These are 8 countries with the best booties in the world!

Some people like big butts, others will prefer smaller and more rounded. What do you think, which of these countries live girls with the most beautiful booties?

Best Butt is a category for which it is not easy to find the right criteria. There are many countries with beautiful and attractive women, and tastes are different in different countries.

It is not easy to find a country where most women have a nice butt. Sometime people love great background, while elsewhere small and round they find attractive. The human psyche and its views on women's background is not easy to explain.

Butts are ranked based on their size and shape, but we did not want that kind of ranking. We chose the small, big, fine, round ... In short, all kinds of ass that men want to see. That's why our list of the best butts has just butts of these eight countries.

In this country you can also find beautiful women and amazing booties that adorn their bodies. Their rounded booty are almost perfectly shaped.

Because of the climate and the area where Colombia is located, visitors have the opportunity to see different skin colors and different sizes of ass will leave you breathless.

Unfortunately there is a downside hot buttocks. Given that large ass all known lately, so the use of plastic surgery increasingly common. If you see the ass that you like, do not hesitate to ask if her or the work of an artist.

Probably you are not surprising that Brazil is on the list. Now it is a stereotype to think about Brazilian as women with big booties. Now on the other hand, the stereotype is more than true.

In recent years there has been an increase in obesity in Brazil, but do not let that fool you - Brazil's bodies have always graced the big butt. If you do not believe that Brazilians have the best butt, feel free to stop by the annual competition of the best butt, you will not be disappointed.

Dominican Republic
If you are a person who likes light skin and rounded bottom, then you definitely need to visit the Dominican Republic. The perfect combination of dark and light complexion is characteristic that graces most Dominican girls. Dominican Republic has a very large percentage of women with large and rounded booties.

The Dominicans are also known for volleyball and beautiful women daily playing volleyball on the beaches. Just imagine that you have the opportunity to spend one night with some of Dominican beauty ... What more ask of life?

Another country where volleyball is popular kinds of recreation. Hawaii is a wonderful heavenly climate that is simply ridiculous not to think of a beautiful woman with beautiful booty. Those who have been to Hawaii will certainly know what we mean.

However, as long as the woman with the perfect booties were in Hawaii, those who like big women's breasts will not be able to find something for yourself. Almost no woman with big breasts. On the other hand, we do not talk about such women. Beautiful large buttocks at every corner so that you will not regret it if you decide to visit Hawaii.

For those who have not been to Europe, Serbia is a place where beautiful women and handsome buttocks very common combination. Serbia may not be known in the West, but those who know where Serbia is and what women adorn its cities, knows why she is on this list.

Serbian women don't have too dark skin, but naturally smooth skin that can have a wonderful light color as it graced body of the medieval beauty and slightly dark complexion which make Dominicans envy. So, if you consider yourself a big fan of sweet-ass, you know that Serbia has to be on this list.

Another European country with beautiful and cute, but a little smaller booties. In this country, obesity is almost non-existent, and plastic surgery is something that you do not even think.

This means that Hungary's 100 percent natural, and that every natural beauty in full. What more to ask from small European country?

It is well known that black women have bigger butts and breasts of other women. In Jamaica, there's something for those who want more than the female buttocks. The bodies of women in Jamaica are showing that genes make wanders. Generations and generations of women whose bodies in late fifties defy gravity, are everywhere.

If you want to see women with perfectly shaped body and butt that adorn them, defy gravity, then you definitely need to visit Jamaica.

The last country on our list of the best booties is Indonesia. Those who have had the opportunity to visit Indonesia certainly know what forms of buttocks man can seen there.

Some may think that in Asia in general there are no good booties, but Indonesia is not just completed on this list. If you are a true lover of good buttocks, then you add this land to your list of countries that plan to go on holiday.


  1. See ya in indonesia

    1. You should Visit African Countries am DoneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  2. Rubbish this isnt ass this are tiny little bum South Africa has the best n biggest ass in the world...

  3. Hawaii is not a country...

  4. Brazil will be breeze against any other country or against all together. Spend a carnival in Rio and you will break your neck looking sideways to see the most beautiful booties on planet earth.

  5. That's shit lying cause they don't put the best countries have the best ass

  6. Indian women have monstrous booties it's just that they don't show them

    There's a girl in my class she is big fit and her single ass is about the size of her single buttcheeck is bigger than a basketball for sure ,she plays basketball and I have seen her holding it near her big butt many tomes

    1. I will really love to know her �� ..... i so much love huge booties

  7. Colombia has the best asses. We all have to agree to that.


  9. You seem not to have seen African assets. I advise you to review your list.

  10. Just come to Nigeria and find out your self

  11. Lol this list is a joke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ should come to Africa then you change your mind

  12. even i got booty not u only, mcsleepynelson or sirjustice57 my tumblr a/c, check it out dude

  13. Indonesia women have very hot asses that need my πŸ–πŸ–‘ all over their hot asses

  14. i need a big black booty for sex


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