American Sniper: new trailer of most awaited war movie of the year

At the end of the year in cinema comes a new war drama about Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in the history of the US Army played by excellent Bradley Cooper. Critics announce best Cooper's performance and the role of his career, which, except the war scenes, this elite sniper struggling with PTSD after coming home. This American hero is not celebrated his murderous capabilities and war efficiency. Although he liquidate hundreds of enemy soldiers, Chris Kyle managed to save a large number of civilians and American soldiers. Clint Eastwood is director of a film that will make everyone understand the problem of the war from the perspective of soldiers that after four tours in Iraq returns home. Unfortunately, changed.


8 most terrifying prison in the world

All what you have seen in the series OZ, and American films about life in prison, the relaxation and enjoyment compared with life in these eight prisons.


It is located 150 kilometers from Moscow and is intended worst prisoners who are sentenced to over 10 years in prison, most of them serving life sentences. The violence in this prison is almost unbelievable - a fight among inmates are not prevent, and convicts receive regular beatings by the guards. One prisoner even wrote a letter about the events in the prison instead of ink he used his own blood!


Located in the small town of Attica near New York, Attica prison is known for constant violence, and that is a big problem due to overcrowding of the prisons so rebellion are common. Thus, in 1971, 43 inmates, guards and civilians were killed, forcing management to in the corridors and halls (except the cells) installed system with tear gas in order to quickly resolve potential rebellion. 

CAMP 1391

They call it Israel's Guantanamo, and there are all those for which the Israeli ministry suspected they were terrorists. What referee speaks volumes about the respect for civil rights in the prison in which the rape and torture are everyday life, and prisoners have access to small cells with no lights or running water. For him, it was learned in 2003, and is believed to be open more than 10 years before that.


Maximum security prison in Nairobi was built for 1,600 inmates and it now houses nearly 4,000 convicts, of which a large number of political prisoners. The prisoners are tortured, fights are a daily occurrence, and get a glass of water a day available, so literally there is no hygiene. The worst situation is in Block G, where prisoners were almost as gladiators, in the daily fight for survival. 


In this cruel prison are sentenced to death, and those on life sentences. Every prisoner has to wear chains around the foot the first three months, while the convicts on death chains remain on his feet until his death. Also, the condemned to death the enforcement of the sentence announced only two hours earlier! All inmates assigned to one serving of soup with rice a day, and if you want to get extra food have to do hard physical work.


The prison closed in 2001, only to be ten years later re-opened, is famous for its inhumane conditions and the intensity of torture. From it a few came out alive, and in 1980, after a failed assassination attempt on the then president, were killed for no reason 1,000 inmates in the largest prison massacre ever! Favorite pastime prison guards is, even today, killing prisoners with an ax and unfortunate elected under a system of "beginnings-oven stove".  

North Korea

As North Korea is not exactly known for its respect for human rights should not be surprising that this prison at the top of the list of brutal prison. It can be entered by any criticism of the ruler of North Korea, and other than the one who is (allegedly) made a great sin, and placed his entire family. From prison is not coming out alive (unless by some miracle, ie. A pardon), and the prisoners were exposed to heavy work, humiliation and torture. 


The worst of the worst, so describe prisoners who are placed in this large prison complex in Colorado, where are located some of the worst criminals in the United States. The prisoners were placed in their cell in which, they are without contact with other prisoners, and with as little contact with the guards, spend 23 hours a day, with no natural light. Denial of daylight is considered an excellent means of breaking the psyche of prisoners, so they are allowed only one hour a day on the air, and again in a separate (external) cells! 


Lush 'Girl Clause' will enrich you holidays!

It's the holidays, and we prepared a gallery of sexy girls who will be happy to assist you to decorate the tree. They know a lot more than that, but it is up to you.


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