Hennessey Venom GT with 435.31 km / h the fastest production car in the world

Top Gear reports that Hennessey, American sports car manufacturer managed to break the speed record for production cars, which since 2010 holding Bugatti Veyron SS . Record was broken in Florida Kennedy Space Center on the runway used for landing of the Space Shuttle , and Venom was driving test driver Brian Smith .Hennessey Venom GT drives General Motors V8 engine with a capacity of 7 liters , which along with two turbochargers develops 1244 horsepower . But even more impressive are the official measurement data , according to which the vehicle accelerate from 32 km / h ( 20mph ) to 193 km / h ( 120mph ) in just 7.71 seconds , while to 354 km / h ( 220mph ) should less than ten seconds .However , although the Hennesey Venom GT achieved a higher speed than the Bugatti Veyron SS , can not be called the fastest production car in the world . According to the Guinness Book of Records , in order to qualify for the record , the car must be transported driving in both directions , after which it takes the average speed of the two attempts. Why Venom didn't drivie in both directions ? They say they have not received permission to NASA . But that is only clocked , Venom GT would not be able to qualify for the Guinnes Book of Records for the reason that will be produced only 29 copies , while Guinness states that must be produced more than 30 copies of the car to be considered a production car.
Hennessy announced that it will no longer concentrate on the breaking of the speed record, but will try to knock down the track record at the world famous racetracks. One goal is to bring down record Top Gear track, where it will behind Venom GT steering wheel be unique Stig, which are considered the major success of overthrowing the undisputed Bugatti Veyron SS from the throne of the fastest production cars of today.

While waiting for the video of this record-breaking run, see how it looks Hennesey Venom GT at a speed of 427.6 km / h in the video that follows.



Top 10 hottest fitness models

Ten incredibly sexy girls who have developed their careers in persistent practicing in the gym.

"After giving birth to her second child and reached a weight of over 100 kg, Jennifer has become addicted to fitness and lost 35 kg"

Jennifer Nicole Lee

One of the most popular fitness model is definitely a 37-year-old Jennifer Nicole Lee. After giving birth to her second child and reached a weight of over 100 kg, Jennifer has become addicted to fitness and lost 35 kilograms. New, built body, 1996th brought her the Miss Bikini America title, and enterprising Jennifer launched her career as fitness guru. Her motivational speaking and videos with exercises are extremely popular, as it has allowed American women to initiate a chain gym, fitness school, a line of swimwear...


Girl with Irish, French, Spanish and Mexican roots simply could not go unnoticed. However, her career began singing, then turnd to acting and posing. You could watch her at shows like CSI, Entourage, Will & Grace and Las Vegas.
A great lover of fitness, and interestingly, she also worked as a waitress at Hooters.


The blonde bombshell was the winner of the large number of events in the body building and can bench up more than 99% of visitors to our site. Nevertheless, it looks incredibly sexy and has graced the covers of many fitness magazines, and Monster energy drink took her as promoter. What will further attract attention is her hobby - driving Crosser!

Nicole Moneer Guerrero 

Who would have thought that Nicole this year to replenish 40 years? The owner of the IFBB Pro Card, thanks to her body, is promoter of many corporations such as VPX, CVS, LA Tan IAT & T, and graced the covers of specialized magazines. Instructor Zumba, Power Plate, Pilates, personal trainer, in a word - live life to the full fitness.

Kiana Tom

48-year-old Kiana (already?) has succeeded in virtually all of which ventured. She starred in Universal Soldier 2, known to you from the Eminem video "Without me", she was a cheerleader Oakland Raiders, TV presenter, a well-known fitness model, and has written several books on fitness. Her exotic look is the result of the mix of Hawaiian, Chinese and Irish roots.

Jennifer England 

Despite the surname, Jennifer was born in Michigan. After swimming and softball career turned around posing and has appeared on the Guess commercials. She was also an actress in Transformers, Dodgeball and Fast and Fierce, and the love of the gym where she can thank her perfect body has brought the title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Girl and also iVenus Model Search Winner.

Jelena Abbou

Serb Jelena (born Djordjevic) is a personal trainer and competitor who competes professionally for 12 years. Until now decorated numerous titles of which proudly display the Natural Atlantic Coast INBF Pro, INBF Natural Monster Mash and WBNF Worlds Pro Natural Figure. She also appeared in advertising campaigns for Panasonic and Fahrenheit Fat Burner, and her husband is also a personal trainer.

Cori Nadine 

Probably the most popular girl on this list, its popularity though most can thank ping for Playboy and adult films she made. 90s was one of the first girls who showed that with biceps and abdominal muscles can look sexy. Like some of the other girls on this list, and Cori exotic look can thank mix of roots. Cori is a Filipino, Irish, Native American Navajo combination. 

