Korean baseball league winners get a giant sword - the best trophy ever?

Kudos to Rabuzin’s sun, the Champions League trophy and the FA Cup cup, but the Korean baseball league winners got by far the best trophy in trophy history. Although it is not official, it is still the best.

And this is what the official trophy looks like:


The regular trophy for the winners is the usual weight for paper that is usually obtained, but the ownership of the club that won the league decided to deserve a better trophy.

NC Dinos are owned by NCSoft, the gaming company behind the gaming hits from the Lineage MMO franchise. They gave their team a celebration and a trophy like no one else in the world - a huge sword.


Obviously, they are more excited about this trophy than the actual trophy.


This is fantastic. Feel good news. We are a little late for the party, they got the sword at the end of November, but today we came across a photo and were completely delighted. Every kid, regardless of whether he is 5 or 35 years old, dreams of one day getting a huge sword. We had to share this.



The volcano erupted like Mordor - the drone recorded everything, and the cameraman delighted with the statement!

Well these Icelanders are truly descendants of the Vikings! Okay, maybe today courage isn’t what it used to be, but this cameraman risked a drone to capture the glorious moment when the Fagradalsfjall volcano decided to erupt. Let's be realistic - have you read the name of the volcano at all?

The scene is spectacular, you have to see from start to finish. 

Crazy Icelanders stand just a few meters from the lava. Vikings, we tell you!

There’s also a night shot that’s just as spectacular, but the volcano doesn’t gush so much.

Bjorn Steinbekk is a great guy, in an interview with Channel 5 News he said he felt like when Liverpool won the Premier League.


Science reveals which orgasm is better

Although humanity spends much of its life in stories about orgasm, science has only recently started in the right way to explore them…

This lack of examination and better insight into sexual climax, left one very important question unanswered: which orgasm is better - male or female? Well, fortunately for us, the AsapSCIENCE team addressed all the latest studies and statistics on this topic, trying to give us a final answer to the centuries-old debate.

There are numerous differences in male and female orgasm, when it comes to the frequency, intensity and manifestation of the same. Of course, sex is always something completely subjective and a matter of personal taste, but as you can see in the video below, there are a number of surprising similarities in the biological mechanisms behind orgasm, regardless of your view of sex or sexuality:


Guy kidnapped himself to get out of work

Arizona police encountered a really interesting case just a few days ago - a young gentleman was so reluctant to go to work that he decided to fake his own abduction.

Brandon Sule told police that he was kidnapped in front of his home by two masked men who knocked him unconscious with a blow to the head, who later drove him around before throwing him out of their cars in the middle of the street.

Police say they investigated Sule's claims, including the fact that he was abducted by masked men because his father hid large amounts of money in the city, but they could not find any evidence that could confirm his story. Authorities also reviewed video surveillance footage, where again they were unable to find anything that would contribute to the young gentleman's story. 


A few days later, Brandon, 19, admitted his guilt in the false abduction report, explaining that he did not want to go to work. After all, he even did well, as the court only ordered him to pay a $ 550 fine.


The legendary duo returns in a new film release

Last week, Comedy Central released official information confirming that the new Beavis and Butt-Head film will soon be on the air ...

Confirming that the animated film will be placed exclusively on the Paramount + platform, and at the same time will be the only one ever made about two unsurpassed metalheads, continuing on their feature-length saga released in 1996, called Beavis and Butt-Head Do America.

Michael Judge, the main creator of these two characters, commented: "It seems like the right time for these two idiots to return in style." For now, there is no official date for the premiere of the new film, but we can enjoy a quick dose of nostalgia and unforgettable humor of Beavis and Butt-Head animated at the call of the Zoom application.


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