How to hug a girl you like

Here are the 5 steps to hug a girl you like without being awkward.
Get her attention

Before you even try to initiate a hug, you need to get her attention without freaking her out and here are some ways to do that:

 1.   Place your hand on her shoulder

 2.  Say her name

 3.   Look at her in the eye and give her a warm smile

OK, great! You have her attention, but before you move onto the next step I want you to make sure you’re in a place where she won’t be embarrassed to hug you.

For example, in front of her parents or ex-boyfriend might not be the best idea. Try to wait for the times when no one’s around.

Now that you’re in the best possible location, let’s move onto the next step:
Ask her for a hug

Now you’re ready to hug you… but how? What do you say?

Well you have a couple possibilities:

The first way is to give her a compliment and to go for it:

Not sure what to say?

Here are some ideas:

1.    How did you know I had a weak spot for dresses like that?

2.    You’re hair looks so shiny and natural

3.   You must be the most adorable, cute girl I know

After you give her a compliment and you can tell that she likes you, just move in for the hug.

The second way to get her to hug you is by simply asking in a playful way, for example:

1.    I know you were about to kiss me, but what about a hug for now?

2.    I think your arms would look even better around me

3.    Sweetie, would you pleeeeeease give me a hug?

 4.   Well before we get wild at my place, we should probably hug…

The key is to sound playful and flirty so that you seem as laybacked as possible.

How to hug a girl

Well now you ready for the actual hug, what are you supposed to do with your arms, head, etc?

1.    Always start by placing your right arm over her left shoulder

2.   Make sure you really pull her in so that she really feels you (and you feel her boobs!)

 3.   Lean your head on her shoulder if you really want to show her how much you love her

 4.   Take your time with the hug so that you get a chance to tell her how much you like her/ miss her

If you follow these rules, very little can go wrong, but what can you do if she’s a short girl...

How to hug a short girl

Hugging a short girl is especially difficult for tall guys, here are a couple solutions from  :

1.    Let her hug your waist while leaning her head against your body and you hug her from above her shoulders with your head leaning on top of hers

2.    Let her sit down on your lap facing you (or facing away) and hug

 3.   You can hug while sitting beside her

And obviously, you can always get her to stand on her toes and tell her how much you like cute, short girls.

How to make the hug more passionate

What if you really like this girl and you don’t want this to be a quick hug that you’ll both forget about?

Follow these simple ideas to make your hug more passionate:

1.    Start making out

2.    Get her to jump into your arms

3.   Start talking dirty (and pull her into your bedroom)



What to do if the brakes on the car fail?

This is every driver's nightmare ...

Although many think that this only happens in movies, it is common for people to have their brakes on their vehicles fail. This usually happens due to the rupture of the hoses in which there is hydraulic oil that drives your brakes.

However, what to do if the brakes on the vehicle fail?

The first thing you need to do is apply the foot brake a few times quickly. This will create pressure in the brake system and you may be able to brake. If that doesn't work, you have two options to help you slow down.

First aid is of course the handbrake, which will help you slow down the car a lot. Press the button on the handbrake, then raise the handbrake. If you hear your wheels slide, release the brake slightly, then raise it again. The handbrake is not that strong, but it will help you slow down and stop the vehicle later.

However, there is also engine braking to further help you slow down the car. While slowing down with the
handbrake, shift the engine into a lower gear, release the clutch, and then lower the gears to the lowest. By lowering to a lower speed, the engine itself will slow down your wheels, which will make the job of the handbrake easier and thus help you stop easier.

If you notice that the car does not stop fast enough and there is a risk of endangering someone's life, then try to hit something soft with the vehicle, such as bushes or metal sidewalks that are tucked in to stop the vehicle (
this is the last option).


Mum earned $ 20,000 from selling her milk

She sells her milk online to complete strangers ...


Sometimes we are surprised when we discover all the bizarre ways people get their money. Julie Dennis, a 32-year-old mother from Florida, had a child in 2019 and managed to make an excellent income in an unexpected way.

She decided to cash in on her milk and sell it at a price of 90 cents per ounce (nearly 30ml). She came up with the idea when she gave her milk to a woman who did not have milk and who bought it for her child.

"I realized that I have a lot of milk and that I can give it to other people if they want it. My milk is usually bought by mothers who do not have milk, but there are a lot of weirdos on the Internet, so men and people who have strange fetishes call me. I don't care who will buy my milk, as long as I get money for it and thus help my family, "said Dennis and explained that she earned $ 20,000 in a year just from selling her milk.

She pumps out 15,000 ounces (443 litres) of milk a month and then freezes and stores it, so she now has a fairly large supply of breast milk that she is preparing to sell. There are more and more of her customers, and a large part of them are men who often ask for proof that the milk is hers, so Dennis sometimes has to send pictures to prove that the milk is hers.


