ate insane Harker. He was sentenced to life in prison. 

Albert Fish
Prior to 1936, went to the electric chair, Fish wrote to parents of 10-year-old Grace Budd he unfortunate girl stripped, raped, strangled, cut up into pieces, cooked and eaten over the next nine days. A similar letter has left to parents of Billy Gaffney, boy which is after the murder drank blood. Insane cannibal admitted that he raped more than 100 girls and boys, and killed three of them, although this figure is probably higher. He was sentenced to the death penalty that was made in Sing-Sing prison. 

Ed Gein
The man who served as an inspiration for Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre killed at least two women. Body parts of the victims was cooked and eaten, and most bizarre of all is that the pieces of their skin used to make pillows for the chairs! Gein was traumatized by the death of his mother, with whom he was close, which affected his actions after the murders, and he was diagnosed with schizophrenia he was sentenced to life stay in a mental institution. He died in the 77th year of lung cancer.

Marcus Volke
Marcus and Mayang were an attractive couple who lived in Brisbane and who never betrayed that will end up making headlines for crimes. In a moment of madness Marcus killed his partner, and later himself, but only after he cooked and ate her body parts! Later it turned out that Mayang was expensive transsexual prostitute who charged $ 400 per hour to feed her families in Indonesia. Police later discovered that Marcus often beat his partner, and the way things seem to be further out of hand.  

Alfred Packer
A gold digger in Colorado one day in 1874 went to the mountains in search of gold, along with five other colleagues. Two months later Packer returned alone, and explained that all five colleagues had to kill in self-defense and ate their bodies so as not to die of hunger. The jury did not believe him, so he was sentenced to 40 years in prison, then in this area was the largest penalty. However, Packer was later released because none of his guilt could not be proven. 

Armin Meiwes
German Meiwes was from childhood dreamed to eat someone else, and in 2001 in one Internet forum dedicated to cannibalism post an ad asking for someone who wants to be eaten. At a miracle he received several responses, as one of them, engineer Bernd Jurgen Armando Brande he meet. Meiwes and Brande first eat together Brandeov penis after which Meiwes killed the victim, cooked and ate parts of his body. Despite Brande knowingly consented to be killed and eaten Meiwes in the case that shook the whole world, was sentenced to life in prison.

Peter Bryan
At a time when he was arrested Bryan cooked brain of his victim. 20 years ago, was arrested and incarcerated in a mental institution for the murder of 20-year-old girl, with recommendations of social services after some time set free. Bryan took advantage for two new murders after which he fed his victims. He was given two life sentences and hard that the state will again make a mistake and have mercy upon him.


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