Guy tells his girlfriend he's going for a beer, ends up in Ibiza!

Gareth Kelly is the name of our new hero! On Sunday, he went to the afternoon beer with boys to their favorite pub "Green Acre" in Wales, after a couple of beers fell off the agreement that the same second go on for a couple of days go crazy at Ibiza! When he sent a message to his girlfriend that he would be late for dinner for exactly five days, she did not believe him, but it was already late. They were already on the plane.

Hannah Williams, the girl who received the message "I'm just going for a beer with boys, I'm coming back soon" was normally crazy. At first, she did not believe him, and she thought he was still drunk and slept at friend again, but when she got the first pictures from Ibiza, she was gone! Because, what kind of guy is this guy who goes with the boys on vacation without her? Hero, not a guy, a hero! 🙂


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