Mind Smith

Winner of the U.S. state of competition in bodybuilding considered the owner of one of the best bodies in the industry. She appeared in numerous magazines and catalogs and spokeswoman Nutrigenix Nutrition Designer Whey Protein and ProSource / Supreme Protein. She has released numerous DVDs with fitness instruction, and her body builds up in one of the world's most extreme gym - Gold's Gym in California.

Marzia Prince

Who would have guessed that this sex bomb was female weightlifter? During high school and college starting in numerous sports, including weightlifting. Then she started posing, and her amazing body brought her many bikini titles. Appeared on the cover of Fitness, American Curves, Planet Musclea and other magazines, and her fitness DVDs are popular to.



Japanese BAD LAND Harley Davidson V-ROD 330

Oh yes, you read it right. Japanese except wild modifying and tuning of sports cars the same skills used on motorcycles. Company BAD LAND from Yokohama in Japan specializes in the modifying of Harley Davidson motorcycles. If you saw the first picture, it is unnecessary to discuss the appearance of this amazing vehicle. Compound Japanese aesthetics and mechanics combined with traditional style Harley has resulted in this beautiful "ninja" bike, which would not be ashamed neither bigoted "American". Especially because the rear 330 wide tire. Miracle! Bikers from Macho drooling for a long time for these saws, although all of them sitting on the "naked". Enjoy this crazy gallery.
List of modified parts with serial Harley Davidson V-Rod

Harley Davidson V-ROD 330 WIDE TIRE CUSTOM V-REX
Front & Rear Wheel: No Limit CUSTOM
Front Fork: No Limit CUSTOM
Engine Covers: No Limit CUSTOM
Headlight Thunder Bike
Air Box: BAD LAND in One-Off
Front Fender: BAD LAND in One-Off
Rear Fender: BAD LAND in One-Off
Handlebar: BAD LAND in One-Off
Exhaust: BAD LAND in One-Off
Front Brake Caliper: Performance Machine
Rear Brake System: NO LIMIT CUSTOM / Drive Side Brake
Rear Shock: Legend Air Ride System
Front Control Kit: Performance Machine
Rear Foot Control Kit: Performance Machine & BAD LAND in One-Off


Six poses for a guaranteed orgasm

Women in some positions easier to experience orgasm, so if you care to your sweetheart enjoys instead of faking it, read what from offered is most convenient to her. Experts say that women love all these poses, precisely because in them the easiest to reach their peak.

The missionary position

Sexologists claim that this is a pose in which women easily and often experience orgasm. Why? As stated in the one study, missionary pose allows them greater intimacy with their partner, and for women that is extremely important in sex. This makes it easier to relax and relaxation leads to a faster orgasm.

Reverse cowgirl

This is a pose in which a man is sitting or lying down, and the woman on him, and so she turned him back. It's a good pose because it allows easy access to the clitoris and just clitoral stimulation is the most common way in which a woman experiences an orgasm.

From behind

Women like this pose because it allows them control of the situation. They can choose the desired angle and depth of penetration, and this is a pose that allows the activation of G points. In this position, the woman does not need to stimulate the clitoris itself, but welcomed his hand.

She's on it

This is a pose that allows a woman the greatest control. But, it can be a little tiring for women, especially if she is not fit and don't have strong muscles. Man can help a way that he will move with hands of her hips. The woman then can concentrate on her clitoris and achieve orgasm, but also the depth of penetration.

Hot spoon

This is a pose in which a woman needs a man to turn her back, and he that is attached to the front part of his body against her. Buttocks throw at him and define the rhythm of penetration. Pose allows touching the clitoris, which can do either you or her. Enjoyment is certainly guaranteed.

Networked pose

Both lie on your side, but be facing each other. Her mission is to cover the legs, or one of his legs. So it will be very close to each other while the penetration takes place. Because of the balance will be required to abide by the partners. In this position women experience orgasm very easily.


Viber sold for $ 900 million

Viber, the popular VoIP platform that rival Microsoft's Skype was sold to the Japanese site Rakuten for $ 900 million.
WSJ informs that Rakuten decided to buy Viber because they think the price could soon be much higher because Viber rapidly progressing and is used by a growing number of users. According to some information, Viber has 300 million users, while Rakuten is its 200 million users. By comparison, it is thought that Skype has about one billion users, although Microsoft has never released official data.

Recall, Viber launched in 2010 for the iPhone, and later arrived to Android, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac computers. Viber has never been a commercial and therefore never earn money and to administer the final data, the company lost 29.5 million in the 2013th year.


Why men like boobs?

