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Pagani Huayra BC

To pay tribute to the first customer Pagani vehicles Benny Caioli, owners of the Italian company decided to create a special model which they called simply Pagani Huayra BC after his initials. Of course, there is a special dedication to the special man: "Dear Benny, I dedicate this Huayrau BC to you, from the heart."

To this model is something special, they decided to boost a little factory model. In it they put a Mercedes AMG 6.0 liter V-12 engine with 789 horsepower that enhances an already brutal "regular" copy. In addition to the reduced weight of some 150 kilograms, were installed and a new automatic transmission with seven gears.

Except that to this model have put a price of 2.5 million, of which 20 copies were thought to produce, all are sold. Who knows, if you do something really special for Horacio Pagani, you may also get your model.


Teachers who slept with their underage students

America is a land of freedom, endless opportunity and obviously the hot teachers that gladly have sex with their students.

 1. Hope Jacoby
This is a 23-year-old physical education teacher accused of oral sex and sexual intercourse with a student who had between 14 and 17 years. In other words, this teenager virginity took probably the sexiest girl in a California town Tustin.

2. Lindsay Massaro
Well, on this already see that sexual escapades are not parties to her. With 26 years is accused of having sex with 15-year-old boy from her elementary school in the district Suex, and dirty actions done in the car and in her bedroom. The case was reported to the police by boy's father, who was probably jealous of the son, and the unfortunate Lindsay will be for life on probation, although it was found that sex between her and the kid was not under duress.

3. Lisa Glide
Lisa Glide is real MILF teacher of drama, which is the subject taught in high school Old Bridge, County Middlseex (all in the name). With 35 years was arrested and accused of having sex with a boy of 17 and a half, with whom she reportedly had a sexual relationship twice. The young man tried to convince the authorities that it is not her fault, but the teacher received five years probation, and threatens to one year imprisonment.

4. Carrie McCandless
Although in law is an ordinary, dirty pedophile, many teenagers would this sexy teacher declared "Teacher of the Year". Otherwise cheerleading coach at the high school Brighton Charter, Carrie during a school camping drunk one of her students, and worked with him "everything but sex." At that time she was 29 years old, while student was 17, and all that happened next to his friend, who was peacefully sleeping only a few meters away (aha, "slept" fap-fap-fap style). For her behavior is condemned to 45 days in jail, which is quite lenient considering the tough US laws.

5. Amy McElhenney

If there is one teacher in this list, which was unjustly convicted, then it is a poor Amy. She was 25 years old, when as a professor of Spanish language in a Texas high school, threw that sex with 18-year-old student. Since in this state the age limit for sex just 18 years, Amy wasn't been convicted as pedophile, but lost her job and community support for legislation that does not allow intimate relationships of teachers and students. Did we mention that Amy participate in the Miss Texas? Daaaamn! 

6. Sheral Lee Smith
Now, this is the she-devil for the second pair of sandals, since it is accused in her home called 14-year-old boy, drugged him, and then sexually used him. She in turn vigorously defend against these charges, and states that it is an ordinary set up and that it all started as a simple rumor, spread by the high school like wildfire. It would not be the first time that kids come up with such a joke that gets out of control, or if it is all true, we must say that Sheral certainly not an example to all other sexy teachers, which in the adult world introduce their young students. 

7. Deanna Higgins
She was a 27-year-old teacher of science, happily married and without any major life care. Until one day detectives have found her panties in the car of one of the former students, who at the time was 16 years old. All she has to fine heated up own husband, who is in her cell phone discovered love messages from braided boy. It looks like Deanna flew a little too close to the sun ... 

8. Amber Jennings
All the girls on this list made colossal stupidity and therefore now have to suffer, but no one can match with Amber Jennings, whose naivete incomprehensible. In fact, this 32-year-old English teacher in high school Shepard Hill in Dudley, send her nude photos and a video to her former pupil, who at that time was only 16 years old. Mother of the boy has find out all this, and without any mercy descend on reckless Amber, but all  ended up with two years probation. Today, in time of Internet and modern technology, make such nonsense..

9. Michelle Preston
Michelle was very active, as cheer coach, as well as famous sexy predator, which has its eye and pair of tits threw on a number of students from the school where she worked. It all started with sending nude photos, that selected the lucky ones could see how really flexible she is, and ended up having sex with three young men, all of whom were minors, but over the permitted age for sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, it did not really work for her at the school board, her husband and the law (placed on the list of sex offenders), but we can say that her life since then is quite destroyed. 

10. Stephanie Ragusa
Last on our list is pretty math teacher in Tampa, which, unlike the rest of naughty teacher, was really in trouble. For lewd behavior and seduction 14-year-old boy and two cases of unlawful sex with a 16-year-olds, Stephanie got 10 years to prison, although she confessed. Hmm, it appears that Florida is not exactly the best state for horny mathematician ... 


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