Tight bootys attack!

After many booty galleries, word spread that we love them. Word got out that these galleries are most viewed and to get most people happy. When it happened, we did way around fast enough. We did not have time to react. Editorial is silent, is heard only deep breathing behind many monitors. We were attacked by booty. Were coming one after another, no one knew why. Large, small, strong, rich, tan, pale, dark-skinned, with tattoos ... We did not know why this is happening. Even now we are not sure. We assumed that it butts for you. And finally, what can we do to make wise with Heat, except to pass it along to you? Nothing! Enjoy.


Sex Box - series of couples who have live sex

The new show, which will soon in front of American audience include something very interesting: one pair, a small room, the audience and several experts about sex. "Sex Box" is a live show in which a man and woman making love in a small room in front of an audience, having in front of everyone to interview experts about sex.

The premiere is expected February 27th, while the main protagonists are couples who have problems in relationships and sex. The first is expected to talk, then consuming to do behind closed doors (but with sound), and then go back outside experts to help in a later sexual ecstasy honesty talked about their experiences.

A similar version of the show has already aired on British television and has been a huge success. As filmmakers say, expect a great success and a revolution when it comes to sex. Invited are couples who have different problems, from infidelity to the inability to get an erection and climaxes. In the UK version, the guests were and lesbians,
so that tensions among viewers certainly will not miss.


The best action movies of the 80s

80's will forever be remembered by cheesy action movies, but these 10 are the best representatives of this period.

There is probably no man who grew up in the 80s, and he did not want to be a ninja or fight against the ninja as Michael Dudikoff. This actor is completely unknown today, but in the 80s he was a big star, whose best film just this in which he plays the hero who decided to serve in the military instead of going to jail, and suddenly finds himself in the Philippines where the fighting with ninjas.

Interesting fact: The original title of the film was the American Warrior so that title is on all trailers for the film.

9. Bloodsport
Like all action films of the 80s, not bloody sport has a complicated story - an American coming to Hong Kong to participate in the ultimate, dangerous tournament in martial arts. Blood sport has achieved great success, and also launched JeanaClaudea Van Damme who demonstrated incredible athletic ability.

Interesting fact: In the making of the film was not used even one stuntman, but they all fight scenes filmed actors.

8. Big Trouble in Little China
In the
John Carpenter action-comedy, Kurt Russell was once again confirmed as an action star of that period. Russell is the a truck driver and an incorrigible gambler who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he is forced to turn into a hero who saves friend's girlfriend, perfect litter.

Interesting fact: The film was originally conceived as a western that takes place in the year 1880, but the producers changed their minds at the time.

Paul Verhoeven's late 80's and early 90's was required filmmaker whose career was launched just Robocop, the film is about a policeman
brutally killed by a gang, and greedy corporation bring him to life and turns into a robot-cop. The script for this film was then something new, and RoboCop proved full success, and besides two more sequels, was shot and series, made comic ...

Interesting fact: The idea for the film's screenwriter Edward Neumeier got working on Blade Runner, and the story of a cop who hunts humans robots decided to change the story about a robot cop who hunts people.

6. Commando
Action Movies 80's were the real "cheesy" movies, a true representative of the kind of films is definitely Commando. After two Conan and the Terminator, Schwarzenegger became a star, and this film is as John Matrix, retired member of Delta Force, who has to save his daughter. This movie will be especially remembered for his incredible "Oneliner".

Interesting fact:
The role of John Matrix was originally to star the legendary Kiss frontman Gene Simmons!

Five years before the
Big Trouble in Little China, Kurt Russell and John Carpenter collaborated a highly successful film that happens in the distant future - 1997. The president's plane falls on Manhattan that has been converted into a prison, and the only hope for his salvation is Snake Plissken, a former soldier and sentenced to death. Plissken is still one of badass characters of all time.

Interesting fact: Snake Plissken in Italy was Hyena Plissken, and Korea Cobra Plissken.

After three times as a boxer beat anyone who crossed him at the time (read - in a ring), Sylvester Stallone decided to catch a knife and gun and head for the mountains. Rambo, a former soldier who still tormented ghosts of Vietnam, is no fault of his finds himself fleeing from the police and their crazy sheriff. The first part is still considered the best part of the franchise.

Interesting fact: The first part of Rambo is taken from the book First Blood 1972, and throughout its course follow the story of the book except at the very end - in the book of John Rambo eventually dies.

When you hear the name of Bruce Willis first association will always be - Die Hard! Willis is one of the most famous movie policemen, John McClane, who finds himself at a reception at the company where his ex-wife work at the time was occupied by terrorists. McClane, as a true patriot and action hero takes direct action! Yippe Ki Yaj!

Interesting fact: The film was originally conceived as a continuation of Commandos, but after Schwarzenegger rejected the idea, scenario processes and roles offered Stallone, Burt Reynodlsu, Richard Gere and Harrison Ford, before he finally accepted Willis.

Although he has already recorded Conan, Schwarzenegger's career took off up the hill after having played a role almost without dialogue - the Terminator, a robot that was sent from the Future to kill John Connor. Terminator has it all - an impressive villain, a fantastic director James Cameron, and a lot of excitement and action. And this movie would have been the first that is not another Schwartzi classic film.

Interesting fact: In the entire film Scwarenegger pronounced only 58 words, the three most famous "I'll be back" were originally supposed to read, "I'll come back".

As we have already mentioned, action films are simply "cheesy" and as such they should be accepted. Therefore, it is no wonder that the first is Predator movie without good actors, no complicated stories and just with a clean action. A Predator, in which Schwarzenegger and his team attack a strange creature from outer space, is pure-action, the dare we say - one of the most entertaining action movies of all time!

Interesting fact: Jesse Ventura (in private life ex-Special Forces who is beginning of the century was governor of Minnesota), who plays one of the soldiers, and Schwarzenegger during the shooting constantly strengths folding arm. In ¾ of the cases the winner was - Ventura!


Miss Hooters 2014

Following the election of Miss Hooters International nobody doubted the victory of the young Janet Layug. All you have to do is look at her video and photos and everything will be clear. The only thing we regret that it is not our personal waitress.


Zodiac signs drawn as monsters are perfect ideas for a tattoo!

Damon Hellandbrand is a talented American artist who is its excellent drawing skills imagined a little different zodiac signs. Not exactly what we are used to, is not it? This series of photo portraits of your favorite zodiac symbols, Hellandbranda as new and young artists celebrated in a few days, thanks to imgur.com page. Damon's drawings by using several techniques, using one of which is a mood that day. Some start as pencil drawings, some watercolors, and some of the common markers. Damon on his site as major artists who inspired him said Ralph McQuarrie, Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta. If you like art and paintings, definitely consider using your character for the next tattoo. We have already decided!!!














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