The longest legs in the world belong to this young lady

We humans are wonderful creatures, there are all kinds of us: small, big, narrow, wide, long, short and so on. Such differences are beautiful and necessary. Among all the above attributes, there are always the "best" ones. So we also found the person with the longest legs or she found us. You already know that the internet algorithm works weird to keep us all tracked.

Maci Currin from Texas is that person, her legs are the longest in the world. Her right leg is 134.3 cm (53.255 inches) long and her left 135.3 cm (52.874 inches). It is even possible that she has the first and second longest leg in the world.

The 17-year-old didn't even think she might have record-long legs until she was offered handmade leggings two years ago.

But despite her long legs, Macci is not the tallest woman in the world. She is 208.28 cm (6 ft 10 in) tall, and the record is held by a lady named Sun Fang from China with her 222.5 cm (7 ft 3 in).

If you haven't cracked up on poor jokes by now - we don't know what the air is like upstairs, she doesn't change the light bulb on the poles, she doesn't play basketball ha ha ha… That's all funny. It's not. Stop it. We didn’t want to offend anyone whom these stupid jokes aren’t funny. Let's move on.

We want to praise this girl for accepting herself in such a way, she does not hide her diversity and she wants everyone to accept their peculiarities. One of the best messages it can send.


How to punch properly?

Many men think they know this, but they are actually wrong ...

Although we always try to avoid a physical fight, if it happens by any chance, it is better to be ready than unprepared. In a street fight, the one who strikes the first blow and the one who actually knows how to strike wins. Many people think that hitting is simple and easy, but in fact, in every correct hit, there is a certain technique that prevents you from getting injured and that ensures that you create enough force to defeat your opponent.

Former kickboxing champion, Benny Urquidez, demonstrated to us how to hit properly and how we should position our hand to incapacitate an opponent. Benny says that the fist must rotate when hitting to make it stronger and that body weight should be used to make the blow more violent.

Watch his video demonstration below and see how you can effectively hit your opponent:

We will also leave you a video clip of the movie "Wheels on meals" where Benny Urquidez starred with Jackie Chan and where he demonstrated his skills.




Why are toilet bowls mostly white?

In 90% of cases, the toilets in the average bathroom are white ...

Although you can find toilets in other colors, we mostly find these products in pure white, and there is a reason for that. There are actually two main reasons, and if you are interested in what they are then keep reading.

Toilet bowls are made of porcelain. This is a very solid material that is easy to clean and does not stain. That is why white toilet bowls are easy to clean and maintain. Since white is the cheapest color, then it is not surprising that all porcelain is painted white. In this way, toilet bowls become more affordable and cheaper.

Another reason why toilets are white is psychological. White is associated with things that are the same and sterile, so when you see white in the bathroom, you have the feeling that you are entering a clean bathroom.


6 Best working boots for men

Work boots — High comfort and perfect protection

Do you need work boots that provide optimal support and protection for your foot?

The offer of work footwear is more than extensive. For this reason, I have selected the five best selling shoes for you, which are characterized by quality, stability and practicality. Whether as a shoe, as a boot or just with a high heel.


The best work footwear — work safety from head to toe

A safe work environment begins and ends not only with high-quality tools. Workwear has long been exposed to statutory safety standards. Especially work boots must protect both feet from injury and guarantee a secure grip on slippery surfaces. Compared to work shoes, it is easy for every industry to find the right safety boots. Take advantage of this information and finally, choose work boot to suit your industry!


What distinguishes the best work boots?

Work boots are not designed according to fashion, but serve primarily safety at work. This applies in particular to activities in the construction industry as well as to jobs in which employees come into contact with hazardous substances. The sole profile provides the wearer with a secure foundation, whether the work is done indoors, such as a workshop or on a construction site or outdoor.

A comparison of work boots also shows the differences on street shoes by categories such as steel toe and penetration resistant sole are particularly prominent. Because of these safety measures, the feet are protected from potential dangers from above and below. Because many industries require wearing of appropriate boots, they are often provided by the employer. Before you buy safety shoes, you need to contact your employer and ask how much will be covered. If not, then read this article to help you find the right work boots for you.


Comparison of work boots — characteristics

Cheap or expensive work boots have a division into standards in relation to legally defined safety standards, which must be checked and therefore must be present. This primarily involves protecting the foot before cutting or bruising from falling objects. In the latter case, metal or hardened plastic ring caps are available on the front of the shoe. They cushion the fall and do not allow the impact force to transmit the impact force to the foot. Stamped soles work on the same principle. They lie between the outer sole and the upper, sole ensure that penetrating objects are stopped by a metal or synthetic sole and do not reach the skin at all.

When working with power tools, antistatic or electrical voltage protection is also an advantage. The wide rubber sole prevents the body from acting as an electrical conductor, protecting it from life-threatening injuries. The comparison of safety boots is also characterized by a reference to breathability. Although safety shoes are waterproof and protect the foot from the cold and heat caused by insulation, the formation of foot sweat is still prevented. This is achieved by installing a textile lining. Small channels are installed here that offer the foot a pleasant climate even during physical work. The best work shoes are the ones that combine all the positive aspects!


