Does marriage affect health?

For many, dream is to find their beautiful half and to enter into a marital union with her, where they will slowly and with a smile make a family and their dream home. However, although such a story at first seems like a fairy-tale, research has shown that in ling lasting marriages changes in men occur that can lead to health problems.

Research by Swiss scientists examined 11,000 men and they all had health problems. What they had in common was that they were all married for more than 10 years.

This same study showed an increased depression in those men that could get serious psychological problems in such marriages. As a cause, scientists state that they do not associate with a partner and have poor marital relationships that lead to frequent quarrels. Also, if a married couple lives an awkward life and has more stress than happiness, then it is normal that people in such a marriage will constantly get nervous and fall into some state of depression. 

That's why scientists advise you not to marry in any way until you spend time with your partner to make sure that she is a woman for you. Of course, you can always divorce, but it is stress for itself that can also cause you health problems. 

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