Recent medical research has shown this ...

Many parents have preconceived notions about animals and think that they are unsafe and dirty and that small babies should not be in their environment, however, doctoral studies have shown that staying babies with animals can only benefit them.

When they are small, babies strengthen their immune systems and become accustomed to various bacteria and external influences. When they are in too clean environments, babies can then develop a weak immune system, which can later cause them to be painful in their mature years. However, when babies are in the presence of animals, they develop a stronger immune system and also have greater resistance to allergies.

Babies who grew up with cats or dogs had as much as 70% stronger immune systems than babies who grew up without animals, indicating that animals are good for their growth and development and that you need to teach infants to be good to animals and that they should feel comfortable in their presence.  
He paid a whopping $ 645 million...

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is working to influence environmental sustainability and move to clean energy sources. Holding on to his beliefs, one of the richest people in the world recently purchased a $ 645 million luxury yacht that has 0% carbon emissions, thanks to its hydrogen-powered mechanism.

The superyacht, called "Aqua", was designed by Dutch designer and architect Sander Sinot. It is 112 meters long and contains five decks, which can accommodate 14 guests and 31 crew members, and it also has a gym, yoga studio, beauty room, massage parlor and an overflowing pool. Although fully powered by liquid hydrogen, the beast of the engine can reach a top speed of 17 knots and can travel nearly 6,000 kilometers before having to be recharged. 

Bill Gates says these kinds of technologies are the key to our planet's salvation and that clean energy drives must be perfected because if we don't, we will live in a polluted bubble that will lead to our destruction. The Aqua yacht has not yet been built and is expected to sail in 2024, when it will be delivered to the famous billionaire. 

Asian women are a fetish to many, which is a special story for itself. Fragile, gentle, with a baby face and big eyes yet prone to perversions. As far as perversions are concerned, these are stereotypes, but we do not mind that Asian girls also find a place in our gallery. Enjoy sweet and hot Asian girls:

Elon Musk doesn't matter if you graduated college, but how you think ... 

The CEO and founder of Tesla Company is increasingly the main topic of much conversation, and the reason for this is that this man has upgraded and revolutionized electric cars. He also founded SpaceX, where he has produced very impressive results in space exploration and cheap space travel.

Because he runs two huge companies, Elon is constantly looking for people he wants to hire and expects to help him grow his business and provide people with a better future. He says it doesn't matter if someone has graduated from college, but logical thinking, and that everything else can be learned easily with good mentors.

The Mask has become popular for putting puzzles on its future workers, and here's one that has recently made it to the public. "You're on the surface of the Earth. You're going one mile south, one mile west and one mile north. You end up in the same place you started. Where are you?"

Those who succeed in answering this question have a great chance of working for Mask, because in this way they show good thinking and logic, and if you are interested, the answer to the question is NORTH POL.  
Here's how you should sit when driving your car ...

This time we will show you how you should sit in your vehicle and how you should position your seat, steering wheel, and head rest to make it better to ride, but also safer.

First of all, the seat of your car must be positioned so that your legs are in a slightly bent position. So your knees must be slightly bent when on pedals. If your legs are fully extended when you press the pedals, then that means your seat is too far and you need to get closer.
The hands, when resting on the steering wheel, must form a 90 degree angle between the forearm and the upper arm. If your arms are too stretched or bent, this means that your position is not good and you will not be effective in driving.

You also need to adjust the steering wheel height, so that you can see the dashboard through the upper steering wheel opening. If the steering wheel obscures the dashboard, that means its position is not good.
Lastly, the head rest should be tightly attached to your head, because if too far from your head, injury can occur when colliding or stopping abruptly.

Take a look at the clip that will show you how to position yourself properly and sit in your vehicle:
 Video source: 9gag

Who says women can't look good ageing ...

Ekaterina Egina became a real hit on social networks, when she slowly started breaking into the media. Everyone started calling her the most beautiful grandmother, and when you see her photos you will understand why. Ekaterina is 50 and got a granddaughter, so she is a young grandmother who has an incredibly sexy and attractive body.

In the World Competition for Married and Older Women of 40+ years, she won the title of "Most Beautiful Grandma of Europe", thus showing that older women can be hotter than some younger ones. Ekaterina comes from Russia and is slowly becoming one of the more followed Russian women on Instagram, and when you see her photos, you will understand why.

Foto: Instagram/_egina_ed


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