1.Red Wing Mens 8" Waterproof Insulated Leather Boot 1412

Red Wing Mens 8" Waterproof Insulated Leather Boot 1412
Purpose-built protection against a variety of workplace hazards. The 1412 offers up a middle-of-the-road insulated layer and a waterproof membrane as well as adequate traction for foul weather conditions or inside work environments. This is the ultimate shoe with top cushion and top quality Red Wing shoe. Judging by the experiences of many working people, Red Wings are the best work boots on the market (we agree).


2. Caterpillar Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boots     

The caterpillar is widely known as a manufacturer of heavy machinery as well as apparel, but also protective equipment. Caterpillar Second Shift is made from 100% leather, slip resistant boots feature reinforced eyelets to keep your laces snug and a synthetic sole to keep you working. These boots are only ankle cut, so if you work in deep water these are not the boots for you. Given the area that Caterpillar deals with, these steel toe work boots are beautifully designed, provide comfortable and safe operation, and are the best within this price range. Available in five different colors (dark brown, tan, black full grain, honey and medium charcoal) and true to size.



  • Caterpillar name means quality
  • Well-priced
  • 100% leather, synthetic sole



  • Would like to see a taller option as well
  • Steel toe may run narrow


3. Chippewa Apache Leather Boot   


Chippewa Apache Leather Boots are not for hot summer days, these are winter work boots. They are made of 100% leather which means they will provide you with some protection from the water and the mid-calf rise will keep you cold from creeping in. Chippewa Apache Leather Boots are not for hot summer days, these are winter work boots. They are made of 100% leather which means they will provide you with some protection from the water and the mid-calf rise will keep you cold from creeping in. It is important to note that these boots are not lined, so if you do not want your feet to freeze, you will have to get a nice pair of warm socks. However, these attractive brown boots are worth this price, and the American flag gives a nice detail – perfect for winter romping. 



  • Vibram soles
  • Contrast strips on welt and charm
  • Mid-calf shaft



  • Leather is slightly thin
  • Not lined


4. Condor Arizona Steel Toe Work Boots For Men    


The Condor Arizona Steel Toe Work Boots look like combat boots and for good reason, they will fight in a variety of weather conditions. The steel toe boots meets all OSHA required standards for compression and impact and the outsole is directly injected, meaning it forms an inseparable bond to the upper, it also includes a durable polyurethane sole for support and comfort. They are made of 100% Nubuck leather for a pleasant and comfortable feeling. Considering the price, these are great boots and a great choice for all those who work on the construction site or simply around the house.



  • Attractive light brown color
  • Direct injected sole
  • Cushioned insole



  • The style may not be for everyone
  • Lack of color options


5. Timberland PRO Pit Boss Soft Toe  


Timberland is well known for its work and style boots for both men and women and Pit Boss Soft Toe boots are no different. These boots are made of 100% leather and with a rubber sole are oil and abrasion compliant and also provide great traction. These mid-priced boots are available in brown and tan and are designed so that you can wear them with a pair of jeans when you go to an outdoor gathering with friends. Available with PRO 24/7 suspension technology in the midsole, these boots provide the comfort of all-day wearing in mud, gravel or simply camping.



  • Well-priced
  • Stylish for casual wear and work
  • Great, classic colors



  • Short shaft makes water protection tough
  • Would like to see a steel toe option


6. Carhartt Composite Toe Boot   


Carhartt is synonymous with work and work equipment and their 6 inch Men’s Composite Boot proves it. And 100% leather upper affixed to a rubber sole and Carhartt’s unique Rugged Flex technology means comfortable movement all day while also providing the necessary safety you need. Full-grain leather offers water resistance and provides protection for the ankles and allows them to move as they should. Oil and slip resistance is a key feature and the composite toe keeps your digits secure. Considering the price, the Carhartt Composite Toe is a great boot that you should definitely consider buying, especially if you work outside.



  • A great boot for the money
  • Shock absorbing sole
  • Composite toe



  • Two color choices are identical
  • Not terribly attractive



Work and safety footwear are key to health and safe work. It is always the best choice to invest as much as necessary in the highest quality protective footwear. There are often slight differences in price between quality footwear from a proven manufacturer specializing in the production of safety footwear and footwear of questionable quality. Also, between the design and functionality of protective footwear, the latter is more important. More comfortable shoes with better protection have an advantage over the "nicer" ones. Today, specialized manufacturers of protective footwear are increasingly paying attention to the design of footwear, so protective footwear is usually both "beautiful" and functional. Lastly, always look at the characteristics of the footwear, compare the markings with the markings and characteristics. Many reputable manufacturers supply safety footwear to their customers with safety data sheets and only with complete documentation do safety footwear really fulfill the function of "protection".



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