Larry Jung and Brian Alexander, who recently released the book "The chemistry between us: love, sex and the science of attraction", separated the emotional, biological and cultural reasons why men like women's breasts.
The authors believe that heterosexual men are so fascinated with the female breast for a simple hormone that is released during breastfeeding, which helps to establish a strong and robust relationship between mother and baby, but which later serves to create a strong bond between lovers.
"Men are the only male among mammals fascinated by breasts in a sexual way. Women are among only females mammals whose breast increase during puberty, independently of pregnancy. We are also the only species in which males cuddle, massaged and orally stimulate the breasts during foreplay and sex"said Jung. 
Research has shown that stimulation of the breasts increases sexual arousal in 82 percent of women.
"Boys do not learn on the playground that breasts are something you should be interested. It is a biological and deeply embedded in our brains. Interestingly, our research shows that men, if they see breasts or even something that just reminds us of the breast, such as bra, unconsciously begin to make bad choices"said Jung.
Biologists believe that, because the breasts are most part made ​​up of fat, it means that a woman is healthy and that is a good candidate for the procreation of children.   
However, the authors of the study believe that the male fascination with female breasts unconscious evolutionary tendency, which pushes us towards creating strong relationships.


Big girls

As size matters to women, it is important to men. And it's not just the size of their deadly weapons, but also the size of certain female attributes.


Nissan GT-R Nismo

Increased racing version of the Nissan GT-R Nismo will makes its European debut in Geneva. Suffice it to say - 3.8-liter V6 with 600 horsepower.

If you are in Geneva 4 March, visit the legendary Geneva Motor Show, which will appear Nissan GT-R Nismo great racing machine. Of course, to customer is already available in Japan and Europe will be able to buy in September.

Compounding the Japanese automotive heritage, superb new GT-R has its roots in Europe. There is, in fact, precisely the Nordschleife of the German Nürburgring, which is considered one of the most challenging tracks in the world, was developed and tested.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says that this is the fastest Nissan GT-R ever produced. "Because he's 7:08.679 lap time, we can safely say that the Nissan GT-R Nismo * 2 owner record lap time on the Nordschleife of production vehicles, and it is the best measure of outstanding performance."


The ten most dangerous mistakes with condoms

It is not enough just to use condoms. You have to use them properly. However, three out of four people do not.

This is because most men at the same time foster the love and hatred towards them. The most common objection? You can guess - reduce pleasure, it is difficult to put on and they stink. But certainly it's good to have next to you when needed.

So make sure you do not do any of the ten dangerous mistakes with condoms:

You are not checking for obvious damage

Nearly 75 percent of people do not bother to check with the holes - even if the package is open with teeth (don't do this) or have a condom stuck for jewelry or nail, according to a Kinsey Institute study.

You are not checking the expiration date

That condoms do have a shelf life is a novelty for the 61 percent of users. Just do not confuse the expiry date and the date of manufacture. Condoms last long, regular and up to five years, and those with spermicide, which gradually breaks down latex, about two. However, if you carry it in your wallet or pocket, the warmth of your body
the period of validity can be shortened. If the condom is sticky or brittle, throw it ...

Not previously discussed the use of condoms

Yes, 60 percent of people say it does not turn out well when the question comes up condoms at the last minute. If you deal with it before the big moment, things will get better play out.

Puts it too late to "action"

As many as 43 percent of the respondents said that the condom is placed after penetration has already happened. Obviously they did not know that sperm can be released before the peak, and not risk a pregnancy, but also sexually transmitted diseases.

Do not leave space at the top

Apparently it is news for four out of ten users of condoms, that before putting should be gently squeezed tip of the condom to remove accumulated air and leave room for semen. Otherwise, the condom could break.

Puts it wrong

Don't you hate when that happens? About 30 percent of people put it on the wrong side, and so is more likely to slip. If this happens, it is safest to take a new one. Condoms should look like ski hats with rolled-lower edge.


About 29 percent of users reported bursting. In large part to a user error, not the fault of producers, scientists say. With error numbered 1,2,5 and 6, add this: use oil-based lubricants (petroleum jelly, creams for the face and body, baby oil). Thus, latex slip. Instead, the use of the softer silicone or water based (Glycerine).

Fall off during sex

Of 13 percent with this problem have various explanations, among other things, that it is not just fit them properly. To avoid this, in a "free time" try on different sizes and shapes.

Removing the condom too fast

It's not a good idea. 15 percent of those who do, the loss of an erection is the main reason. But erection during sex can come and go. Furthermore, ejaculation can occur even with no erections.

The biggest mistake of all

You are not using a condom! Do not allow for all of these potential problems to give up or think - why bother. Take a deep breath, learn how to do it and save your sex life.


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