How many calories do we lose during orgasm?

Experiencing an orgasm is a powerful experience for the whole body ...

Your muscles spasm, your breathing speeds up, and you may even experience profuse sweating. Precisely because of this physical part, a large number of people wonder how many calories an orgasm burns. When your heart beats as if you were running a marathon and you feel a muscle spasm as if you just came out of the gym, there must be something in it.

One study done five years ago, about which you may have heard somewhere so far, and led by the world-famous Dr. Julie Frappier, is based on the number of calories that men and women lose during full sexual intercourse. Published in one publication, this research revealed to the world that men lose about four calories in one minute on average, while women lose three calories during orgasm. The practical part of this research was definitely more than fun.

Unfortunately, it seems as if this figure does not represent too much in such a short time, even if you represent a man who has mastered the techniques of multiple orgasms or some other modern method of experiencing climax, procrastination and other things related to it. Additionally, the conclusion is that sex, however, cannot burn a light, let alone a hearty meal.

However, do not despair, there is good news behind everything. Although orgasm does not burn too many calories, it still has numerous health benefits, it can drive away pain, improve sleep, all cognitive functions and improve mood.

You may or may not have known this, but scientists have concluded that although ejaculation does not represent an orgasm every time, regular orgasms and ejaculations are protective factors in the fight against prostate cancer, as studies from the beginning of the millennium have proven.

The conclusion is that orgasms are a very good thing, but they are simply not the first when it comes to burning calories, because sex is by no means an exercise, that is why you should go in the gym immediately after it.


Rich and beautiful - the most successful fitness divas in the world

Here's how much the famous fitness diva earns on one Instagram post ...

When the Instagram network was created, no one even imagined that it would become one of the best business tools on the planet. On Instagram today, you can promote your products, advertise your knowledge and take money through advertising other products, and that is exactly what these young ladies are doing.

They are beautiful, attractive and sexy, but they are also goddesses of fitness who work hard every day to improve and enhance their body. This allowed them to become real fitness stars and use their Instagram accounts as real money-making machines.

We have decided to show you the 10 most successful and most famous Instagram divas who earn incredible amounts of money for just one Instagram post.

10. Julia Gilas - 480 thousand followers - $ 15901 per post

9. Eva Andressa - 555 thousand followers - $ 18,419 per post

8. Lauren Drain - 3.8 million followers - $ 21,900 per post

7. Yoga Girl - 2.1 million followers - $ 25,100 per post

6. Pamela Reif - 6 million followers - $ 46,100 per post

5. Kayla Itsines - 12.6 million followers - $ 60,615 per post

4. Anllela Sagra - 11.7 million followers - $ 60,780 per post

3. Anna Chery - 12.5 million followers - $ 60,600 per post

2. Jen Selter - 12.8 million followers - $ 61,970 per post

1. Michelle Levin - 13.7 million followers - $ 67,300 per post


The categories that women watched the most on Pornhub in 2020

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Children Resemble Their Fathers More Than Their Mothers

The latest scientific research published in Nature Genetics has revealed that children have more father's genes than mother's ...

Until now, it was thought that the genes of mother and father were equally shared in the child and that the child could look like both mother and father. While it is true that a child can physically resemble both parents, recent studies have shown that the father’s genes are more dominant and that each child always looks a little more like the father than the mother.

In addition to the facial features that are most obvious and that we always notice first, children directly inherit a smile, height, and even traits from their fathers. It doesn't matter if the child is male or female, in general, every child will look more like a father than a mother. Some may not notice these similarities, but trust us, they are there.

A child's facial features are usually a mixture, or they can be a literal copy of one parent, including the mother, that is the only thing where fathers genes are not dominant, but in other segments of gene inheritance, fathers simply have a more dominant and stronger gene that determines how the child will look.


The best summer training you can do in your home

Here is a great workout that will allow you to do all the necessary exercises in 10 minutes that will strengthen and increase your muscles ...

If you want your day to be much better and easier to endure, then you need to wake up your body with a light workout before the start of the day. Morning training is very important because it will wake you up, increase your heart rate, shake your body and make more oxygen flow through all organs, but also your brain, which will lead to better concentration, better memory, but also a feeling of calm and satisfaction.

However, training in high temperatures is by no means an easy task, because then we sweat and get tired. We have therefore decided to present you an easy and short training that will take only 10 minutes of your time, but which will help you feel and look much better.

Watch the video to see which exercises are in question and how you should do them.


