The deadliest beings on the planet

Introducing the animals that cause the most deaths annually ...

As you know for yourself, there are animals that are very dangerous and cause a huge number of deaths. You have probably heard of some of them, and for some you certainly had no idea they were so dangerous. So we decided to reveal to you what species are the biggest killers on the planet. 

 10. Hippopotamus - kills 500 people every year

9. Tapeworms - 700 deaths in one year

8. Crocodile - kill 1000 people every year

7. Ascariasis worm - 4500 deaths in one year 

6. Tsetse - it kills 10,000 people every year 

5. Freshwater snail - kills 20,000 people a year

4. Dog - 35,000 deaths in one year

3. Snake - they kill 100,000 people every year

2. Mosquito - 750,000 deaths per year

1. Humans - We destroy everything and everyone, causing destruction and death everywhere we appear.     


Tight dresses are always a delight (24 photos)

Tight dresses on perfect women's bodies is something that particularly inspires men. We bring you a gallery of pictures of women who have perfect bodies with strong curves and a narrow waist which is the main prerequisite for a perfect dress look. Enjoy the precocious women whose dresses look salivated. Simply put, tight dresses are an ingenious invention for women who dress well.


Top 10 action movies of all time

These are the movies that every man must watch at least once ...

The film industry is growing and is currently one of the most profitable industries in the world. Ever since the first movie was shown, people have been fascinated by this technology and the way they tell the story across the screen.

Although there are many movie genres, men always agree on the best, which is ACTION. Action movies are the most popular and you will find the most choices in this genre. While science fiction and comedies are also great, action movies bring the excitement we need.

These movies make us stand on the edge of our chairs when we watch them, and the nervousness, unexpectedness and support of the hero always make us feel good.

We wondered what were the best and most popular action movies that men adore. We did a little survey and came up with the following list.

Here are the movies:

 Die Hard
Rambo: First Blood

The Raid 2: Redemption

Enter the Dragon
 The Bourne Identity

John Wick
Terminator 2

Kill BIll



Introduced Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo

The Lamborghini Company has officially unveiled the concept of its new hypercar that looks like a superhero vehicle ...

Although we could see photos of the concept a few months ago, last week we were able to see for the first time live what this mighty supercar looks like. The Lamborghini V12 was unveiled in Monte Carlo and delighted all visitors with its futuristic design and bodywork that looks like it was taken off the race car.

“Lamborghini is a very young brand, and this is why we are here today to present our newest virtual vision in the form of a real model, with a highly futuristic and cool design to be enjoyed by the young generation of racing game and super sports car enthusiasts,” said Stefano Domenicali, chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

The show car boasts advanced aerodynamics defined by sharp lines along with a large rear wing, Y-shaped headlights on both ends, and side windows inspired by the 1967 Marzal concept.

For power, the Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo uses the same powertrain as the Sian FKP 37. This means that it combines a 6.5-liter V12 with a mild hybrid system of 808hp total power, which achieves speeds from 0 to 100 km / h in less 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 350 km / h.

The doors on this car do not exist and are entered by pulling the cab backwards, just like fighter planes. When the cabin is opened, there is a driver-only seat, which means that this will not be a vehicle in which you will be able to drive friends, but in which you will feel incredible power, strength and speed.   



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