Could you take the US Navy's intensive fitness test?

Following his latest military fitness failure, bodybuilder and coach Steve Cook set himself the same challenge and presented it in his new video in which he wanted to try the US Navy's fitness test once again ...

The man, who fully recovered after the Kovid-19, this time tries to perform a new version of the test, presented last March, in charge of changing the traditional system by adding impurities intended for more complete activation of the entire torso.

"I really like the fact that Navy coaches looked at their exercises and said, this setting is not such a good indicator of the strength of your abdominal muscles," Cook said. "Also, all that spinal flexibility can't be good for the lower back."

The first part of the test is a two-minute push-up exercise, in which Cook is very good from the beginning, winning the maximum score in his generation group, whose record is 92 push-ups, managing to reach a hundred repetitions with a few seconds more. The coach himself is very proud of this part.

After a three-minute break, the second test is endurance, in which Cook managed to achieve a time of 3:25, winning first place in his age group, while maintaining the position of the elbows at an angle of ninety degrees and completely flat back, not allowing the head to fall. "I've never done endurance for so long," the coach said. "A minute, maybe a minute and a half is my longest endurance, I have to say that three minutes is very hard to perform."

The fitness expert increased his record to 3:25. "I could definitely feel every bone and muscle in my body, even all the veins in my shoulders were burning from the effort at those moments. It is for this reason that we do endurance after push-ups due to the much-needed muscle stabilization, but this schedule definitely requires a break between two exercises. ”

For the final round, Cook opted to run two thousand meters targeting a time of 7:20 to continue his perfect score. The coach even managed to excel here, running this distance in 7:14. "This round went better than the previous one when I ran a shorter route of 1,600 meters, but it completely pulled everything out of me, I'm absolutely exhausted."

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