How Beards Make You More Attractive to Women

If you love your face smooth as a baby's bottom, it's time to change that and listen to experts, because allegedly beard is the best thing you can do for your sex life. When we say beard, we think the right big man's beard.

According to an Australian study conducted on 8,520 women, and showed them a series of pictures of 16 men in various stages of beard, shaved, a few days old, 10 days old and 14 weeks old - a conclusion they love beards!

The women had to assess every man by how much they generally like them, how
much they like them short term and how much they like them on longer period.
Research has shown how the length of relationship last with the length of the beard, on short-term relationship did not matter the length of the beard.

The assumption is that the beard indicates a healthy man, which in turn means he will be longer able to support his family and that he is real alpha male. Don't worry, this does not mean that she will immediately want to put you in the marriage, but you have more chances than beardless competition.

Therefore, put the razors away for some time! 


Female Therapist Conducts Naked Therapy Sessions For Troubled Patients

Sarah White is a psychotherapist, although unregistered, with a specialty in addiction to porn sites, erotic movies, striptease ... She is 28, lives and works in New York, and says that throughout her career cured several hundred people, among whom were some public figures.

What method she uses? Unbelievable, in a nutshell!

Among other things, she sits in a negligee, sometimes completely naked, and allow her
clients even to masturbate in front of her if it helps them to deal with problems they have.

"Allowing nudity frees my clients, creates a sense of intimacy, immediacy, openness and trust between the therapist and the client. They feel comfortable while talking with me because the fact that I am because of them ready to undress, is a sign that I believe them, and that I will not judge them. Which is true,"says Sarah White. 

She claims that eventually sexual excitement, not distracting the clients, but to help them cope with their problems.

However, regardless of its success in the treatment of clients from various forms of addiction that have a sexual connotation, Sarah White has not received official permission for this work in the United States, because her method of approach is considered immoral.


The most creative Halloween costumes

If you want to be the main attraction at the Halloween party, here are a few ideas that can inspire you...

Halloween is coming, and if you're a fan
masquerade and costumes, then this is the night for you. In the city will be numerous Halloween parties that will provide great entertainment and relaxation. This is a unique opportunity to be your favorite hero, because you can behave like a child, and no one will tell you anything.

Therefore, we show you some of the most original costumes that fans of this holiday
prepared for this year ...

See gallery:


Bengala F12 Caballería full carbon - Italian prancing horse has never looked more vicious

Of course, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta speeder in the standard version does not look tame, but after treatment, weight loss and "facelift" of Spain tuning house Bengal Automotive, we are sure that would not embarrass Bruce Wayne himself, or his alter ego who slaps villains at nights wandering the dark streets of Gotham. We have to admit, if the team from Bengal Automotive company shot at this, have definitely succeeded in that. Wicked speeder got a completely new body crafted completely from carbon fiber, which is inspired by Ferrari GT3 cars, which is clearly visible in the design of the front end and rear diffuser.

In the words of Shoghi Saeidnia, founder of Bengal automotive, this wicked beauty comes in a limited version for only ten lucky guys with enough deep pockets and fortunate enough to be selected for future owners. As performance and mechanical specifications stay enigma, we assume that they made additional interventions to 6.3 liter V12 jewel of Ferrari, which in its standard version develops a respectable 730 horsepower and chases F12 to 100 km / h in just 3.1 seconds and a maximum of 340 km / h. Yes, it is not a vicious speeder only from the outside, but with a weight reduction due to massive use of lightweight carbon fiber, performance should be even better.



Students Just Found World's Most Beautiful Math Teacher

For most of us, the elementary school is the place where we first met an elderly lady with a mustache who are or have propelled us to stand in a corner, or punish us thin sticks on the palms. Fortunately, this has changed, but we never expected that someone could have a teacher like this.
Meet Oksana Neveselay, a math teacher in Belarus, unmatched sexiest teacher in the world. She became popular after one student put the video on the internet. Thanks to him.

And while her students struggle to get an A in math, she post picture on Instagram. Thanks to her.

As it says on its Facebook page, it will show how sexuality and intelligence correspond with each other.

A photo posted by •Oksana Neveselaya• (@o_neveselaya) on

A photo posted by •Oksana Neveselaya• (@o_neveselaya) on

A photo posted by •Oksana Neveselaya• (@o_neveselaya) on


Science Explains: Why Do Non-Ginger Guys Have Ginger Beards

You probably know at least one man with a red beard and dark hair. Given the trend of growing the beard, it is surprising how many men actually have hair color different from the color of the beard

Dark hair men with a ginger beard

In order to understand the way in which genes define hair color, we must know that genes really define hair color. From the standpoint of genetics, hair color is very complex. “The genes that determine hair color are so-called ‘incomplete dominant hereditary traits.’ This means that there isn’t one single gene that’s dominant over the rest, but all genes influence each other,” says Petra Haak-Bloem, the Dutch specialist of the National Center for Genetics and hereditary traits. 

The same gene may be otherwise present in everyone. This allows a multitude of possibilities, one of which is that the hair color is different from the color of pubic hair, beard and axillary hair.

"Generally speaking, people inherit the color not only from their parents but also from their grandparents and earlier ancestors," says Haak-Bloem.

What is the cause of a red beard?

The shade of hair color is determined by the amount of melanin or pigment in the hair. Our DNA is not only decoding what pigment we have, but also how much pigment we have.

'For Caucasian hue depends on two types of melanin: eumelanin (black pigment) and pheomelanin (red pigment). "The cells of humans with dark hair contain only eumelanin. Blonde people have less eumelanin, and redheads have mostly
pheomelanin ," says Haak-Bloem.  

More than a decade ago, scientists have discovered that a single gene (MC1R) on chromosome 16 plays an important role in giving people with red hair. The task of the MC1R protein is production of melanocortin 1. That protein plays an important role in the conversion of pheomelanin in eumelanin, says Haak Bloem.

'When someone inherits two mutated versions of the gene MC1R (one from each parent) less pheomelanin is converted into eumelanin. Pheomelanin accumulates in the cells of the pigment and the person thus gets red hair and fair skin.

Unexpectedly red beard effect is the same mutation in the MC1R gene. When you only have one mutated MC1R, red hair can occur at various places on the body. But the mechanism is not yet known.


People who should have stayed in bed this morning

It happens everyone that your day begins bad, but these people are simply not supposed to get out of bed. If these things happen to us, we are not sure whether to cry or just gave up everything. We present a gallery that will show you that bad things happen to other people, and you may feel better when you see that your morning is not really so bad.


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