The Most-anticipated Movies of 2020

Here's what movies awaits us in the year to come ...

This year has been quite exciting when it comes to films, but it looks like 2020 will be able to compete with 2019. We are expecting movie titles that are exciting, build on already created stories and will brighten up the months to come .

While there will be plenty of new films coming up next year, we have decided to present you with premieres that are definitely the most anticipated and should not be missed. Of course, there will be more films presented that will also be released in the next year, so it is possible that this list will change as time goes on.

Here are the movies:

Top Gun: Maverick


Black Widow

The King’s Man

Birds of Prey

The Invisible Man

The New Mutants


Wonder Woman 1984

Ghostbusters: Afterlife


10 Highest-Paid Athletes of the Last Decade

Introducing the 10 highest paid athletes who have made a fortune in the last 10 years ... 

It is no mystery that athletes make large amounts of money and like to spend it on all kinds of hedonism, but these 10 individuals stood out from the rest. In addition to being incredibly good, successful and knowledgeable athletes, they dominate with their bank accounts. Some earn their money exclusively from spots, while some use their looks and popularity for advertising purposes.

10. Lewis Hamilton - $ 400 million
Lewis Hamilton was also often named Michael Schumacher's successor. This incredibly successful driver has dominated the Formula One track and is still showing his dominance. Hamilton was able to get rich enormously, and in addition to his racing car, commercials helped him a lot.

9. Kevin Durant (USA, Basketball) $ 425 million

8. Manny Pacquiao - $ 435 million
After losing in the battle of the century against Mayweather, Pacquiao did not lose his spirit and martial desire. He continues to fight as he can and we have no doubt that he will win the next fight with Mayweather. 

7. Phil Mickelson - $ 480 million
Phil Mickelson is a golfer who is little talked about, though he is one of the richest athletes. He is not as "hit" in the media as other golfers, so he is relatively "clean" of all prejudices and condemnations.

6. Tiger Woods - $ 615 million
Although he is considered the best golfer of the generation, scandals that have followed him in the media have disrupted his career.

5. Roger Federer- $ 640 million
Although not as successful now as it used to be, Federer is still a "dangerous" tennis player who has made the biggest fortune in the last ten years.

4. LeBron James - $ 680 million
When you are one of the best and most famous players of all time, you have to make huge amounts of money. Of course, LeBron James is in 4th place on the list with $ 680 million earned.  

3.  Lionel Messi - $ 750 million
Although Messi is on a career decline and is not playing as before, he is still one of the highest paid footballers in the world.

2. Christiano Ronaldo - $ 800 million
He may not be better than the Messi, but he is definitely richer. Ronaldo is a football player who dominates the media and commercials, which in addition to his immense footballing success has brought him enormous wealth.

1. Floyd Mayweather - $ 915 million
After winning the match of the century over Pacquiao, Mayweather has only increased his already massive fortune, which now stands at a staggering $ 915 million. He is known for scattering money, which he publicly shows through social networks. 


Tight dresses have caught our eye (22 Photos)

Enjoy a fantastic photo gallery featuring extremely attractive and hot girls wearing such tight dresses that you will lose circulation when you look at them. Enjoy the beautiful sight of perfect women packed in perfectly hot gowns that outline every beautiful dress of perfectly sexy women.


Mansory upgraded Lamborghini Urus

Batman would certainly like to drive this car ..

The Lamborghini Urus is probably the most impressive sports crossover in the world. However, the Mansory Company managed to make it even better.

First introduced to the world at the Geneva Motor Show, the Mansory Lamborghini Urus was named Venatus and delighted all fans of sports SUVs.

In the traditional Mansori way, overhauling and remodeling involves most of the Urus's outer parts and brings new front and rear bumpers, curved wheel arches, convenient side skirts, new wheels and an optional rear wing. The Venatus Urus is bathed in glossy black, offset by a series of carbon fiber parts and red accents.

One of the craziest parts of the SUV is the exhaust system of similar shape and design found on the Apollo Intensa Emozione model.

When the vehicle was presented in Geneva, it was painted an impenetrable shade of matte gray and complemented by orange accents, we thought it looked awful. However, after watching this video, we actually really like the new exterior parts, because they add a bit of aggression, and when the SUV is painted black, it looks much more powerful and exciting.

Under the hood, no modifications have been made, so the Urus is still running a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbocharged engine that delivers 640 horsepower.



Do girls like hairy men ???

This is a question many men ask ...

We can freely call this decade of the 21st century an era of shaving. Although this is a normal thing for women, men have begun to shave in places where it was previously unacceptable. Let's say we agree on shaving private parts and underarms. Hygiene still comes first, but why men shave their chest?

The hairs on the chest do not cause any problems or cause an unpleasant odor. They simply show that you are a man with a lot of testosterone. Still, a large number of men shave their chest. The question is - why?

Several different polls have given us the answer. Men are convinced that they look nicer if they do not have hair on their chest. Men say women despise hair and think they look much more attractive and beautiful when they have shaved chest. Some added that hair conceals their muscles, so their workout at the gym does not look good, while others added that without hair they look neater. Still, we wanted to see what women thought about this topic and whether they liked hairy men. Although we do a lot of things because of looks, we will do everything if we are more attractive to women. 
Ana (32): “Men are men and they need to have hair. I don't mind and even think it's sexy if a man has hairy breasts. "

Michaela (28): “I can endure all the hair, but not the hair on the back. Men with hairy backs are disgusting to me and not attractive at all. "

lilly (40): “I don't see what the problem is if a man is hairy. One should probably know which one is male and which one is female. Today, borders have been lost and it seems to me that men are more depressed than women. "

Mary (30): “I do not like excessively hairy men. I don't mind if they are hairier arms and legs, but I don't like hairs on chest and back. It simply repels me.

Joanna (32): “If a man is hairy on his chest then it doesn't bother me, but if he only has a few hairs, or if he has those disgusting hairs around his navel and belly, it can't be sexy at all and it's better to have those hairs remove. " 

These are just some of the comments but the point is the same. Other ladies gave similar answers, from which we can conclude that women are not bothered by hairy men and that some even prefer it. Of course, if you are excessively hairy, then we understand that you want to get rid of some hairy parts, but the point is that you do not have to wax and be ashamed of your hair because it is a masculine characteristic that women like. 


Most searched MILF on internet in 2019

Men most searched for her on adult sites ...

Surveys again tell us that milf-s are the favorite of all men and on popular adult sites, the MILF category is ranked in the top 3 most popular categories. Under this category, one can find a variety of beautiful and challenging actresses who are enchanting with their looks and which lead men to madness, but this year stood out one beauty who is almost 40 and who can say that this year she became the queen of all men.

We're talking about Ava Adams, who was the most watched milf on adult sites. Men say that they are attracted to her beauty, but also to the pronounced body curves that show that a woman should have ''meat'' on her. 

To show you why many men are looking for Ava, we have highlighted a few of her photos that will show you right away why, and if you want to see more of her pictures then visit her Instagram profile that follows more than 3 million fans. 


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