Young men have less and less sex, and here’s why

Apologies to McLovin for using his muzzle for the cover photo, we all know this boy f * cks.

Young men have significantly less sex than was the case twenty years ago. So says a USA Today report, and the sample is 10,000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 44. From 2000 to 2002, 18.9 percent of men aged 18 to 24 were sexually inactive. From 2016 to 2018, that percentage rose to as much as 30.9 percent.

One third of these respondents did not have sex at all in the previous year.

Experts say men are stuck in prolonged adolescence that keeps them glued to social networks, gaming and streaming services. They add that the stress of modern life is also a factor, but how many of these stressors
do we cause ourselves? You don’t have to react to every idiot on Facebook who writes nonsense, you don’t have to be overwhelmed with information.

Sad. But true. Examine your habits, it will be clear to you that there are truths in this report, no matter what group you belong to.

“Today we have more choices to spend time late at night, and that leaves fewer opportunities to initiate sexual activity. If both partners are focused on social media, playing video games or swallowing TV content. ” said psychology professor Jean Twenge.

So - you wrestle less without clothes on sheets because you click around instead of clicking where you need to.

That isn't good thing for us, what does it say about our willpower, our mind that we always beat to be active? We as a species need to be more active in other fields.

The solution? It's very simple. Turn off the screens.

Now it needs to be done.


Useful and awesome gadgets for men

We have listed 8 useful and awesome gadgets for men, which can be used in different situations to simply complete work or to impress others by showing your awesome gadgets, all are unique and handpicked for your everyday needs so why are you still waiting, go around the list and pick your favorite.

When you’re busy at work, you may have forgotten to drink coffee or tea, and coffee or tea cooled down. You should turn it off again, or you should drink hot coffee again. Ember Smart Mug temperature control is a great solution to keep your coffee warm at the right temperature for up to an hour, and Ember Mug smart controllers help you control your cup on a temperature-controlled smartphone, adjust presets, receive notifications and more .

WEILIPU Headlamp attached with six different lights you can turn into six modes. These lights are very powerful you can use this for camping, nighttime fishing, hunting etc.

We added many Deco Lights in our website the Marvel Superheroes 3D Night Lights is one of the special and beautiful gift you can give for a Marvel fan for this Christmas. The Marvel Superheroes 3D Night Lights is a simple 3d design which will light up nicely your wall in dark. For a true Marvel fan, this Deco light would be an unforgettable gift.

We all know how difficult it is to recover when our vehicle stuck in the half of the journey. We usually prepare recovery gears such as a grappling hook, shovel etc. before going on a journey but now actually you don't have to go with gears if you just want to recover your vehicle, a MAXSA can do the job for you without any additional gears. mud, snow, or sand no matter where you get stuck the Maxtrax can recover your vehicle. Maxtrax has three rows of tire-gripping teeth that allow your vehicle to climb up easily without slip.

This is the next level sunglasses for you, stylish and advanced VIPER sunglasses designed by Inventiv. The VIPER sunglasses have built in speakers to hear high-quality music and to connect with the Siri, google assistant or any other AI in your mobile phone, while wearing it you will get the crystal-clear audio output directly from your viper sunglasses.

Technology is changing our lives. Zeeq Smart Pillow is a modern pillow that detects snoring and gently vibrates and adjust your sleep position without waking you up.

Self-cocking featured crossbow 80lb comes with 15 aluminum arrows, the self-cocking feature helps you to make shot after shot very quickly, a build in adjustable sight on this crossbow helps you to place perfect shot on your target.

ELIMINATE THE BULK, you might think that you already have the best keychain but comparing with key smart your keychain is nothing. KeySmart is a key organization system that saves your time, money and space in your pocket, KeySmart is a perfect gift for men or women who own lots of keys.


Movies that failed in cinemas and later became cult classics

Making money in cinemas does not necessarily mean that the movie is good, nor that it is bad ...

It is difficult to determine which movie is successful and which is good, because some will say that these are films that have earned huge amounts of money, while others will say that these are films that have the best fan rating. However, we believe that the best films are those that are watched from year to year, that are constantly quoted and that have become part of Pop culture.

We present to you some of the most famous and arguably cult films that were initially considered failed projects, only to reach cult status over the years and become films that "must be watched".

Here are the movies we're talking about:

Donnie Darko (2001)

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Fight Club (1999)

The Thing (1982)

Blade Runner (1982)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

The Big Lebowski (1998)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Citizen Kane (1941)

Raging Bull (1980)

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Labyrinth (1986)


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